Going All The Way

 shoes - kathy jean, dress (aka pajamas!) joe fresh, belt - h&m, necklace - thrifted, sunnies - crush

Alright, since I totally went out of my comfort zone yesterday and tried something I never have when it comes to clothing ( I know, I'm a wimp) I figured I give this another shot.  So this is the dress that I wore as a shirt yesterday and I am pretty sure I told ya that I only wear this around the house as my comfy go to kinda clothing.  I don't think I have ever even worn this outside the house!  So here I am styling my poor little dress that has never seen the outside world!  I am not gonna lie, I like it!  The thing is, this dress is so so comfortable so just adding a belt to pull it in a little and some accessories and my favorite wedges and I've got an outfit!  What do you think???  Hope everyone has a great long weekend and a happy LONG weekend to all my Canadian friends and family!!

Doubled Up

  shoes & skirt & belt - ragz dressware, striped top (actually a dress!) - joe fresh, bangles - ragz dressware & lulu's, necklace - f21, ring - charlotte russe

This totally happen by accident, I had originally planned on wearing a dusty rose colored tank with this skirt.  To my surprise I managed to do something that I have been seeing some of my favorite bloggers do; never in a million years did I think I could pull this one off!  I am wearing a dress as a top and have the rest of it tucked under the skirt! Really, right?!?!  You can check this lovely lady out, Liz,  to see how she did it.  To tell you the truth, this dress is really just my super comfy wear around the house when doing nothing much kinda dress.  I was putting the skirt on while still wearing the dress and had a light bulb go off in my head ( which doesn't happen all that often, let me tell you).  I liked the colors together and when I tucked in the dress it didn't get all bulky, so I went with it!  And voila, you have my outfit post for the day!

2 in One day?!?

 boots - ebay, dress & bracelets - ragz dressware, necklace - gift, sunnies - crush, ring - f21

I bought this great little dress over the weekend, so very comfortable and really easy to wear (minus the fact that you have to wear a strapless bra!).  We decided that since it was one of our last weekends off for who knows how long that we would go to the Del Mar Races, I went for my first time last year and it was a blast.  This dress was the perfect go to outfit for a day at the races until we got there and the Hubby noticed that it is kinda falling apart! Booo!  Now I just hope I can return it and get another; I have NO sewing skills to just fix it myself:(.

Now on to the exciting news!!  Yesterday I got 2 awards from fellow bloggers!!  I am not going to lie, I had no idea these kind of things were going on in the blogger world so when I got 2 of them you can only imagine how excited it was!!  I was going to try and answer them both in one posting and then figured that would just be way too much.  So the first one I received which is the "One Lovely Blog Award" was from Katya from this time is a charm, she is such a sweetie and has a great sense of style, please take a minute to check out her blog.

Ok, now I am supposed to tell you 7 things about me and then pass the award onto up to 15 other wonderful ladies and let them know I have done so ..... so here it goes.

#1   I am a Canadian, I have been living in San Diego now for almost 3 years (WOW, time flies!!)

#2   I love country music, yes, I know .... most people would not admit to that but I love it that much!!

#3   I met the love of my life when I was on vacation in Puerto Vallarta in April of 2008 and married 
       him 8 months later!! For Real!!
#4   I love candy, I wish I didn't but I just can't help myself!!

#5   I was born on my Dad's 18th birthday

#6   I come from a large family, when growing up my parents were foster parents, always lots of
       teenage girls, never a dull moment in out house!  I have 2 blood siblings, one half brother, 4 step
       brothers and sisters and many foster sisters along the way.

#7   I speak French fluently, I took French Immersion for kindergarten to grade 12!!

Wow, that was much harder then I thought it would be.  OK, now to pass the love along, here are some ladies that I have recently been following and I am truly enjoying what the have to say and love their style!!

Jen and Katie from Paisley Print Shoes
Emerald from Sunday Crossbow
Haley from PairsandPours

These are just a few blogs that I check out everyday to see the amazing style and things that these wonderful and inspiring ladies have to say.  Thanks again to Katya for giving me the award, you made my day!

PS. The rules for the award:
1) Thank the blogger who awarded you the honor and link back to them in your post.
2) Share 7 things about yourself.
3) Award up to 15 recently discovered bloggers the award.
4) Contact them to tell them the good news!

