shoes - madden girl by steve madden, jeans&necklace - f21, shirt - white house black market, bangles - world market

Yes, it is true, the hubby calls this hair do THE beehive!  I think it is hilarious because it totally is and he just gave me the title for this blog post without even trying!  I love it!  To tell you the truth the only time this look for my hair ever comes out to play is when the hair has not been washed (eww gross, I know!).  Here's the thing, I have really oily skin as I am sure I have mentioned a million times and in return that equals really oily hair!  I want to avoid washing everyday but it is a challenge for moi!   In comes THE beehive, a little dry shampoo and a lot of back combing combined then with a lot more hair spray and we are in business!  In other news, the Hubby and I are off to Palm Desert for chillin at the pool and some relaxing!  Hope everyone has a great weekend and hopefully I will have some great photos of our weekend to post next week!


  1. your hair looks adorable! i love THE beehive. i also love those shoes. super cute! have a great weekend!

  2. whenever my hair gets oily i put baby powder in it - works like a charm. also i love your shirt i got one with pockets on it recently like yours and i cant take it off - i tuck the front of mine in though xx

  3. Great outfit!
    I love the blue top :D

  4. Hi! I just found your blog on Colorblind. It's really cute!
    I was actually REALLY trying to do my hair like this today and couldn't figure it out. I didn't even THINK about back combing. I'll try that next time! Haha


    Everything Nonsense

  5. a. My boyfriends refers to it as the Amy Winehouse (*sigh* my hair is not nearly as high to god as hers!)

    b. I think the only way for this to hold is if your hair is dirty. Plus it's the perfect lazy hairstyle, that still ends up looking chic.

    c. LOVE the shoes :P

  6. Love the hair and love the shoes, you look fantastic!
    xo Cara

  7. I just found your blog and I love it. This outfit is amazing...especially the hair! :)


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