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shoes&jeans - ragz dressware, tank - target, blazer - h&m, clutch&headband - f21, bracelets - made by me, sunnies - crush, necklace - sophia&chloe

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My Wish For You
First off let me tell you that I am the kind of girl who wishes on a shooting star, who believes if you tell your "wish" it might not come true, if you find a eyelash you blow it away and make a wish.  Apparently my Hubby is that same kind of person too, I can tell you this because of something he told me last night right before we went to bed.  Without getting too into this and too personal, I have had a issue in the past that just seemed it would never go away, and as I was lying there last night I realized that this so called "issue" hasn't bothered me forever so I mentioned it to the Hubby.  This is what he said .... "All of my eyelash wishes have been so that you don't have to deal with that issue ever again!  That is my wish for you.".  WOW, I gets me all teary eyed right now just writing this.  I knew there was a darn good reason why I married this man, and everyday I am reminded in some kind of way.  What a unselfish man, to wish for me and not for himself.  I love him so, words can not explain! 

On another not so mushy note, we had a good friends in town last week that we went out with downtown San Diego and this is what I wore.


  1. Cute outfit but even cuter story...that is really, really sweet. Isn't it funny how after all this time together they can still surprise us sometimes? Sounds like you've got a keeper there Jess!

    Happy Monday!

  2. what a catch! you are both lucky to have each other!

  3. I love this outfit and I loved the story even more. Very heart warming, you guys sound like a great match.

    Liv @

  4. Awwwwww!

    On a side note, your hair looks awesome.

  5. I'm glad you have put your issue behind you. I know how difficult that can be sometimes. You sound like you have a wonderful hubby! And on another note, I love this look! That blazer is rocking!

  6. You obviously have a very special man in your life, he sounds so thoughtful and kind! But then again, he married a pretty amazing girl, too :) You look just phenomenal in this post. I adore your pink blazer and your hair is just beyond compare. Maybe you would want to do a tutorial for those of us who are less hairstyling inclined...? :)

  7. That's a great way to wear combat boots! I have some similar to that and I am always looking for ways to mak them a little more feminine! They look great with that outfit!



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