And The Obsession Continues

And the obsession continues 4

Boots - H&M, Denim - F21, T-Shirt - Old Navy, Jacket - Marshall's, Bag - Michael Kors, Necklace - F21

And the obsession continues 2
And the obsession continues 3
And the obsession continues 1

This whole "stud obsession" is getting out of control.  I was in H&M the other day to return something and somehow found myself in the change room (imagine that?!?!) and everything, and I mean EVERYTHING had some sort of studs on it?!?!? What???  I managed to only leave with these here little booties which are perfect for this wimpy foot girl ( I am sure you all know by now that I don't do well in heeled shoes!!)!!  I also like them because lately I have really be thinking about my purchases more since we are off to France and Spain in 3 months .... I want to make sure I have comfortable and functional foot ware ... probably the hardest part of packing for me is my shoes!!

One More

One More 4

Boots - Minnetonka Moccasins, Socks - H&M, Pants - H&M, Long Sleeved Shirt - Gap, Button Up - American Eagle, Vest - old, Hat - stolen from the Hubby, Sunnies - Crush, Bag - Michael Kors

One More 3

One More 2One More 1Here are just a couple more from our 2 day trip up to Big Bear.  Our second day was spent getting bundled up a bit and wondering around town.  It is such a great little town ... afterwards we headed back to our spot  (which happens to be right on the lake) and took the time to just relax and take some photos.  What do you think of the hat???  I just love it, it actually belongs to my Hubby but I seem to wear it a bit more then him .... hehe!

At The Cabin

At the Cabin 2

Boots - Minnetonka Moccasins, Socks - H&M, Tights&Shirt - Gap, Vest - old, Scarf - Target, Hat - Gap

At the Cabin 4
At the Cabin 3
At the Cabin 1

These photos were taken after a whole day of snowboarding (hence the no makeup and tired look), and even though I was super wiped out I still had to take them due to this scenery!  We just got home today from spending 2 AMAZING days in Big Bear.  I haven't been snowboarding in probably 12 years or so and I have to tell you .... I was super nervous to go!!!  But man am I ever happy I did .... it is just like riding a bike ... you never forget!!  We rented an amazing cabin right on the lake and spent lots of time playing board games and eating and drinking .... it was awesome!!  I can't wait to go again!


Snakeskin 1

Shoes - Converse, Jeans - Target, Shirt - Gap, Scarf - H&M, Bag - Michael Kors, Earrings - Nordstrom Rack

Snakeskin 3
Snakeskin 2
Snakeskin 4

I found this great infinity scarf at H&M and just had to have it!!  I mean is snakeskin ever a problem really??? It goes with almost everything right?!?!  Gotta love me some snakeskin!!


Studs 2

Shoes - Target, Pants&Blazer - H&M, Shirt - White House Black Market, Bag - Michael Kors, Necklace - F21, Sunnies - Crush

Studs 4
Studs 1
Studs 3
I just realized while editing these photos that pretty much every item I am wearing has some sort of studs on it .... trend ... I think so!  I picked up this blazer and pants at H&M last week and have already won both of them twice ... we are having a good relationship!

I feel like I have a bit of a addiction ... studs, I love you!!

Palm Springs

So today I had not a single outfit picture to share with you ... I guess you can say that I have been pretty lazy!!  So instead I thought we would talk about Palm Springs.  Zack and I stayed at The Saguaro Hotel a few weeks ago and had a great time.  The hotel is very colorful (it is Palm Springs right?!?!) and cozy!  We even got really lucky with some super warm weather and got to enjoy the pool which was really fabulous!  They have two places to eat at the hotel which both looked great but we decided to head to a Thai place instead.  They also have beach cruisers for their guests to use at no charge, which I thought was just awesome!!  The place is pet friendly ... I always love that cause you always end up seeing some super cute dogs.  If you are ever in Palm Springs I highly recommend The Saguaro Hotel ... it was a great stay!!  Below are a bunch of photos that I quickly snapped of the hotel.

Don't worry, we don't actually sleep in different beds like it might look like below ... Zack's sister and her fiance were with us as well!

Palm Springs 1
Palm Springs 2
Palm Springs 4


Boats 4

Shoes - Dolce Vita via Hautelook, Skirt&Belt - Local Boutique (Ragz Dressware), Top - Old Navy, Bag - Michael KorsWatch - Nixon, Sunnies - Crush, Earrings - World Market, Bracelets - Jamie Rodriguez and won off a blog

Boats 1
Boats 3
Boats 2
These photos are from Saturday ... the weather was amazing!!  The Hubby and I had a little late Valentines day by heading to downtown San Diego and spending the day at the pool at the Marriot where we stayed.  After that a little homemade spa was in order followed by a great dinner and some drinks and dancing.  What more can a girl really ask for?!?!

