Borrowed 4

Shoes - Nordstrom Rack, Denim & Blazer - F21, Tank - Old Navy, Sunnies - Crush, Pup - Miss Muffin (Borrowed from Ryan and Romina!!)

Borrowed 3
Borrowed 2
Borrowed 1
As I am can sure you can tell from the title of this post this isn't my doggy ... she belongs to good friends of ours who came down to visit over the weekend.  She is just the cutest little fluff ball out there but I must admit ... she is a bit camera shy.  She kinda wanted nothing to do with facing the camera, who can blame her really.  This outfit is a little something that I wore to an event we did over the weekend, comfy yet just dressy enough to fit in.

Little Bit of Vegas

Little Bit of Vegas 4

HER - Shoes - Nine West, Dress - ModCloth, Earrings - Sophia & Chloe

HIM - Shoes - Converse, Pants & Vest - Express, Shirt - Nordstrom Rack, Bow Tie - Macy's 

Little Bit of Vegas 3
Little Bit of Vegas 2Little Taste of Vegas 1
So this is what happens when you have an awesome room in Las Vegas with a great view and you have some cocktails and some time to kill .... husband and wife (cheesy) anniversary photo shoot!!!  So last week we were in Las Vegas for our wedding anniversary and stayed at the Encore ... it was amazing!  I had originally bought this dress for a good friends wedding that I went to in Vegas last month and the hubbies outfit is from one of his best friends wedding that we went to in McCall during the summer.  We figured it was the perfect time to give these outfits their second chance ... man did we have fun!!

Light Colors

Light Colors 2

Shoes - Joe Fresh, Denim - F21, T Shirt - Club Monaco, Blazer - H&M, Bracelet - H&M, Bag - Melie Bianco

Light Colors 3
Light Colors 1
Light Colors 4
Just a quick little outfit post of something I wore last week.  I hope everyone had a great weekend!  See you tomorrow!

New Shoes

New Shoes 1

Shoes - Steve Madden via Hautelook, Denim - H&M, Cardigan - Target, Scarf - gift from my Mom, Sunnies - Crush, Tank - Old Navy, Bag - Melie Bianco

New Shoes 3
New Shoes 4
New Shoes 2
Sorry about the unplanned day off yesterday ... but Vegas will do that to you.  The good news is are home and had an amazing time!  We went to see Le Reve at the Wynn, which was probably one of the best shows I have ever seen .... and I have seen almost every Cirque show!!  Other than that we stayed at the Encore ... which I have nothing but good things to say about that place ... such nice rooms!  We even got in a little shopping!  I didn't get these shoes there but they are new ... gotta love Hautelook  (the website I got them from) ... discounted designer clothing and shoes and all sorts of fun things!  If you haven't checked it out you should!!

Concert Time

Concert Time 4

Shoes - Converse, Denim - F21, Shirt - Hubby bought for me online, Blazer - Local Boutique, Clutch - F21, Watch - Nixon

Concert Time 3
Concert Time 1
Concert TIme 2
See this guy on my shirt ... well my friends, that is Allen Stone.  Back in the days when Zack used to do a music takeover on Tuesdays he wrote a little something about this guy.  A week ago today we got to see Allen Stone in concert for the second time .... and it was even better than the first time.  This guy is simple amazing!! If you are looking for some awesome new music I seriously suggest checking him out!  Here is a YouTube video of his ... careful, you may just fall in love with this guys music!!

Sunny Days

Sunny Days 2

Wedges - Cathy Jean, Grey Denim - F21, Shirt - Nordstrom Rack, Necklace - World Market, Watch - Nixon, Sunnies - Crush, Bag - Lancaster

Sunny Days 4
Sunny Days 1
Sunny Days 3

Ahh, today is a great day.  These photos were not taken today ... they are from last week ... just a little something I wore to some meetings and breakfast with some friends of the hubbies.  But today is the best day ... why you may ask ... well it is our wedding anniversary!!  A day I look forward to all year!!  You see, Zack ( the hubby) and I go to Las Vegas every year on this day to celebrate.  We got married at the court house here in San Diego the first time around ... and just because we love each other so darn much we got married a second time on our one year anniversary in Las Vegas so that family and friends could be there and now it has been tradition to always go back and have the time of our life!  I'm not gonna lie ... I would seriously love to have another wedding .... weddings are the best way to party with family and friends!!


Brights 4

Shoes - Steve Madden (via Hautelook), Pink Denim - F21, Top - Boutique store in Manhattan Beach, Sunnies - Crush, Bag - Lancaster, Necklace - F21, Watch - Nixon

Brights 3
Brights 1
Brights 2
Yes, I am fully aware that summer is over.  I am also aware that in some parts of the country it is starting to snow ( I am from Canada if you don't know ... I remember the snow WELL!!).  But living in San Diego is a whole different game ... last week the weather here was still super hot ... hence why these bright pants are still making appearances on my little blog.  I'm going to rock the bright denim as long as I can!


