Fire Fire

Fire Fire 3

boots&purse - thrifted, jeans - local boutique (ragz dressware), sweater - h&m, jacket - target, necklace - f21

Fire Fire 2

Fire Fire 1

Fire Fire 4

Not really all that sure what possessed us to use the fire hydrant as a photo prop, but to be honest I kinda like it!  I guess it would just be a whole lot of black if it wasn't for that wonderful pop of yellow ... so thank you Mr. Fire Hydrant for making my photos better!!  As for my "be thankful November" today it is for my cats.  Yes, I said "cats"!  We have two and I love those little suckers more then anything.  After being away 11 days, it sure feels good to come home to their love ... and let me tell you, they sure love to cuddle!  So thank you Luna and DJ, I know I sound crazy but I love them!!  Anyone else out there a crazy cat lady like me, you can tell me ... I don't mind!

Take Over Tuesday!!!

Hey everyone, it's Zack!  Today's takeover is on an artist I came across while listening to Pandora (a online radio station that lets you customize what you want to listen to) and fell in love with.  The artist is Magnet, an independent artist from Norway who has had his songs featured on T.V. shows such as The O.C and Six Feet Under but what put him on the map was the recreation of Bob Dylan's "Lay Lady Lay" a duet with Irish songstress Gemma Hayesand and was on the Mr. & Ms. Smith Soundtrack.

And not to forget our "be thankful November", I just want to let you all know how thankful I am for good friends.  We got to spend so serious quality time with some of my best friends over the last weekend while we were in Canada.  Not only did we get to go to a great friends wedding but we all got to stay together!  I want to thank Danielle and Stan so very much for hosting us, we had a fabulous time and can't wait to do it again!!

Back To The Sun

Back To Sunshine 3

shoes - lauren conrad(kohl's), jeans - guess, tank - target, blazer - f21, bag - gift from my Mom, sunnies - crush

Back To Sunshine 4

Back To Sunshine 1

Back To Sunshine 2

Today we are heading back to California from our amazing vacation in Canada.  We were very lucky with the weather and had such a amazing time with our family and friends!  My "be thankful" today is for warm weather .... as much as I love being home and spending time with everyone ... I have to admit that I much much rather the warmth of San Diego over the cold.  As for these photos, they were taken before we left.  And these are my favorite new shoes ... I have been looking for a leopard print flat for quite some time now and just can't be happier with them!

Good Bye

Good Bye 2

boots - uggs, jeans - jolt (nordstrom rack), tank - local boutique (ragz dressware), sweater&purse - marshalls, hat - brixton, scarf&ring - h&m, watch - guess, bracelet - pandora

Good Bye 4

Good Bye 1

Good Bye 3
I just don't even know what to be thankful for today ... I mean, when you get to spend so much quality time with the people you love the most and then have to leave .... well, it is hard.  I am very thankful for everyone in my family and getting to travel to get to go home to visit them.  I am also very thankful that today we are now in Calgary Alberta where a great friend is getting married today!!!  I love weddings!! So I guess what I am really thankful for today is life in general!!!  I am happy to be alive and loving it!! How about you, I know all my American friends just had a great Thanksgiving ... so what were you thankful for this year???? 



boots - vince camuto (nordstroms), jeans& sweater - f21, shirt - local boutique(ragz dressware), scarf - h&m, purse - marshalls




Oh my ... today we leave for Calgary, Alberta ... and what a birthday I have had!!  Today I am so very thankful for family and friends and traveling and everything ... I mean I can't tell you how very happy I am today.  I just love the last week and it is only going to get better.  We are off to a great friends wedding.  Oh, and this is the outfit I wore on the plane the day we left to Kelowna ... how do you all dress ???? I mean, I always want to be comfortable ... but I still always want to look somewhat stylish ..... such a hard combo!! 

Jess's Day Off

Hey Everybody

It's Jessica's Birthday so we switched takeover Tuesday to today so she can have a day off.  Today's artist is a is an American singer-songwriter whose work is a blend of folk and rock music and his name is Matt Nathanson.  The album I have put to download is his newest that includes a duet with Sugarlands own Jennifer Nettlesand it's a great song (see video below).  The song "Faster" is also one of my favorites that you should check out.

