Curves and sweaters?

shoes - ragz dressware, jeans - le chateau, sweater - esprit, shirt - gap, bracelets - lulu's, earrings - target, necklace - sophia and chloe

O.k., I know darn well that I am a curvy girl, and I like it.  But let me tell you something, when it comes to layering or wearing sweaters it sure can get tricky.  I have all of these wonderful blogs that I follow (such as and and and these girls do layering so beautifully and I am always trying but I am not sure if I got it yet or not.  I think layering in so necessary for many reasons; weather, comfort, fashion, style, but I am not sure if it is right for me.  Let me know what you think or if you have any suggestions in the comment section below.

My Saturdays

boots - ebay, jeans - f21, shirt - target, necklace - target, belt - guess

This is what my Saturdays usually look like, I find it the hardest day for me to get dressed.  You may ask why, well here is why.  For those of you who don't know, Zack and I run a productions company.  Most of our weekends are filled with weddings or bar/bat mitzvahs.  As fun as they are it can make for craziness when it comes to picking out what to wear!  The actual event part is fine, it usually consists of black tights, black skirt, some sort of sparkly shirt and big hair.  As for the whole setting up part I find it tricky due to the fact that I am helping bring in equipment and set things up so I can't look too nice but at the same time I don't really want to look like a bum, ya know what I mean?!!?  As you may already know I am a big fan of cowboys boots,  so they really do the trick quite nicely here as my shoe choice.  As for the rest, well, I really felt comfortable and great and wasn't too worried about ruining anything so this outfit proved to be a great Saturday outfit.  Now if I can just come up with 100 more worthy ones like it.

Wedding Bells

This week has been a great, but very busy week.  Zack's brother is getting married today and his family has been in town all week.  It has been great, tons of laughs and stories and all the great things that come along with family.  Last night we had a little pre party for the soon to be newlyweds, and what a great reason to get all dolled up!  Paige and Josh (that's the brother in law and soon to be sister in law) did a great job decorating our back patio and taking care of food and drinks, it was a amazing night.  I am so looking forward to wedding tonight!

Jersey Shore ...

shoes - steve madden, skirt - thrifted (forever21), tank top - forever21, leather jacket - aeropostale, necklace - purchase from Italy

I asked Zack what he thought of this outfit and his response was, " you look like you are from the Jersey Shore".  My response was, "What??!?!".  I think it is the skirt, which I happen to love.  I also picked up this skirt at the little thrift store around the corner from my house for 5 dollars.  It was a score and Jersey Shore or not I think I will continue to rock it.

Some little treats

So the other day I managed to sneak off to the shopping mall and pick myself up a few new things and I thought I would share it with you all.  I love MAC.  Almost all of my makeup is from there and I wouldn't have it any other way.  I bought myself  some new lip liner, lipstick, lip gloss, eye primer and finishing spray.  As most of you know it is super easy to spend a lot of money at MAC in 2 seconds and that is what I sure did.  My next stop was  Forever 21, what trip to the mall is complete without a trip to Forever 21 right?!?  I got myself a really awesome new flower ring and a shirt and belt.  I also picked up some blotting papers that came in a super cute case.  Then as always I headed to the shoe store,  where I couldn't decide between these two pairs so ya know, I bought them both.  You can never have too many shoes, right ladies?!?


shoes - unknown, skirt,belt,shirt - ragz dressware, hat - belongs to the hubby

I am not much of a navy blue person but this outfit made me change my mind.  I am now thinking of ways to pair this skirt with all sorts of different things.  I guess when you think about it navy is such a neutral color, it goes great with almost anything.  I have a feeling you are going to be seeing a lot of this little skirt, watch out now!

Viva Las Vegas!

 Hangers - Marshalls

Hey everyone, so this weekend Zack's mom and sister arrived to stay for the week.  We decide it would be a great idea to surprise Zack's Mom by telling her we where going to Palm Springs and then take her Las Vegas.  It all worked out great other then the fact that after driving for about an hour Zack realized he forgot his phone, which isn't the most important thing but his ID and credit cards are also in it so that was a major problem!  So off we went back to the house.  We got the phone and the ID, had one of our first bathroom breaks and grabbed some breakfast and we where off, for the second time.  Little did we realize that there was going to be one more obstacle .... a flat tire about 45 minutes into it!  Thank goodness we got it all taken care of relatively quickly and off we went.  Lets just say, we got up at 6 am and should have been here around 10:30 ..... we got here at 2!  At least we are here!!  
So posts this week may not be of outfits but I promise when we get back from Vegas I will have some great shots!  Oh, and I got a new camera so this should be super fun!  Let me just leave you with a picture of something that has changed my life, yes, these are hangers!  I had no idea I could get anymore clothes in my closet but these babies are amazing!!  You should really get yourself some, they will change your life too.

Party, Party!

 shoes - Cathy Jean, jeans - f21, shirt - ragz dressware, leather jacket - aeropostale, purse - american eagle, bangles - lulu's, ring - f21, small necklace - sophia and chloe, large necklace - francesca's (gift from a great friend, thanks Romina!), belt - target

Last night Zack ( my hubby!) and I got to go to the opening of a new venue here in San Diego.  I got the night off and we got all done up and enjoyed some good food with good people and great cocktails.  The event was a major success and we had a blast.  I love any reason to get done up!  I also did a little shopping yesterday and purchased these wonderful (though not so wonderful after being in them for 6+ hours) new shoes!  I found this great new store in on of the shopping mall that is close to where we live, it's called Cathy Jean !  They have a great selection of all sorts of shoes that are all reasonably priced.  As for comfort, well I am a wimp when it comes to any shoes with any type of heel and I had some great success last night.  I mean, I can usually only last a couple of hours in a heel, but with these being wedges I figured I could get a little more out of them and to my surprise I did!  I lasted a whole 6 + hours people!!  Amazing for me! 