Lima 2

Shoes - Converse, Purple Denim - Bebe, Button Up - Target, Bag - Lancaster, Sunnies - Crush, Watch - Nixon, Necklace - Jami Rodriguez

Lima 4
Lima 3
Lima 1
Well look at this ... while I was digging through my photos from our trip to Peru this morning I came up on some more outfit photos.  I thought I had used them all.  These photos were taken on our last day in Lima.  The weather in Lima was pretty gloomy the whole time we were there but I appreciated it a lot having just come from San Diego where the weather had been super hot.  I threw something super comfortable on to walk all around the city.  We headed down to the beach so that I could make sure that we took home some sand and rocks, cause I am a nerd like that and have done it everywhere we have traveled then I but them in jars and label where it is from and when.  I like keeping that kind of memory.  What about you guys, do you have any traditions you do while traveling??  Do you always bring back the same things???

Back to the Norm

Back to the Norm 1

Shoes - Marshalls, Skirt - F21, Tank - Old Navy, Sunnies - Target, Necklace - World Market, Bracelet - F21, Bag - Lancaster (gift from my Mom)

Back to the Norm 4
Back to the Norm 2
Back to the Norm 3

Well, we have been back from our trip to Peru for a week now and things are finally starting to settle back down to normal.  We had a fantastic trip but it always feels good to be home.  This is a little outfit I actually wore before going on vacation.  I had a girlfriend in town and we went wine tasting in Temecula and was it ever hot! I tried to wear something super comfortable and light weight. We had such a great time, I just love going wine tasting!!

Last Days of Cusco

Last Days of Cusco 4

Shoes - Converse, Denim - Jolt via Nordstrom Rack, Sweater & Tank - F21, Scarf - Local Boutique (Ragz Dressware), Hat - Brixton

Last Days Oof Cusco 2
Last Days of Cusco 1Last Days of Cusco 3
First of all ... isn't this backdrop just breath taking?!?!?  Well, this is Cusco ... the main square to be exact!  I could have spent everyday all day there ... well, we pretty much did.  The last two posts have been pictures just seconds away from this square so I am sure you can understand.  This was our last day in Cusco and to tell you the truth I just didn't want to leave.  The amout of people that just hang out and people watch is such a great feeling .. there really is nothing like it!  I am hoping to post some random pictures of our trip to Peru but no promises .... I haven't even looked at them yet which means it could be a while.  Bare with me cause I really want to show you all the beauty that is Peru!!

Streets of Cusco

Streets of Cusco 4

Shoes - Toms, Denim & Tank - F21, Cardigan - Gap, Purse - Fossil, Necklace - Etsy Store, Sunnies - Crush, Earrings - Sophia & Chloe, Bracelets - from Thailand, Target and won from another blog

Streets of Cusco 1
Streets of Cusco 3
Streets of Cusco 2
Let me just say ... it sure feels good to be back to blogging!  Like I said yesterday, we were off in Peru for 18 days.  We flew into Lima and stayed a day there then we were off to see the rest of the country.  Our first stop was in a little town called Lunahuana, where is was just some time for rest and relaxation for a day and a half.  After that we headed to a place called Paracas (which is south of Lima) to send a couple of days.  We went Pisco tasting and riding in the sand dunes.  We also got to go sand boarding ... it was quite the experience and I almost didn't go ( so happy I did!!)!  We then went back to Lima for 5 days ... lots of eating great food and drinking.  From there we left for Cusco .... Cusco was by far my favorite place in Peru.  These photos above were taken in Cusco ... tons a cute little cobble stone streets with lots of character and color.  We had so much fun in Cusco!

Gone So Long

Been gone so long 1

Boots - Steve Madden, Socks - H&M, Tights - We Love Colors, Shirt - Nordstrom Rack, Ring - H&M, Long Necklace&Earrings - World Market, Short Necklace - Jami Rodriguez, Glasses - Roberto Cavalli

Been gone so long 2
Been gone so long 4
Been gone so long 3

Yes, I know .... where the heck have I been?!?!  I kinda went on a really long vacation and decided to make it a blog vacation too.  I had a friend in town and then went to Las Vegas and then it was off to Peru for 18 days!  Now let me be honest with you here ... I am not the most organized person out there and the traveling alone puts me in a crazy frenzy.  So the result ... no blog posts ... and I am sorry!  But the good news is that I am back in full force!  I didn't get a whole lot of outfit photos while on our trip to Peru but towards the end of our vacation things started to slow down and I did get a few.  This one here was taken at the main square in Cusco.  We spent five days there and one of those was in Machu Picchu ... I loved Cusco a whole lot and Manchu Picchu was simply unbelievable!