Dinner Last Night

Yes, I know, I gave it all away in the title of this blog post.  Here is the thing, this is what we had for dinner last night but I had nothing to do with it!  I have to admit something .... I don't cook.  It's not that I don't like to, I can follow a reciepe if needed, I just am not very good at it.  I thank my lucky stars everyday for the man that I married, not only is he amazing, but he is a fantastic cook!!  I woke this morning to realize that I pretty much didn't really get dressed yesterday, I have been working hard on a photo shoot that I did a while ago and there just wasn't any time for anything else.  To my surprise, when the hubby got home he had a bunch of wonderful ingredients for Whole Foods and a bottle of wine ... what more could a girl ask for?!?!  He made tuna tartar, we shared a filet migon and then had asparagus done in olive oil and garlic.  This post is mainly to give big props to my hubby and to thank him for always keeping me well feed and surprised!

Big Hair

shoes - payless, jeans - ragz dressware, shirt - f21, necklace & earrings - target, ring - not sure, it's old

The truth is ... I like big hair!  I have been the queen of backcombing now for way too long!  I am not sure if I just can't let it go or if I am actually still doing a good job with it.  All I know is that my hair is pretty darn tired of it and I can tell this because I seem to have less and less of it these days (hair that is)!!  Oh well, I may or may not be addicted to backcombing, who knows, but I do know I like it so I think it is here to stay for a while.  Thanks to all that read this for listening to the ramblings about my hair, you guys rock!

A Different View

shoes - kathy jean, shorts - gap, shirt & bangles & necklace - f21, earrings & belt - target, eye glasses - roberto cavalli

Yes, these are "real" glasses; I have people ask me that all the time.  I don't wear contacts, just the glasses and I defiantly don't wear them as often as I should, good thing my eyes aren't really all that bad (it's really only one eye).  I am not going to lie, I do kinda treat my glasses like a accessory .... I mainly wear them when either I am really tired or it's to try and spruce up an outfit.  Yup, I'm just that kind of girl.  Just watch, I will have to wear them all the time one day due to my love and silliness of style.  Oh well, it's all worth it!

Oh, and as for the workout, OMG!!  The hubby and I did it together and since we workout 3 to 5 times a week we thought we would be cool and do the advance ... not so good of a idea!!  I kicked my butt, but the workout was amazing!!  We did a "get lean" 30 minute workout in advanced, I was so tired and sweaty but the end it was great!  I can't wait to try out the next one!

Killer Workouts

I have been meaning to post a workout post since I have started my blog.  I love the feeling of getting a good sweat on when you have a killer workout.  Do I work out everyday?  Clearly no!  Do I wish I was a little more motivated?? YES!!  I try my best, but I am not gonna lie, I can be pretty darn lazy at times and my couch can just look so much more interesting.  Then yesterday, all of a sudden I came across a new blogger and her post was something that made me so happy; and if you have a iphone and a lack of motivation you might just like this one too. So I felt I had to share it.  This is a FREE app for your iphone and it is super easy to use.  If you would like please check out Sara B @ Glitter and Grace, her blog is awesome.  So this app gives you a great variety of workouts right on your phone, and not only that but there is video on how to do all the moves!!  It is created by Nike and you can get it here, if this doesn't get me up and going and a little more motivated then I am not sure what will but I am so excited to give some of these routines a try!  I will be starting my first one today, I'll let ya know how it went.

See Through

 shoes - from my wedding (hubby bought and picked out!!), dress & bangles - lulu's, clutch - thrifted, sunglasses - crush

Isn't this just a heart melting dress?  I know I sure felt that way when I saw it on one of my favorite bloggers, Cara from Fashion Love Affair, you can see her in it here.  I am not a fan of buying things online unless it is a bag or maybe shoes but with this one I took a risk.  I does fit perfectly but you also have to make sure you panties match perfectly and you don't have tattoos in silly places that need the perfect color band-aid to cover it up... of course the tattoo thing wasn't me ...opps! ( I only have one and it's silly!)  In any case,  it is a good going out for dinner dress and I sure feel girly in it, I love it.  Oh, and one more thing, the sunglasses that I have been raving about from Crush ... well, the are cheap!! Only around 25 or so per pair!!  One year warranty and cheap, what more can you ask for??!?!

Weekend Getaway

 shoes - madden girl (macy's), dress - ragz dressware, belt - american eagle, clutch - thrifted, bracelet - sophia&chloe, earrings - world market, sunnies - crush

This is my new little dress that I purchased for our weekend getaway to Palm Desert.  The temperature there was around 42 degrees Celsius ( 107 Fahrenheit!!) so I knew I needed whatever I was going to wear be as light as possible.   And let me tell you, this dress fit the bill perfectly!!  It is so light and it doesn't wrinkle ...  Imagine that!?!?!  I would also like to let you know about my new clutch, it is amazing and I wish I could get in all sorts of different colors, but no, it is from the thrift store right by my house.   The inside of this beauty is a shiny gold with black polka dots, wow!  I love it!  Oh, and one more thing!  I am not sure if you are familiar with a sunglasses brand called Crush; but if you are not please check out their website.  All of the glasses come with a lifetime warranty!! I own two pairs and I love them both, you can check out the website here.

