We Got A Winner

We have a winner 3

Shoes - Madden Girl, Dress & Belt - Local Boutique (Ragz Dressware), Jacket - Old (can't remember where from), Sunnies - Crush, Watch - Nixon, Bracelets - All sorts of different places, Gold and Pink Bracelet - won from Weekend File Blog

We have a winner 4
We have a winner 2
We have a winner 1

Just a little late afternoon post to give you all a glimpse at what I wore today to do a little car test driving.  Oh the joys of trying to buy a new car ... I really thought it would be much more fun.  Now on a much more exciting note; I have the winner from the Crush Sunglasses giveaway!!  The winner is .... Sammy Jo, you have till next Friday to get in touch!!  Please get in touch with me via email as soon as you can so that I can get you sunnies out to you!!

Finally White

Finally White 4

Shoes - Marshalls, White Denim - Zara, Shirt - F21, Clutch - H&M, Ring - From Mexico, Necklace - Sophia & Chloe, Earrings - F21

Finally White 2
Finally White 1
Finally White 3

While in L.A. I finally got the chance to go visit Zara!! I love Zara, I used to shop there all the time when I lived in Canada but now living in San Diego there isn't one .... crazy right?!?!  One in Canada but not a big city here in the US!!  Anyways, I have been on the hunt for the perfect pair of white denim.  You know, not too thick but not too thin or see through ( that could be a major problem!).  Leave it to Zara to make the perfect pair ... am I ever happy!
Today is also the last day to get your name in for a chance to win those awesome Crush Sunglasses .... just click here and leave a comment and follow and you are in!!  Tomorrow I will be announcing the winner!!  Good luck everyone!

Rock and Roll

Rock and Roll 2

Shoes - Toms, Shorts - Old jeans turned into shorts, Shirt - White House Black Market, Necklace - F21, Purse - Melie Bianco, Watch - Nixon, Hat - Brixton, Sunnies - Crush, Bracelets - from a bunch of different places

Rock and Roll 4
Rock and Roll 1
Rock and Roll 3
This is just a little outfit from when we were in L.A. on Monday.  For some reason whenever I am in L.A. I feel I dress a little differently.  I mean, it is always a little bit hotter in L.A. than it is in San Diego ... especially along the beach.  I also find we do a lot of walking so I want to make sure my feet don't hate me at the end of the day!  Comfort and cool and a little rocker and I am in, this outfit worked out great for a day of wondering around in L.A.!!

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Blues 3

Shoes - Lauren Conrad ( Kohl's), Jeans - Levi's, Shirt - Gap, Purse - Melie Bianco, Necklace - F21, Belt - Stolen from the Hubby, Sunnies - Crush, Watch - Nixon, Ring - Target, Bracelets - mixture or places

Blues 4
Blues 2
Blues 1

We have been in L.A. the last couple of days to hang out with friends and see a great concert.  Last night we went and saw ZZ Ward, and what a amazing time we had.  This little shades of blue outfit is something I wore on Saturday while setting up for a event.  Easy to move around in and nothing that I would be worried about ruining.  I went ahead and did some pink tips on my hair again ... I kinda like the pink the best.

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Sock Bun

Sock Bun 2

Shoes & Belt - Local Boutique (Ragz Dressware), Skirt - F21,Stripped Shirt - Joe Fresh, Necklace - Francesca's, Sunnies - Crush

Sock Bun 4
Sun Buns 1
Sock Bun 3
This is and is not a sock bun.  I found this fantastic little piece at H&M .... almost the exact same color as my hair which makes this little "sock bun" all sorts of fantastic!!

On another note, if you haven't entered my giveaway for a amazing pair of Crush Sunglasses please do!! You can do that right HERE!!

Crush Giveaway!!!

Crushin 4
Today is a very special day my friends .... today is my very first giveaway here on JessCause!!  If you have been around here for a while then you know my love for Crush Sunglasses!  I have been wearing this brand for almost 4 years now and to tell you the truth, I just can't really bring myself to buy anything else.  First of all,  all of their sunglasses are a great price ( they range between 16 to 35 dollars!) and secondly ... they have so many different colors and styles.  Now for the icing on the cake ..... all of their sunglasses come with a LIFETIME WARRANTY!!!  Ya, you read that right ... and I can tell you first hand that they are really great to deal with.  I know this cause I have had to use that LIFETIME WARRANTY myself a few ( well maybe more then a few) times!  All you have to do if by chance you brake your awesome sunnies is take a picture of the broken pair and email them and within days there will be a brand spankin new pair in your mailbox ... now how great is that?!?!
Alright ... so here it is .... I am giving away this pair of black Lindsey Crush Sunglasses to one lucky reader (they are the exact ones in this post).
All you have to do is this:

1 - Follow JessCause with either Google Friend Connect or Bloglovin'

2 - Tell me what you favorite pair is from Crushes website

3 - And follow me on Instagram .... well only if you use it and want to ... you can find me at jessgitz

I will pick a random winner next Friday the 29th so check back!!
Good Luck Everyone!
Crushin 2Crushin 1Crushin 3Crushin 5
Crushin 6

 Shoes - Blowfish, Skirt & Belt - F21, Top - H&M, Necklace - Target, Purse - Melie Bianco, Sunnies - Crush (of course!)


