Hello Monday

Hello Monday 2

shoes - payless, skirt&belt - local boutique (ragz dressware),  top - gap outlet, earrings - f21, sunnies - not sure, found them I think...

Hello Monday 4

Hello Monday 3

Hello Monday
Hello everyone one!!! I want to say a very special thank you to every single one of you who stop by here on a regular basis and to those of you who are new!!  I am grateful and very excited you are here.  I know I may sound really cheesy but it is true ... I really do have this weird pen pal .... new friend I have ever met kinda love for ya!!  On another note, the Hubby and I had a event this weekend (a Bar Mitzvat, my fav ... haha .... kidding) and then after that we spent the rest of our weekend planning out trip to Costa Rica.  How was your weekend??? What did you do, did you do anything for Halloween??? Not to sound like the super downer, but I had no idea what day Halloween "actually" was!!!  I mean, do you dress up on Friday or Saturday or is actually on Monday???? The Hubby actually told me that he heard that maybe "they" ( who are "they" by the way???) might just make Halloween the last Saturday of October every year!! I say YES PLEASE, at least then I might have a idea of when it is .... and I say "might"  very lightly .... I am so bad with thing like this ...hahha, I do love it but please forgive my memory for it not wanting to cooperate!  It is not me, it is my memory!!

Nordstrom Rack

Nordstrom Rack 4

shoes - steve madden (nordstrom rack), jeans -  jolt (nordstrom rack), shirt - h&m, belt - steve madden (nordstrom rack), sunnies - crush, ring - kohl's

Nordstrom Rack 5

Nordstrom Rack 3

Nordstrom Rack 2

Nordstrom Rack
Ya, that's right ... pretty much this whole outfit is from Nordstrom Rack!  If you don't have one... well, I am very very sorry and if you do .... go check it out!!  I seriously find a ton of stuff whenever I am there.  Do give yourself a lot of time and be in a "shopping" mood or you could get a little frustrated!  I think I would have even bought many more things had the Hubby not been there to talk some words of wisdom into me (man, I don't think I like shopping with him, hehe).  Do you have a Nordstrom Rack in your area??  Do you like it as much as I do???  Oh, and I finally found the perfect pair of red jeans ... these beauties are my new fav and fit like a glove!!  Have a great weekend everyone and it you are near a Nordstrom Rack, go check it out!!
Oh, and this is my new polish from OPI, it is from the Muppet collection ... the sparkly stuff ... I just put on two coats and a top coat and it was great ... dries super fast and last forever!!! Though a little hard to get off due to all the glitter but so worth it!

Boots and Jackets

Boots and Jackets 4

boots - ebay, dress&necklace - f21, belt - local boutique (ragz dressware), bag - gift from my Mom, sunnies - crush

Boots and Jackets 3

Boots and Jackets 2

Boots and Jackets
First of all I would like to thank everyone who left a comment yesterday letting me know where you buy you leggings/tights.  I am on the hunt for a good pair and I think I am going to be trying out a few of your suggestions ... so thank you very much!!  I am always open to suggestions so please, let me know your thoughts on leggings/tights!!  Now onto boots and jackets, jean jackets that is.  I feel like I just can't have enough cowboy boots in my closet ... I love them to say the least and I am always on the hunt for new ones.  As for the jean jacket, I love them as well; easy, light weight, can be casual and dressy.  You really just can't go wrong with them in my mind.  I am on the look out for another jean jacket just in a darker color .... and as for cowboy boots ... well that hunt never ends and I love it!

Fake Waters

Fake Waters 2

boots - ebay, tights - old! not sure, shirt dress - boutique in PB, belt - carlsbad boutique, bracelet - world market

Fake Waters 3

Fake Waters 4

Fake Waters
Ya, I know .... I live super close to the ocean, why the fake stuff right?!  Well, the weather has been super gloomy lately so this was a great way to add some color to these photos.  It is on the wall at a bike shop right by our house ... cheesy as it is it sure helped out these photos.  So I have had these tights for years, I think I bought them at a Canadian store called Bootlegger!!  They have been so great to me, not see through and fit amazingly, but sadly they have a hole.  I need to know where do you all buy your tights from??  What is the best brands out there and why??  Please help a girl, I have no idea... I want ones that I can wear even if my shirt isn't quite long enough and by bum peaks out ... you know what I mean right?!?  In other words they have to be thick and not see through.  Let me know what you think if you have a favorite brand, I am open to suggestions. 

