Take Over Tuesday!

Hey Everyone
It's Zack, Jessica's husband and today I would like to introduce you to April Smith.   I came across her when Jess and I went to a Langhorn Slim concert where she was the opening act.  She has a very bubbly personality with a unique voice to go along with it.  If any of you watch the TV show Weeds, than you have heard April Smiths voice because her song "Terrible Things" is the intro song!

Pink Love

Pink Love 3
shoes&jeans - gap, shirt - h&m, scarf&purse - marshalls, glasses - roberto cavalli
Pink Love 4

Pink Love 2
Pink Love 1
Ah, my love for pink is never ending right now!  I found these shoes at The Gap the other day and there was just no way in the world that I was leaving without them.  The only problem is that they have them in Navy as well and I can't stop thinking about those ones.  I mean, they are a pointed toe flat that are super comfortable and cute ... how can a girl go wrong?!?!

Comfort Wins .... Always!

Comfort Wins .... Always! 4

shoes - not sure??! plus you really can't see them, dress - old navy, belt - h&m, jacket - american eagle, clutch - hilside bags, necklace - thrifted, bangle - f21

Comfort Wins ... Always! 2

Comfort Wins ... Always! 3

Comfort Wins ... Always! 1

Alright, here is the thing .... this is not the most flattering item of clothing I have worn ( for the bottom half mainly, this girl has a booty and thighs!) but I love it!  I have to admit .... when it comes to comfort ... I kinda give up some of my fashion rules!  Comfort wins for me every time!! True story!

Hot Pink

Hot Pink 2

shoes - payless, jeans&shirt&shirt&clutch&necklace (WOW) - f21, sunnies - crush

Hot Pink 4

Hot Pink 3

Hot Pink 1

OH MY GOODNESS!!!  I should have named this post Forever 21!  I had no idea that almost everything I am wearing in this post from F21!??!?  Well, I guess if it ain't broken why fix it right?!?  I wanted to talk about my love for pink, especially hot pink but somehow all I can think about now is F21!  Their clothes may not last forever but thank goodness for the price tag of it all!


Nothing 3

shoes - nine west, pants&clutch - h&m, shirt - f21, jacket - target, hat - brixton, bracelets - world market

Nothing 4

Nothing 2

Nothing 1

Not much ... nothing, that is what is going on right now.  After being in Costa Rica for a month and then returning home to get to have my Dad visit, to now nothing .... ah .... not sure if I like it or not.  The one thing I do know is that I have been wearing this little black jacket a whole heck of a lot, and I love it!  I am really feeling the urge lately to SHOP .... as in buy everything and anything (the shoes and clutch are new) ...  but I have somehow managed to stay pretty controlled ... for now at least!  Do you ever get that crazy shopping urge???

Take Over Tuesday!!

Hey everyone, it's Zack, Jessica's husband and today's featured artist hales from the Soviet Union and her name is Katie Melua.  I came across Katie Melua while listening to a random radio station on ITunes and dug a little deeper into the album "Piece by Piece" and became a fan. Below is a link to download the album along with a couple of videos and pictures, enjoy!

5 Little Things

5.1 Little Things 2

some amazing coffee from our trip to Costa Rica

5.1 Little Things 5

our view of the strip from our room in Vegas at the Aria

5.1 Little Things 4

some new lip color

5.1 Little Things 3

a new eye shadow palette that I am super in love with
5.1 Little Things 1

new Sonia Kashuk brushes and bag from Target

Our little trip to Las Vegas with my Dad was a blast!  As always I am not prepared for a blog post on this lovely Monday morning so I figured a give a little glimpse into some of the things that are making me excited right about now.  Hope you enjoy!

See Ya .....

See Ya 3

boots&blazer - local boutique (ragz dressware) jeans - thrifted,  shirt - gap, purse - jessica simpson, scarf - h&m

See Ya 2

See Ya 4

See Ya 1

So my Dad is in town!! I am so super excited and though we spent the whole day yesterday walking along the beach and watching the sunset, the only thing logical to do after that is to go to VEGAS!!!  So off we go .... see you on Monday!  Have a great weekend everyone!

Do Over

Do Over 4

boots - ebay, jeans - guess, tank&shirt - local boutique (ragz dressware), blazer - h&m, purse - marshalls, long necklace - world market, short necklace&sunnies - from Thailand, earrings - target, ring - from Costa Rica

Do Over 3

Do Over 2

Do Over 1

This is just a little something I wore over the weekend and loved it so much that it had to be worn again!  The weather here is cooling down a little and I am so excited to be wearing a blazer almost everyday!!  Can you ever go wrong with a blazer ... really?!?!?  I mean, I think I am a little obsessed with them.  And in other news .... my Dad is going to be here tomorrow!!!  I am super excited, not only to spend time with him but we are all going to Vegas for the weekend as well .... oh Vegas, how I love thee!!