Happy B-Day to my wifey!!!!!!


Hometown 3

boots - steve madden, socks - h&m, jeans - f21, tank&top&bangles - local boutique (ragz dressware), purse - marshalls, sunnies - crush, jacket - rw&co

Hometown 2

Hometown 4

Hometown 1

I am without a doubt thankful today for my hometown, Kelowna B.C.!!  I haven't lived here in more the 9 years but it never loses its charm.  I am lucky that my whole family still lives here and I can visit any time I would like.  I do however have to big pat on the back to all you lovelies out there that live in cold weather towns .... I have no idea how you still look so super stylish and manage to take photos in that weather!! Wow, it was a challenge today just to get me to take my coat off!  I realize how spoiled we are in San Diego.


Surprise 3

Surprise 1

from left to right - my brother Chris, my Dad and then my sister Melody

Surprise 5

my sister Melody to the left and my other sister Shelley to the right

Surprise 4

my amazing Hubby with my Dad

Surprise 2

So on Friday Zack and I left to return to my hometown of Kelowna, British Columbia to surprise my Dad for his 50th birthday.  He had no idea, it was a really big success!!  My little sister did a super amazing job with pulling it all together without a hitch.  And now I would have say without a doubt that I am so very thankful for my amazing and wonderfully super fantastic ( I am not sure I have more words that are as great as he is) Dad!!  I also have to tell you all that his actual birthday is on Wednesday(the 23rd) and 31 one years ago on his birthday he got to meet me for the first time ..... I was born on his 19th birthday!!  So today I am more than THANKFUL for my Dad .... he is a amazing man, who always shows comfort and companionship and love to everyone .... he will be there for me not matter what .... he never judges ...... NEVER .... and he is my biggest fan!!!  I want you to know that 50 is and will be the best year of your life!!

To Be Continued

To Be Continued 2

shoes - payless, skirt - f21, top - local boutique(ragz dressware), scarf - h&m, belt - steve madden from nordstrom rack, ring - f21

To Be Continued 4

To Be Continued 3

To Be Continued 1

I am going to keep it sort and sweet today ... my "be thankful November" is for airplanes.  As of right now I am on one ..... I will fill you in on the whole story on Monday ... in the mean time I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!! 

Return Policy

Return Policy 3

shoes - kohl's (candies), jeans& sweater - f21, button up - american eagle, necklace - macy's, bag/clutch - hilside bags

Return Policy 4

Return Policy 2

Return Policy 1
These shoes ... wow, what a nightmare they have been.  This takes me to what I am thankful for today, also know as "be thankful November" with my friends over at Paisley Print Shoes.  I am super super thankful for great return policies .... such as it is at Kohl's!!  I mean, you don't even need to have a receipt to return things there!! I actually returned these shoes twice ... I did love them minus the fact that they are way way too high for me.  I just couldn't seem to get the sizing right.  I am usually a solid 8 but when I first bought them apparently I was in a rush and grabbed a 7!  Then when I finally realized this I went back and grabbed a 8 ... still not good; and then by that time there was no more 7 1/2 so I was out of luck.  I guess it was meant to be.  Thank you Kohl's, for having such a easy and great return policy ... not only did I get myself a great pair of leopard print flats in exchange( to be seen very soon), but the other day I found a way better pair of nude pumps from Nine West!

My New Love

My New Love 5

boots - vince camuto (nordstrom), jeans - f21, blazer&belt&ring - h&m, tank - nordstrom rack, sunnies - crush, bracelets - made by me, necklace - sophia & chloe

My New Love 4

My New Love 2

My New Love 1

My New Love 3
Today my "be thankful" is without a doubt for not being shy!!  I can't even tell you how shy I was in high school and even in my twenties (opps, just aged myself ... haha, I don't really care actually, I will be 31 next week!!!).  It was terrible!  I still have moments of being shy and scared but I just take a deep breath and remember that nothing good is going to come out of not speaking up.  What I am really getting at here is the fact that I chased a lady down while apple picking in Julian because I just had to know where she got her boots from.  The good news is that I now own them, the bad news is that she told me they were from Nordstrom .... which means PRICEY in my mind.  I will tell you what, I would look at them everyday and just dream of the lovelies making a appearance on my blog and in my world .... and after far too much dreaming I went for it!  There hasn't been a moment of regret ... they are for sure a investment piece in my wardrobe but so very worth it!  Thank goodness I am no longer shy.  Oh ya, and this is what I wore to the blogger meet up on Sunday ... the boots came just in time to make their debut!!  I was actually super easy to pick what I was going to wear since everything was worked around the boots!