Take Over Tuesdays!

Hey everyone, hope you are all having a great week so far.  It's Zack here, and this is my music group of choice for this Tuesdays takeover.  A good friend of mine sent me a link to this next band and I am very excited for their album to come out!  Hailing from Chicago, the group consists of “three horns, a rapper, a blues-rock trio and a female singer”.  The groups name is "Kids These Days" and there is a lot of buzz about these youngsters who are taking the next year off from school and part-time jobs to achieve three goals: be an opening act for an established headliner, repay friends and family members who have backed them financially, and put themselves on track to make a living as a band.

(This weeks link is to buy the EP from Kids These Days.)
CT kidsthesedays001.JPG

Never Before

Never Before 3

boots - steve madden(2 years ago), skirt - f21, shirt - target, belt - american eagle, bracelet - world market, necklace - sophia &chloe

Never Before 4

Never Before 2

Never Before
This outfit was totally created strictly because of the blogging world.  Never in a million years would I have thought to take a pencil skirt and pair it with a shirt that was not tucked in!  I can't tell you how happy I am for the blogging world.  There are so many new things that I have learned and for that I am so grateful!  I look at my closet a whole new way now, and even when I go out shopping my whole mindset is super different.  I mean, I don't get how I did it before I ever met the blogging world?!?!  And as for this outfit ... I would wear it every single day in some type of different variation if I could, this is unbelievably comfortable!!  And to top it all off, I think I only payed something like 8 bucks for this skirt ... too good to be true!

Once Upon A Time ... When It Was Warmer

Once Upon A Time ... When It Was Warmer 4

shoes - payless, shorts - american eagle( used to be jeans), blazer - ragz dressware, shirt&tank - old (unsure), necklace - new gift from my Mom, clutch - marshalls

Once Upon A Time ... When It Was Warmer 3

Once Upon A Time ... When It Was Warmer

Once Upon A Time ... When It Was Warmer 2
Yes, this outfit is old ... I wore it sometime last week when the weather was much much nicer.  I also cut a pair of old jeans( that I had not worn in a very long time) into jean shorts.  I can't say I have done this since probably high school.  And let me tell you, that was some time ago!  I have to say I actually kinda like them minus the fact that in some of my photos it looks like I am wearing nothing on my bottom half.  Haha, oppps!  I also totally stole this outfit from Pinterest ... what a amazing place ... if you have not heard of it please check it out.  But please be warned ... you will be addicted .... very very addicted!  Have a great weekend everyone and hopefully I will have some fun pictures from our trip to Las Vegas.

Side Pony

Side Pony 2

boots -  ariat, skirt&belt - ragz dressware(local boutique), shirt - h&m, purse - thirfted, bracelets - made by me

Side Pony 4

Side Pony

Side Pony 3
Yes, I may just be stuck in the 80's.  And I am not going to lie ... I kinda like it!  One of my most favorite hair styles is the "side pony".  If you don't believe me you might just wanna look back through some of my old posts, I think there are a few.  I even wore my hair in a "side pony" on our wedding day, that's how much I love it ... I love it enough to get married in it! Haha!  Speaking of weddings, it is our 3 years anniversary this weekend and we are off to VEGAS!!  Zack and I love Vegas so much, it is where we got married the second time and we have went back every year since! (The first time we got married it was at the court house if you haven't been around here that long)  I can't tell you how excited we are ... it's funny how the novelty never seems to wear off for us!  Anyways, maybe a post on our wedding later but for now I just want you to feel my love for the "side pony" and go ahead and rock the look yourself ... you may just be surprised!!

Birchbox Review #2

Birchbox Review #2

          This months Birchbox

Birchbox 3

          Last months Birchbox

 Birchbox Review

So last month when I got my second Birchbox I did a bit of a write up on the one from the month before.  I got some good feedback so I figured I would go right ahead and do it again ... if it ain't broke don't fix it right.  So the top photo is what I recieved in the mail the other day and I have already started to test those babies out.  So here is the scoop on last months ...

Resilient Blinc Mascara - would I buy it .... nope.  This stuff did not do the trick or me, I have pretty think lashes so it just kinda clumped them all together and gave them the wet look.  I perfer much more definition them clumping ... and for the price ($24) I am out.

