Weekend Getaway

 shoes - madden girl (macy's), dress - ragz dressware, belt - american eagle, clutch - thrifted, bracelet - sophia&chloe, earrings - world market, sunnies - crush

This is my new little dress that I purchased for our weekend getaway to Palm Desert.  The temperature there was around 42 degrees Celsius ( 107 Fahrenheit!!) so I knew I needed whatever I was going to wear be as light as possible.   And let me tell you, this dress fit the bill perfectly!!  It is so light and it doesn't wrinkle ...  Imagine that!?!?!  I would also like to let you know about my new clutch, it is amazing and I wish I could get in all sorts of different colors, but no, it is from the thrift store right by my house.   The inside of this beauty is a shiny gold with black polka dots, wow!  I love it!  Oh, and one more thing!  I am not sure if you are familiar with a sunglasses brand called Crush; but if you are not please check out their website.  All of the glasses come with a lifetime warranty!! I own two pairs and I love them both, you can check out the website here.


  1. that dress is adorable and that color looks amazing on you! i will be checking out the crush website as i am a bit of a sunglasses addict...or maybe i shouldn't! (no, i will). :)

  2. You give me such good hair inspiration, and I love the outfit.

    The Gap has a similar clutch to the one you have (but a lot smaller http://www.gap.com/browse/product.do?cid=57827&vid=1&pid=862934


  3. im so jealous to know that you have a thrift store by your house! although on second thought, i don't think i'd want to have one so near my house...my credit card bill might just go insane! haha! the description for your clutch looks very promising!



  4. What a perfect dress for a warm get away!! Adore the colour on you and love, love that textured belt. xx veronika

  5. That dress is so cute! I love the color and accessories too!


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