The Background Makes it Better

The background makes it better 3

Shoes - Nordstrom Rack, Tights - Target, Skirt - F21, Tank - Local Boutique (Ragz Dressware), Jean Jacket - Old Navy, Scarf - Marshall's, Sunnies - Crush, Bag - Michael Kors, Bracelets - Express

The backeground makes it better 2
The background makes it better 1
The background makes it better 4
Thank goodness for the ocean ... it always helps outfits look better ... right?!?!  I really wanted to wear heels with this outfit but the truth of it all was I just could not handle it.  If you don't know yet well now you will .... I am the worlds biggest wimp when it comes to wearing heels!!  Wimpy in the sense that I can really maybe only last in them for one hour or so if I have to do any form of walking .... wimp!!  So flats won this battle .... but don't worry, I am still practicing wearing those heels ... one day I will concur them!

Not a Fun Day

Not a Fun Day 1

Shoes - Lauren Conrad via Kohl's, Pants - F21 (similar), Shirt - H&M, Jean Jacket - Old Navy, Bag - Michael Kors, Sunnies - Crush, Bracelets - Sophia&Chloe, Necklace - from our trip to Thailand

Not a Fun Day 3
Not a Fun Day 2
Not a Fun Day 4

I did not wear pink pants intentionally ... in all truth I am not really a big fan of Valentines day.  Let me tell you why ... you see every year except for one (we were in Thailand) I have had to work this very romantic day.  You see, I work in the restaurant industry and I am sure if you asked any single person who does the same they would tell you that they too are not a fan of Valentines day.  For me Valentines day is a long day of work where the restaurant is super duper pack and all the prices are jacked right on up.  Never in a million years would I head to a restaurant on Valentines day, romantic dinner at home would suit me just fine ... I think I am just way to tainted.  For all you lovers out there ... hope the day is grand ... as for me, I am off to work to try and please.  Oh my, I just realized I sound like the Scrooge of Valentines day ... haha.

Also, if you are a Kohl's shopper you can use the code  TENFORBLOG to get 10% off from January 11th till March 9th ... and who doesn't like a little discount!!!

Gentle Yet Tough

Gentle and Tough 4

Booties - Steve Madden, Tights - American Apparel, Skirt - Target, Button Up - American Eagle, Jacket - Target, Clutch - H&M

Gentle and Tough 3
Gentle and Tough 1
Gentle and Tough 2

Lately I have really been in love with the dainty girly outfits with a bit of edge added to them.  I felt adding this fake leather jacket form Target was a perfect way to "toughen" it up.  I am still on the hunt for the perfect leather biker style jacket ... anyone know of and good ones out there that are reasonably priced??  I have a great chocolate brown one but we all know that is not the same as having black ... right?!?!

Meet My New Baby

Meet my new baby 2

Boots - F21, Pants - Gap, Shirt - Winners, Bag - Michael Kors, Necklaces - F21, Sunnies - Crush
Meet my new baby 4
Meet my new baby 3
Meet my new baby 1

Nope ... I didn't magically have a baby without you all knowing.  I finally gave in and bought a bag that I have been wanting for some time now!  I have been torn on whether or not I wanted to spend some of my hard earned money on a Michael Kors bag ... I have literally been pondering it forever!  I finally bit the bullet and did it, and I am so happy I did.  I am in love with my new bag and I can see it being a close friend of mine for a long time to come.  Lets just say that I have convinced myself that it is an investment  .... and a good one at that!


Chilly 4

Boots - Minnetonka Moccasin, Demin - Target, Sweater - F21, Vest - Ruche, Bag - Melie Bianco, Bracelet - Local Boutique (Blues and Shoes), Necklace - F21

Chilly 3
Chilly 2
Chilly 1
Last week it got chilly and I got to brake out my Minnetonka Moccasins finally!!  You should really check them out, great moccasins and some of my friends are the models on their website!!   The Hubby go them for me for Christmas and I am in love with them ... probably my favorite thing to wear these days!!  And if you are wondering the answer is yes to your question ... that is a band aid on my face in the second picture.  I'm not trying to start some new and silly trend ... just a band aid ... had to have a little spot removed from my face ... nothing big.

Backdrop Heaven

Backdrop heaven 2

Boots - thrifted, Pants - Gap, Tank & Blazer - Target, Bag - Melie Bianco, Necklace - World Market, Earrings - In Pink
Backdrop heaven 4
Backdrop heaven 3
Backdrop heaven 1

Sometimes there is just nothing better than stumbling upon a wonderful vintage barn out of nowhere!!  And to top it all off it is the perfect color of teal to go with my bright shirt!!  The Hubby and I are off to L.A. today to go see ZZ Ward in concert for the 3rd time!!!  Ya, that's right ... we might be stalking her ... but in a good way I promise!!  If you haven't heard of her yet you should do yourself a favor and go here right now!!