Wrinkles 2

Shoes - BCBG via Marshalls, Dress & Belt - F21, Jean Jacket - American Eagle, Purse - Melie Bianco, Sunnies - Crush, Ring - From Mexico, Necklace - Etsy
Wrinkles 4
Wrinkles 3
Wrinkles 1

Nothing like having a great outfit on and then going out to eat to realize that when you sit in this so called "great outfit" it gets super wrinkly!  Ahh well, what is a girl to do.  I was looking through past blog posts and I can't even believe how much wear I get out of this little jean jacket .... wow!  I think I need to hunt down another one that is a little darker, anyone seen something like that around lately???

Same Dress, New Country

Same Dress, New Country 4
Shoes & Belt - Target, Dress - F21, Necklace - World Market, Watch - Nixon, Bracelets - F21, Ring - From Mexico

Same Dress, New Country 2Same Dress, New Country 3
Same Dress, New Country 1

This dress is probably one of my most favorite dresses.  Now when it comes to styling it differently .... ummm, not so much my fav any more.  I have worn it one other time on the blog, you can check it out here if you would like.  This dress was just perfect for a night out in Cabo ... and paired with the flat sandals so that I wouldn't get cranky from sore feet was the way to go!

Taste of Cabo

Taste of Cabo 4

Shoes - Cathy Jean, Dress - H&M, Clutch - Target, Watch - Nixon, Necklace - Jamie Rodriguez

Taste of Cabo 3
Taste of Cabo 1
I bought this dress just for our trip to Cabo .... a white dress just screams vacation to me!  I also fell in love with the little cut out in the back of the dress ( which is kinda hard to see).  The only darn problem here is the fact that the dress is white and white and I never really seem to get along!!  I mean, I wore this dress once and already had a few scares that I may never get to wear it again due to the fact that food just loves to find its way to white!  I think I managed to save it though.   On, and  this is our hotel patio in these shots (just in case you were wondering) .... great view!

Great To Be Back

Great To Be Back 4

Shoes - Gap, Jeans - Jolt via Nordstrom Rack, Top & Belt & Long Necklace - Local Boutique (Ragz Dressware), Purse - Melie Bianco, Bracelet - F21, Ring - Mexico, Sunnies - Crush

Great To Be Back 3
Great To Be Back 1
Great To Be Back 2

We are back from Cabo, and it has been 2 whole weeks since my last post .... wow!!  I miss you guys and at the same time I feel really refreshed from my break too and I am so ready to be back!  Cabo was fantastic!!  I have some super awesome things coming up .... a little giveaway ( my very first one!!!!) and some reviews on the hotel we stayed at in Cabo and some awesome photos!!  Here is a little hint .... I have been "Crushing" on them for some time now!!!  Great to be back and I can't wait to catch up with everyone!!

Time 4 Rest

Time For Rest 4

Shoes - Target, Jeans - F21, Shirt - Gap, Purse - Melie Bianco, Hat - Brixton, Necklace - Sophia&Chloe, Watch - Nixon, Ring - Gift from the Hubby from Peru, Bracelets - mixture from all over

Time For Rest 3
Time For Rest 2
Time For Rest 1
O.k., where do I start???  Well, let's start with the fact that this last week I was the sickest I have ever been ( hence the reason I am not really looking at the camera in any of these photos!)! So no post on Friday, I managed to get one up today cause I finally got my ass out of my PJ's and had a shower ( yes I know I am sounding awesome right now) and the Hubby and I went to see a friend who was in town from Canada for a bite to eat last night.  That was the first time in 4 days that I had left the house!!! I am on the mend (I think and hope) and we are off to Cabo tomorrow!!  I have not a single thing ready or organized but hey ... I will be on the beach with one of my best girlfriends with margarita in hand soon, so I think I can suck it up.  Now while in Mexico I think I am going to disconnect from the internet!?!?!?  I know, I know ... what the heck right.  Well, I think it is time to just rest and relax ... so with that being said .... I will see you all in a week ... or so.  We all know how vacations are, you always need a vacation to get over your vacation .... right?!?!  Especially after a all inclusive Mexico vacation ... if you know what I mean!