Repeat 4

Boots - H&M, Cords - Winners, Button Up - American Eagle, Jacket - Gap, Bag - Michael Kors

Repeat 2
Repeat 3
Repeat 1
I am guilty ... I wore this outfit last night to the movies and then threw it back on to run some errands yesterday ... ha ... a good old repeat!!  As I asked the Hubby to take photos for me he so kindly reminded me that I had worn it last night ... and I am perfectly fine with that!!!  When something is good why mess with it ... right?!?!

Going To Paris

Going to paris 2

Shoes - Zara, Skirt & Belt - Local Boutique, Shirt & Necklace - Target, Clutch - Target

Going to paris 1
Going to paris 4
Going to paris 3

 I feel like I should be in Paris with this little outfit .... and in 60 days we will!!!  I can't even tell you how excited I am!!  We are going to Spain and France for 30 days .... it is a dream ... I almost can't even believe it.  Now all I can think about is what to wear while we are there?!?!? Let the metal packing begin!!!


Blushing 2

Heels - Joe Fresh, Skirt - H&M, Shirt - Nordstrom Rack, Jacket - Target, Necklace - World Market

Blushing 4
Blushing 3
Blushing 1
Sometimes I have a really hard time finding a good colored shirt to go with this skirt .... I love this skirt, so I am always trying to wear it.  I am happy with this outfit .... now to just try and find more things to go with it ... what would you wear with it??

Finally Peplum

finally peplum 4

Heels - Nine West, Pants - H&M, Shirt - F21, Bag - Michael Kors, Necklace - F21, Bracelets - Sophia&Chloe

finally peplum 3
finally peplum 2
finally peplum 1
   I have been on the hunt for a peplum top FOREVER!!  I have found it really really hard to find one that fit perfectly .... I actually have bought a few and returned them.  This one has the perfect amount of stretch in it that it is comfortable and fits just right!!!  Yeehaw!!

It's way too high

It's way too high 1

Heels - Anne Klein, White Denim - Zara, Top - Winners, Clutch - H&M 

It's way too high 3
It's way too high 2
It's way too high 4

What the heck .... why do I look like my pants are around my ears???? Sometimes things are better in the mind than in picture.  I am not sure how I feel about this shirt .... maybe the tank I wear underneath should not have been nude but a different color that was longer to hide how high my pants are .... or maybe I should have just tucked it all in .... heck .... some times I just don't know!!   And for that I am having a good ol' fun laugh at myself!!!

Got My Hair Did

Got my hair did 3

Shoes - Target, Maxi Skirt - Old Navy, Shirt - Target, Jacket - Old Navy, Clutch - Marshall's, Necklace - Local Boutique

Got my hair did 1
Got my hair did 2Got my hair did 4

 It is not much of a difference, but I got my hair done the other day.  Slowly but surely trying to get it lighter.  That is one thing I always forget about going darker .... it will take some time to get it back lighter .... and this girl is impatient!!!  Do you like your hair lighter in the warmer months too ... it seems I always want to go dark in the winter but once that warmer weather hits it is all about going as blond as I can!!

They Called Me Minnie Mouse

They called me Minnie Mouse 3

Shoes - Aldo (old), Tights - Target, Shirt - American Eagle, Dress - Marshall's

They called me Minnie Mouse 4
They called me Minnie Mouse 1They called me Minnie Mouse 2 So on Saturday we had one of the biggest events that we do each you ... it was the Besa Expo. We only do one expo each year so it is really important to us to make sure we do it really really well. This year we both decided to dress with a bow tie ... I have to admit ... I loved the way the outfit turned out! This dress was originally bought for last New Years and though it was a great dress .... the sequins rubbed like crazy and I ended up with a really nasty rash!! So that heaven for the blogging world because I don't think I ever would have thought to just layer and put a shirt under it!! All day I kept getting people tell me I looked like Minnie Mouse .... I guess I just needed some ears?!?!?

I'm Alive

I'm Alive 3

Shoes - Converse, Denim - Target, T-Shirt - Old Navy, Vest - Target, Bag - Michael Kors, Sunnies - Target, Necklace - World Market

I'm Alive 4
I'm Alive 2
I'm Alive 1

Remember how last week I was talking about the cold that I had ... we it got me, it got me good!!  I was totally down and out with that cold last week!  The good news is that I am back and feeling great!  This week I get to head back to my hometown in Canada to see my brand new little baby niece .... I can't wait!!  It is gonna be a good week!!


Sicky 1

Shoes - Steve Madden, Pants - Bebe, Shirt - H&M, Jacket - American Eagle, Necklace - World Market, Bag - Michael Kors, Sunnies - Crush

Sicky 2
Sicky 4
Sicky 3
Yup, it finally happened .... I got a silly cold!  I guess I was just crazy to actually think that I was going to get through the whole winter without getting sick at least once!  These photos were taken yesterday and I was already starting to feel the effects!! Damn you cold ... we are not friends so please go away quickly .... if there is a lack of blog posts around here I am sure you will know why :(

La Jolla

La Jolla 2

Shoes - Gap, Denim&Cardigan - Target, Shirt - Local Boutique, Bag - Michael Kors, Sunnies - Crush, Bracelets - Gift, Target, Local Boutique, Necklace - Sophia&Chloe

La Jolla 3
La Jolla 4
La Jolla 1
Last Saturday our event was right on the beach .... and I mean right on the beach!  The building we had the Bat Mitzvah in was literally right behind me!!  If you have ever been to San Diego then I am sure you are familiar with a area called La Jolla .... this place is beautiful!  There really are two beaches in La Jolla and this is the one where everyone goes kayaking.  Such a great spot!  We were lucky enough to sneak out and snap a few photos right before the sun set and got to watch it go down ... great start to our night!

And here is just a little something for all my readers if you would like ... Eshakti is giving all JessCause readers a lovely little discount .... 20% off till March 20th, just use JESSCAUSE at checkout!!  What are you waiting for, go check their website!! I am really loving this skirt and this one too!!  Oh, and did I mention they customize all of their clothes to fit you exactly ... does it get any better then this???