Take Over Tuesdays

I usually don't get attached to music reality shows but this year Jess and I watched the new show "The Voice".  There was one contestant and performance that stood out, and her name was Dia Frampton when she did her rendition of Kanye West's "Heartless".  Her debut album release "Red" comes out December 6th and I am definitely going to give it a listen but for now check out the videos and download the song below that made me a fan in the first place. Also, if you didn't watch the show, her mentor was Blake Shelton and now she is touring with him! 


Hey everyone, it's Jess .... just stopping in today to make sure I let ya know what I am thankful for.  So not forgetting our "be thankful November" today it is going to have to be for friendships.  I mean, we all have them but there is always room for more and this last weekend I got to go to a local blogger meet up were I potentially got to make a whole bunch of new blogger friends and for that I am very thankful!

The Meet

The Meet 3

Today my "be thankful" is for Tammy from Lemon, Avocados & The Bay, Stephanie from Mrs. Stephanie T and also Kelsey from Eat. Drink. Be A Tourist and last but not least Olivia from Olivia.Dee; who put on a amazing San Diego Blogger Meet Up!!!( And for those of you who don't know ... the whole "be thankful" deal is from some of my fav gals over at Paisley Print Shoes!!)  I am also super super thankful for all the lovely ladies who had the courage to show up to a unknown place with a bunch of other ladies that they didn't know!  I was one of those people.   I mean ... if you were as nervous as I was then I guess we will all make the best of friends from here on in!  I can not tell you how great it was ... at first it felt like the first day of school and by the time I left I felt like you were are a little part of my life I never knew was there ... and I thank you for it!  Ladies (that means you Tammy, Stephanie, Kelsey and Olivia), thank you for all your hard work to put it on, and I can't wait for another!!!  Not only did these ladies pick a great spot from the event (Sip by Flavor in Del Mar), but they put it all together so quick and managed to make it a lot of fun and super awesome!  The event was held at Sip by Flavor in Del Mar ( PLEASE, if you live in the area go check the place out, it was awesome and they really took care of us!) with tons and tons of raffle prizes and some games.

The Meet 8
Love the chalk board wine list behind the bar

The Meet 6
complentary sparkling wine ... can you ask for .... and strawberries!!!

The Meet 5
A little bingo al la blogger .... find and get the lovely ladies who fits the square

The Meet 4
Everyone into BINGO ... I mean who doesn't love some Bingo!!

The Meet 7

They even managed to get us all some SPRINKLES CUPCAKES!!! Does life really get any better?!?!?

The Meet
This was my raffle gift that I won, from Sweet Bea's Baking and Ummmmmm I am pretty sure by the end of the day they will be all gone!!!! Wow, not even kiddin .... the lemon bars are something else!!!  And the beautifully decorated box is just a added plus!!

Dot It Out

Dot It Out 3

shoes&cardigan - target, dress - local boutique (ragz dressware), belt&bracelets - f21

Dot It Out 4

Dot It Out 2

Dot It Out
Alright, today my "be thankful" is for HUMOR!  The reason for this all roots back to my Hubby, he just may be the funniest man I know! (sorry Dad :( )  I mean this guy can make me laugh even in the worst of times ... I could be super hungry and really fiery .... he makes me laugh ... PMSing .... he makes me laugh (and cry, in a good way) super stressed ..... he can always bring on a laugh .... mad cause I didn't get my way .... he always can bring the super smile in the end!!!  This is what I am trying to say .... always be around funny people, they will make it better no matter what!  And just to solidify what I am trying to say, when I asked the Hubby what I should call this post he suggested ..... " I would poke that dot".  All I could do was laugh!!!  Not like I was going to "actually" call it that, but clearly I felt the need to tell you all about it anyway .... it all comes back to humor!!