The Comfy Cozy Dress

shoes - kathy jean, dress - target, belt - h&m

You know those days when it is hot out and you just don't really want to put a big effort into what you put on, well this was one of those days!  I recently was in Target ( well actually I am always there is seems!) and found this little sundress for 20 dollars, I was even too lazy to try it on so I brought it home with me in hopes it would be exactly this and is it, comfy and cozy!!  How can a girl go wrong! 


  1. Very Cute! The dress is easy breezy, perfect for summer!


  2. this is a perfect summer dress! you look adorable!

  3. Great dress, love the touch of pink!
    xo Cara

  4. You're so pretty Jessica! Really digging your girly and classic style with a personal touch! Very relatable and inspiring xo

  5. This is adorable! Yay Target.

    Found your blog through your comment on it! :D

    Do you like Oxygen magazine? I get Women's Health and Fitness and Shape, but I'm skeptical about Oxygen cause it seems like they OD on ads...

  6. Adorable...I really love what you did with your hair!


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