Peter Pan

Peter Pan 4

boots - vince camuto via nordstrom, jeans - jolt via nordstrom rack, shirt - thrifted, necklace - francesca's, purse&belt - fossil, sunnies - crush, bracelets - local boutique

Peter Pan 3

Peter Pan 2

Peter Pan 1

While looking for a place around our house to take photos this is what we came up with .... and guess why?!??!  Zack ( otherwise known as "the Hubby" most of the time) said ... "look at how awesome your Peter Pan shadow looks!!".  Who would have thought?!?!  So this is me and my Peter Pan shadow and I love it!  Speaking of Peter Pan ... have you ever watched Hook?  Zack and I both love that movie and we made sure to revisit it while in Costa Rica .... ahhhh, what memories!!  So Peter Pan or not ... love the movie and this outfit makes me fell like I can fly!  In other words .... I love it too!

Take Over Tuesday Is Back!!!!!!!

Hey everyone, it's Zack, Jessica's husband and we are back from Costa Rica which was AMAZING!!!  Today's artist comes from my hometown of Minneapolis Minnesota  and now resides in Chi Town, that's Chicago for those who don't get it.  If you have heard the song "Super Star" by Lupe Fiasco than you know Matthew Santos who is the one responsible for the amazing chorus which is laid down on that track.  People have been comparing this kid to Chris Martin, Eddie Vedder, John Legend, Justin Timberlake and I am a fan!  Check out his website, videos below and he is always posting links to free song downloads on his WEBSITE.  I know I usually post a link to download the artists CD but I went to school with this kid and I do want to show my support.


Lupe Fiasco - 03.27.08 - CiRCA Toronto

Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home 4

shoes - lauren conrad via coles, jeans&shirt - f21, jacket - target, purse - fossil, necklace - local boutique (ragz dressware), sunnies - kenneth cole, lip color - revlon colorburst in Coral, watch - guess, bracelets - pandora & gift from Birchbox

Home Sweet Home 3

Home Sweet Home 2

Home Sweet Home 1

No, I am not auditioning for the next Jersey Shore .... I just got back from Costa Rica and I have that wonderful orange color!  Isn't it funny that you don't really realize some things until you see it in a photo ... lets just say I got lots of sun during the trip!  And don't worry ... the sunscreen was always thickly applied.  Costa Rica was great, pictures to come in the next little while!  We had three Bat Mitzvahs this weekend and we are still trying to get back into the swing of things and I promise once we do you will get a glimpse into our travels!  In the mean time, it feels so good to be back and a really big HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone!!

Almost Back

Hey everyone!! Just wanted to say a quick Hello and let you all know that we made it back from Costa Rica safe and sound.  I promise that on Monday I will be back in full force and I just can't wait!!  Wearing normal clothes these last couple of days has be amazing and I can't wait to share.  I just wanted to stop in and let everyone know that there is about to be another SoCal Blogger Meet-Up!!  So if any of you lovelies are from the San Diego area and want to meet up ( I know, it kinda sounds scarey at first but trust me, last time was a blast!) please check out this page and sign up.  It was so much fun the last time we all got together that I am sure this time is going to be even better!  Here is a little info on it all!

About the SoCal Blogger Meet-Up

What is the SoCal Blogger Meet-Up?
The SoCal Blogger Meet-Up was created to invite bloggers from all over the Southern California to meet and get to know each other in person. Most of the interaction in the blogging world takes place with e-mails and comments. We wanted to bring things to life, and give voices to the blogs you read every day.

Who should attend the SoCal Blogger Meet-Up?
Anyone and everyone who considers themselves a part of the blogosphere!

What can we expect to happen at the meet-up?
The meetup will be a fun few hours of mingling, good food, drinks, and games. You will meet an amazing group of young women and hopefully make some great friends! We'll even send you home with a gift bag filled with goodies from our sponsors. And if you're lucky, you may win one of our many raffle prizes!

The last Meet-Up was free. Why do I have to pay for this one?
We realize that with the last meet-up being free, it might be a little confusing as to why we're charging for this one. This is for bigger and better things that will only benefit you, we can promise that! It is also to ensure your spot on the guest list, seeing as how we unfortunately had to have a cutoff number last time.

Does my ticket price include food?
While the ticket price does not include a full meal, there will be complimentary appetizers and a selection of specialty priced drinks. You can also feel free to order from the menu if you'd like!

Where is the event taking place? How do I get there?
The SoCal Blogger Meet-Up is going to be at Roppongi Restaurant and Sushi Bar in La Jolla, CA. If you look to the right, you'll see that we've provided a Google Map to help you get to the event. If you need more information or directions, feel free to send an e-mail!

Is there going to be parking at the event?
Yes! There will be free street parking.

Who can I contact if I have further questions about the meet-up?
Feel free to e-mail Stephanie at StephanieRT90@aol.com if you have any questions!

Monkeying Around

Monkeying Around

Hey everyone!!  In case you haven't noticed, I haven't been around for two days .... this is the first time this has happen here on my little blog.  For some strange reason I kinda pride myself on getting it together everyday and putting up a post.  Oh the little things in life, right?!?!  Anyways, just wanted to give you all a update on our travels.  We are now in Manual Antonio, Costa Rica ... which is by far my most favorite place we have been to so far in our month travel here.  Today we got to hang out with a whole pile of little guys just like the one above, it was crazy.  I will have way more photos when we get back.  Speaking of getting back, I have decided that instead of stressing about the blog ( I know, I am crazy like that) I am just going to take the rest of the time off and fully enjoy our last week here.  I will be back in full force next week, we get back on the 11th so you can hopefully expect something after that!  Happy New Year everyone!!!