Jacketed 4

Boots - steve madden, Jeans - f21, Jacket - sola&kyo, Earrings - gift from my Mom (Francesca's)
Jacketed 3
Jacketed 1
Jacketed 2

Sometimes the weather is misleading .... I was so nice "looking" out the other day and I had dressed for that but then the truth set in.  It was chilly out there .... so what else is a girl to do but through on her favorite jacket!  I spent a pretty penny on this lovely little jacket, and though I don't wear it all that often, it really is one of my most favorite jackets!!!  I think it is the collar that gets me.


Birdhouse 2

Shoes - payless, Skirt - local boutique (ragz dressware), Tank - nordstrom rack, Cardi - f21, Purse - thirfted, Earrings - francesca's, Necklace - Sophia&Chloe, Bracelets - from Italy and local boutique

Birdhouse 3
Birdhouse 4
Birdhouse 1
Apparently I get really excited about birdhouses .... just look at my expression in these photos ... so silly!  Isn't it amazing what can make you smile.  Another that makes me smile ... these colors together, they make me happy!!

Just Wave

Just Wave 4

Boots - tony lama (ebay), Jeans - jolt, Button up - american eagle, Leather Jacket - aeropostale, Hat - brixton, Rings - h&m and from Costa Rica, Necklace - etsy

Just Wave 3
Just Wave 1
Just Wave 2
I truly believe that my neighbors think that me and the Hubby are crazy!!  We are always wondering around the neighborhood taking photos of me posing all silly and all.  I have come to the conclusion that the only thing to do when they stare so awkwardly is to wave!  Yup, that's right ... look them right in the eye with a big ol smile and a wave.  It seems to work cause they run off pretty darn quick.  Also, I am just in love with this hat!! Seriously, thank goodness it didn't fit my Mom and I got to scoop it up for myself (sorry Mom).

Play Ball ..... Again?!?!?

Play Ball 3

  shoes - Lauren Conrad via Kohl's, jeans - thrifted (Levi's), tank&cardi - local boutique (ragz dressware), purse - luciana verde via Hautelook, necklaces -  sophia&chloe and bought from a friend

Play Ball 1
Play Ball 2

Play Ball 4
Yup, you guessed it ... we have had a lot of events near the Padres Baseball park lately!  For those of you who are new around here, my Hubby and I do a lot of Bar and Bat Mitzvahs on the weekends so that is why we are always in interesting yet kinda odd places over our weekends.  I am always a little challenged with what to wear cause for one I don't want to ruin any good clothing ... and on the other hand I need to look presentable at the same time.  So this was the winner for this past Saturday!  Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and what the heck did you wear???  I would love to know what your weekend wear is!!

Dress Dilemma

Dress Dilemma 2

boots - vince camuto, dress&cardi - local boutique (ragz dressware), belt - target, earrings - world market, bracelet - f21
Dress Dilemma 3
Dress Dilemma 1
Dress Dilemma 4

I have a ton of dresses; I LOVE a good dress!  The thing is that i find them hard to remix .... how about you guys????  I mean it is such a easy and simple thing to just throw on and just get going.  No real thinking really but then all of a sudden I am wearing that same dress the same way every time!  I am challenging myself ... and you ... to switch it up!  Let's get as much wear out of our dresses as possible!!  Here is how I wore it last time!

Pleasantly Surprised

Pleasantly Surprised 1

shoes - nine west, skirt - h&m (recent), shirt&blazer&clutch&ring - f21 (blazer recent), necklace - etsy, sunnies - crush

Pleasantly Surprised 2
Pleasantly Surprised 4
Pleasantly Surprised 3
So for those of you who checked out yesterdays post you would know that we went to see ZZ Ward play last night.  Not only was she just the most fabulous thing ever but we also got another surprise.  We went to this little venue called the Soda Bar in a are called La Mesa here in San Diego.  We had never been there before but when Zack (aka "The Hubby") found out about ZZ Ward through a friend of his from back home he googled  her and found out that she was opening for a guy called Allan Stone.  Now ladies, you are in for a treat next Tuesday .... I don't want to give too much away but check out next Tuesdays Takeover to see more on this guy ... trust me it will be worth it!  Let me just tell you this, we only went to the show to see ZZ Ward and as we were about to leave these two girls asked us what the heck we were doing, we told them we only came to see ZZ Ward and that we were heading home.  Well, they couldn't believe it and strongly convinced us to stay for the main act ... so we did ... and we both were very very happy we did so!  Oh, and this is what I wore last night ... might just be my new favorite outfit!


