Hey everyone, it's Jess and I just wanted to let you know that this month I am involved in a little thing called "Be Thankful".  It is all in part with my friends (well, bloggger friends really since we haven't met, but in my mind friends all the same) Jen and Katie over at Paisley Print Shoes.  Please, if you have a extra second in your day check out Paisley Print Shoes ... you will love it I promise! Everyday this month we are going to post something that we are grateful for.  Since it is the first of November and today just happens to be on Zack's Takeover day, I am just going to make this simple and sweet.  I am greatful for my beyond amazing husband ....ZACK!!  Everyday he makes my heart melt in some way or another for him ... I mean, look at how he helps me with my blog ... this and so many things mean the world to me and without him my world would not be complete.  I love you Zack!

I heard about this guy on my first trip to Calgary, Canada; when I went to visit my future wife Jess.  His name is Daniel Wesley and is he ever a breath of fresh air, and he is CANADIAN (maybe that is why Jess loves him so much ... hmmm).   I would describe his sound as if you combined Jack Johnson, 311 and Sublime into a bowl and mixed it up.  For anyone who remembers the song "Pony" by R&B artist Genuine, well check out track #4 to hear a pretty cool remix of the song that will totally surprise you!  Below is a link to my favorite album he came out with "Song + Dance".




  1. Ah Daniel Wesley is super talented! Love this song so great that you posted it. Going to check out Paisley Print Shoes now! Nice blog!

    xx, Ally


  2. I'd never heard of him before but what a great song - now to find him on Spotify!

  3. The song is just wonderful :) Thanks for sharing !

  4. I've heard of him in passing before but never ended up looking him up, the song is so amazing, so thank you for sharing! I will definitely have to youtube-creep a bit more! Hope you're having a great week so far!

    Alexandra xo


  5. just checked him out wow he's pretty talented.. and not bad looking too haha


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