shoes - payless, pants - gap, shirt - ragz dressware, sunglasses - kenneth cole, necklace - sophia and chloe, belt - target

I am not sure what color these pants look to you but I call it "salmon"!  I have to admit, I totally copied one of my favorite bloggers on this one. (Kendi)  I saw her a couple of times on her blog wearing these pants.  At first I was not a fan but eventually I really grew to like them and now all of a sudden I own a pair,  imagine that!  Go ahead, you can call me a copy cat, I don't mind.  I have to say, I get a lot of my inspiration from other bloggers.  Kendi has great style and her pictures always look amazing!  If you have some extra time in you day I highly recommend you check out her blog!  Just head on over by clicking right here!

Some bright within the gloom

shoes - payless, jeans - gap, shirt - target, belt - macy's (fossil), earrings - target

So yesterday I told you it was a rainy windy day here in southern California right,  and it was!  Then around 4pm all of a sudden the sun came out and the wind died down and it was actually quite a nice night.  Now last night, after all that nice weather I was talking about it rained all night long and I woke to not so nice of a day.  The wind is out of control around and it is cloudy here so I decided to post an outfit that I wore last week, I don't have a great full body shot but I love the color of the shirt and felt it was a nice piece of bright on a gloomy day.

Rainy day madness

 boots - ebay (tony lama), jeans - guess, sweater - ragz dressware, shirt - nordstrom rack, belt - american eagle, necklace - pangaea outpost, umbrella - totes

What a day.  It is raining here in Southern California, and if you live here you know that this does not happen all that often!  Last week it was super hot out, 30 degrees Celsius at times ( it's around 86 for all my American friends and followers) and now this week not so great.  I have to tell you all something, I don't think I will ever get used to telling the temperature in Fahrenheit!!  I am a born and raised Canadian and I just can't convert over to the Fahrenheit thing.  I know, it's sad, but people always think I am crazy when I tell them what the temperature is in Celsius without adding the "Celsius" at the end, they think I have no idea what I am talking about and to tell you the truth I find it kinda funny.   Maybe I do it intentionally just for fun now, I will never tell!!  Anyways, these pictures are a bit of a mess cause it was so so windy when we tried to take them but fun overall.

Polka dots and red, oh how I love thee!

                                  shoes - aldo, jeans - f21, polka dot shirt - ragz dressware, sweater - loft, belt - calvin klein

I have something to admit, I just LOVE polka dots!  They can be small or big, any color out there and I will take them.  Sadly,  I don't own much for clothing in the polka dot world.  I am however on a mission to acquire more.  As for the "red" in this blog title, well all you got to do is check out the hot red shoes I am wearing.  I think every girl out these needs a pair of shoes like this, you can put them on with any outfit that you just feel might be a little too plain and out of nowhere your outfit becomes super spicy! Love the red shoes!  Oh, and I almost forgot, gotta have red lips to finish it all off.  I have to say, I am not much of a lipstick wearing type of girl but with the red shoes it just feels right.

Thrifting and me, who would have thought...

shoes - joe fresh, skirt - thrifted for loft, shirt - joe fresh, belt - not sure anymore, necklace - ragz dressware

So here is the thing, I have never been a big thrift store shopper.  The main reason being I don't have the patience to take the time to look through all the stuff in there, the racks seem to be so packed and I am always in a bit of a hurry.  Another reason might be that I was raised in a town where the only real thrift store was Value Village (don't get me wrong here I do love it) , and if you have ever been to one you might understand what I mean, that store is overwhelming people, it's huge and it has so much stuff!!  Now that I have moved to southern California my whole life has changed, including thrift store shopping.  For those of you who don't know, San Diego is a thrift store shoppers dream! I have never in my life experienced so many thrift stores and on top of it all they are usually filled with all sorts of gems!  Now getting to the point, this skirt is a thrift store find and to make it better the store is just a hop skip and a jump out my front door! ( kinda hard not to stop in there everyday if you know what I am saying ...) I got it for 12 dollars and it is from Loft, and I simply love it.  I don't own much red in my closet and was a little leery about buying this little puppy but in the end I am very happy with my purchase, she's a keeper!

The last two pictures are me just goofing around, it seems I get a little crazy after taking strange pictures of just me trying to look and pretty and stuff.  Let me tell you, it can get a little weird and I have just started this whole thing, I guess I have some adjusting to do!

Up up and away

boots - ebay (tony lama), dress & belt - ragz dressware, jacket - american eagle

So here is the thing, I have been wanting to start a blog for quite sometime now.  I have been following some lovely ladies now for a couple of months.  It all really started when a girlfriend of mine sent me a link to her little sisters blog that she had just started and was trying to get some followers.  I really enjoyed her blog and I guess you can say she was a bit of my inspiration to start my very own blog.  And now,  2 months or so later I am making my attempt, I hope you enjoy!  Please check out Cara's blog it is really great!

I also wanted to start my blog off with this very outfit.  Reason being that #1 - it makes me feel great, and #2 - it is the first "really great" outfit I think I have come up with ( well, in the last little while anyways). The reason I say this is because a little while ago I wore it to run to the mall to grab something and I had more then 5 people compliment me on my "outfit".  Now what you have to understand about this whole thing here is that that does not really happen to ME very often!  I mean I think I dress pretty darn good, but to get straight up compliments from perfect strangers, now that is a accomplishment in the fashion world for me!!  And I'll take it!