Glisten 4

boots - steve madden, socks&skirt - h&m, sweater - marshall's, necklace - gift from my Mom, earrings - francesca's, bracelets - made by me, purse - luciana verde via Hautelook

Glisten 2
Glisten 1
Glisten 3

So I am not sure why, but over time these boots have decided to change color ... well only the top part really.  What the heck, two tone brown boots??? Who knows, maybe I will start a new trend ... not likely but what else am I to say, they are just to comfy to give up ... ya know?!?! Oh, and tonight the Hubby and I (Zack for those of you who don't know his name) are going to see ZZ Ward!!!  Did you check her out in Zack's Takeover Tuesday????  If not you can go here and check it out, we are super excited to see her.  Hopefully I will have more on it tomorrow.

Take Over Tuesday

Today is a classic Brazilian artist that has made a huge comeback with his first album in eight years, teaming up with the Black Eyed Peas' Will.i.am and a variety of pop, hip-hop and R&B stars, including Erykah Badu, Justin Timberlake, Jill Scott, Stevie Wonder, Black Though, John Legend and more.  Really cool lounge CD to chill out and kick back.  Enjoy!

jillscott_onbewerkt_ Justin-Timberlake-Jan-31-1981-801x1024 Stevie+Wonder+PNG john-legned 2680-erykah-badu Q_Tip

Walk The Line

Walk The Line 2

shoes - lauren conrad via kohl's, jeans - gap, tank - local boutique, sweater - f21, hat - brixton, purse - american apparel

Walk The Line 3
Walk The Line 4
Walk The Line 1
I have been so lucky to have my Mom in town this week, it has been a really great and mellow trip ( which is unusual for us).  She has been here a few times now .... ( 5 or so now!!)  and every time is a blast.  The only problem is that the weather wasn't the best and I wasn't feeling my best.  All and all we had a great time cooking and going out to eat and even fit in a little shopping .... which is were this awesome new hat comes into play ... love me some Brixton.  It is a local San Diego company and I think between the Hubby and I we own quite a few .... it don't really matter cause it is my new found love and I see more in the future!


Bridge 4

boots - tony lama, maxi dress - old navy, sweater - h&m, belt - unsure???, necklace - f21, sunnies - crush, purse - luciana verde

Bridge 3
Bridge 2
Bridge 1
Yesterday my Mom came into town ... YEAH!!  It was a beautiful day and this is what I wore to pick her up and cruise around the harbor and go check out Coronado Island ... that is the bridge in the background.  Once again I think I can say that this outfit is all about comfort!!


Relax 4
shoes - lauren conrad via kohl's, jeans&necklace - f21, shirt - h&m, leather jacket - aeropostal, hat - brixton, sunnies - crush

Relax 3
Relax 2
Relax 1
This is as relaxed as it gets!!  When we came back from L.A. last weekend we stopped in every little beach town along the way and this is what I wore ... which was perfect!  These photos were taken in Laguna .... beautiful!!!


Manhattan 2
shoes - kathy jean, skirt - local boutique (ragz dressware), shirt - f21, purse - luciana verde, necklace - etsy, earrings - Sophia&Chloe

Manhattan 4
Manhattan 3
Manhattan 1
Like I said last week, we had a crazy busy weekend.  This is what I wore to the amazing baby shower we went to.  We spent the night in a really cute little hotel in Manhattan Beach and checked out Hermosa Beach as well.  The next day we drove the 101 all the way back home an checked out all the other beach cities ...it was amazing ... I highly recommend it if you live in Southern California!