Not a Fun Day

Not a Fun Day 1

Shoes - Lauren Conrad via Kohl's, Pants - F21 (similar), Shirt - H&M, Jean Jacket - Old Navy, Bag - Michael Kors, Sunnies - Crush, Bracelets - Sophia&Chloe, Necklace - from our trip to Thailand

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I did not wear pink pants intentionally ... in all truth I am not really a big fan of Valentines day.  Let me tell you why ... you see every year except for one (we were in Thailand) I have had to work this very romantic day.  You see, I work in the restaurant industry and I am sure if you asked any single person who does the same they would tell you that they too are not a fan of Valentines day.  For me Valentines day is a long day of work where the restaurant is super duper pack and all the prices are jacked right on up.  Never in a million years would I head to a restaurant on Valentines day, romantic dinner at home would suit me just fine ... I think I am just way to tainted.  For all you lovers out there ... hope the day is grand ... as for me, I am off to work to try and please.  Oh my, I just realized I sound like the Scrooge of Valentines day ... haha.

Also, if you are a Kohl's shopper you can use the code  TENFORBLOG to get 10% off from January 11th till March 9th ... and who doesn't like a little discount!!!


  1. All of my friends who work in food service always hate today also!

  2. I completely agree! Hope you have a good V-Day regardless!

    The Hartungs Blog

  3. Love the shoes! Glad I came across your blog. Want to follow each other?

  4. At least your are married and not still single, I imagine that would make it far worse.

    And I love the pink pants, any old day.

  5. Great color on those pants & wonderful styling. I hope your Valentine's isn't too rough, but yeah, I wouldn't want to serve a bunch of lovebirds today either.

  6. I love the color of those pants! So cute!



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