Same Same

shoes - madden girl (macy's), dress - american eagle, vest - ragz dressware, bag - gift from my mom!, sunnies - crush (ps, they come with a lifetime warranty!!)

Yes, you are not imagining things, I am wearing my hair in the same beehive as my last post!  Crazy right?!?  You see, we got up super early on Saturday morning to head out on our little road trip to Palm Desert and really there is no easier hair do then this.  This is also the perfect outfit for road trips.  I am pretty sure if you traveled with me you would laugh cause every time we get in the car to go to either Vegas or somewhere close I am always wearing the same thing!  I bought this dress years ago to bring with me on a Mexico vacation and I think I wore it once and then it ended up in the back of my closet forever!  Now I want to live in it, imagine that ... I guess that is what happens when you realize how comfort when traveling is one of the most important things!  On another note, our trip was fantastic, filled with tons of pool time and some dancing and great food.  I have some outfit pictures that will be in my posts this week, can't wait!


shoes - madden girl by steve madden, jeans&necklace - f21, shirt - white house black market, bangles - world market

Yes, it is true, the hubby calls this hair do THE beehive!  I think it is hilarious because it totally is and he just gave me the title for this blog post without even trying!  I love it!  To tell you the truth the only time this look for my hair ever comes out to play is when the hair has not been washed (eww gross, I know!).  Here's the thing, I have really oily skin as I am sure I have mentioned a million times and in return that equals really oily hair!  I want to avoid washing everyday but it is a challenge for moi!   In comes THE beehive, a little dry shampoo and a lot of back combing combined then with a lot more hair spray and we are in business!  In other news, the Hubby and I are off to Palm Desert for chillin at the pool and some relaxing!  Hope everyone has a great weekend and hopefully I will have some great photos of our weekend to post next week!

The Comfy Cozy Dress

shoes - kathy jean, dress - target, belt - h&m

You know those days when it is hot out and you just don't really want to put a big effort into what you put on, well this was one of those days!  I recently was in Target ( well actually I am always there is seems!) and found this little sundress for 20 dollars, I was even too lazy to try it on so I brought it home with me in hopes it would be exactly this and is it, comfy and cozy!!  How can a girl go wrong! 

I've been waiting

It's true, I have been waiting it seems like forever to have our living room look anything like this.  I have been living in California for almost 3 years now and it has been a working progress to make our house OUR home.  When I moved to San Diego the Hubby had already been living here for 7 years in this very house.  After we got married ( which we did twice, but that is a whole other story, and a great one at that that I will share another time) we were on a mission to get things rolling and now here it is!  This is our new coffee table and table piece, if you look closely you will even see the wedding album that we finally got around to making! (it only took us about 2 1/2 years, ya know, not all that long!)  I couldn't be happier with the way our house is shaping up!

Now this beauty here I have been wanting pretty much all of my  life, it is my reading chair.  It is one of those big comfy leather chairs that is just going to get better with time.

Lazy Days

shoes - bass, shorts - gap, tank - walmart, necklace & belt - f21, flower in hair - was made for my wedding

I am not sure if I have told you this or not but I spend my Saturdays usually hanging out with a bunch of thirteen year old's.  Yes, it is a party!  We got lucky and had two events on Saturday which usually leaves me feeling like all I want to do on Sunday is SLEEP!  And I did, I think I got up at a time I choose not to say in fear that I might make mom's with little ones super jealous. ( we have no children yet, so I am trying to take advantage of the whole sleeping in thing as much as I can!) So when I woke on Sunday I could not make a decision as to what the heck I wanted to do.  Going for a bike ride to the harbor ended up winning with a little margarita drinking and then a BBQ and a fire with friends to end it of.  What a great way to spend the day, and to go along with it I wore this super easy and relaxed outfit that worked perfectly for a easy stroll on the beach cruiser and then some awesome food!  Love lazy relaxed days after a very hard working one!

On a little side note, this feather flower in my hair is something I had made for our wedding.  I wore it in my hair, the colors we choose were purple, black and white, I had it custom made.  I always love pulling it out and wearing it on the most random of days!  It always brings me back to that perfect day and makes me smile!  Here is a little bonus picture of our wedding day.