Adventurous Incoco Nail Polish Applique - this I did like, I am not too sure if maybe I didn't quite apply it right but it started to chip a little on the third day.  However I can handle this due to the fact that I don't have to wait for my nails to dry!  It is just a stick on kinda thing,  I have also given Sally Hansens version a try and have had NO success with them ... so for me these babies are better.

Practical Jouer Lip Enhancer - Love this stuff, smells great and makes my lips super soft ... this is the only thing I actually bought from last months Birchbox.  They say it plumps ... I am not sure if I saw that but I did really like it.

Eco-Minded Liv Green Perfume -  Love the smell of this stuff ... it isn't too strong and stuff ... more on the light and fruity scent spectrum.  I can be pretty sensitive to perfumes so for it not to give me a headache is a good thing and while wearing it I was headache free!  I did not purchase this one but I am on a hunt for a great perfume right now so you never know, it is up there as a fav ... it just didn't seem to last all that long.

Hope you like the review ... let me know what you think, and if you are interested in Birchbox let me know ( they hook you up with points if you send people their way, and who doesn't like a little bonus, hehe). 

Take Over Tuesdays!!!

Hey everyone, it's Zack ... taking over for the day.  So I know that everyone knows who Adele is by now,  and if you don't you need to.  I don't know what it is about Adele but I think she is one of the most talented artists out there.  From her amazing voice that draws you in and keeps you wanting to hear more, to her quirky behavior that makes you feel like you could be best friends with her.  Adele has played a huge role in Jess and my happiness, and her latest album "21" will definitely make you shed some tears as well as put a smile on your face.  You can check out Jess' post after we went to see her live in concert ( which was one of the best concerts we have both ever been too) here.



Set Up Clothing

Set Up Clothing 2

shoes&jacket - marshalls, jeans - ragz dressware (local boutique), tank - old navy, sunnies - crush, bag - thrifted betsy johnson 

Set Up Clothing 4

Set Up Clothing 3

yes, this may just be my "blue steal" impression ... so what?!?! haha

Set Up Clothing
O.k, I am not getting set up on a date or anything like that ... people I am married ... and I am madly in love with him by the way!  I am not sure if anyone else in my world deals with this (but if you do please help a girl out) but on the weekends, as I have mentioned before .... I work with the Hubby and we do special events.  Think weddings, bar and bat mitzvahs .... corporate stuff, you know, a lot of drinking (not for us unfortunately) and a lot of fun.  The thing is I am always trying to "dress to impress" and it is so hard when you have to haul around speakers and things that I don't even know what they are and way too heavy for me.  So this is my attempt to look good without ruining something that I truly love.  So how do all you lovelies do it?? I mean wear clothing that you might, and I say "might" very lightly, be willing to throw away or have to convert into a new item in your world.  What do you do, I am very interested to know.  I am so very curious what you Mommies out there do ... you ladies truly amaze me!!!

A Glimpse In Time

A Glimpse In Time 6

Mom and Zack at the apple orchards in Julian

A Glimpse In Time 5

Wine tasting at the Blue Door winery in Julian

A Glimpse In Time 4

A Glimpse In Time 3

Next stop for wine tasting with some horses apparently ( I think he was trying to bite me!)

A Glimpse In Time 2

after a long day of flea market shopping it was off to the beach to watch the sun set

A Glimpse In Time

Here is just a few photos from when my Mom was visiting.  As I said, we had a great time!  The Blue Door winery was one of our favorites.  We also got to watch an amazing sunset one night while Zack took tons of pictures of us having fun and being silly!  Thanks for the great time Mom, we always love when you come and visit!  Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Never Too Much Of A Good Thing

Never Too Much Of A Good Thing 3

shoes - candies via TJ Maxx, jeans&shirt&necklace - f21, blazer - h&m

Never Too Much Of A Good Thing 4

Never Too Much Of A Good Thing 2

Never Too Much Of A Good Thing

I see this happening a lot!  Wearing this blazer that it.  I just can't seem to stop wearing it with everything .... one might thing that the color would be hard to match up with certain things but that is not the case!  So I am apologizing in advance if you see a lot of this blazer, it may be my favorite but it could very soon become your least.  Oh, and please don't mind the wrinkly shirt ... I am not gonna lie, ironing is not really my thing and if I think I can even slightly get away with it, I will.  Then I look at my outfit photos and have a good laugh cause clearly this shirt is pretty darn wrinkly!!  Haha, oh well ... don't sweat the small stuff.