Leopard 2

boots - marshalls, jeans - ragz dressware, shirt - h&m, belt&ring - f21, clutch - innes

Leopard 3

Leopard 4


Today I am off to Calgary, Alberta, CANADA!!  I am so very excited to get to hang out with some of my very best girlfriends.  I hope to have lots of pictures of the trip next week, but don't hold me to it ... I can get pretty distracted and totally forget to even take any!  I hope everyone has a great weekend and here is a little something I wore last week for date night.  I have to say, I just love the tan and red with the leopard look together!


Transitions 4

boots - thrifted in San Fran, tights - f21, dress&belt - ragz dressware, blazer - h&m, bracelets - made by me

Transitions 3

Transitions 2

Here is the thing, I am so very new to this blog world.  I have learned so many things I don't even know where to start ... Transitioning from my summer wardrobe to fall is a major one, but I think one of the most valuable things I have learned is how to wear what I have in different ways.  This is a perfect example of that, I have worn this dress previously on my blog (check it out here) and I just love the pattern and color of it.  I was having such a hard time trying to style it in a different way so that I could do another post of it.  In the past I would have worn this dress the same way all the time, maybe switch up the shoes but in general the same.  I am so happy that I have met you blog world, you have changed my life, and wardrobe, and for that I am so very thankful.

Not Sure

Not Sure 4

shoes - aldo (old), romper - thrifted f21, necklace - francesca's, bangle - world market

Not Sure 3

Not Sure 2

Not Sure
I am really not too sure why I bought this.  I mean, I have tried a ton of rompers on and never have had any success ... I guess I thought this one was different.  You know, it was at a thrift store for a very attractive price .... it was a good color, and the Hubby picked it out.  A good buy by far, right?!?!  The truth is I don't know.  What the heck is going on in the "booty" department???  What about how is sits oddly at the waist .... seriously right!  But for some reason I still like this hot mess, it feels like I am wearing my PJ's, what more could a girl ask for?  What do you guys think of rompers?  Hot or Not?  And just one other thing ... how the heck do you go to the bathroom in these things????  I mean seriously, better make sure I don't hold it too long or I see a disaster in my future!

Take Over Tuesdays!!!!

I came across these songs because Jess and I saw the movie "Just Go With It" a while back; with Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston.  The movie was ok, but there was 2 moments in the theater that we both looked at each other and had the connection like, what is this remix?  After searching forever on the web for them, I finally found them!  Below is a link to a website where you can find all the remixes.  Click on the link, right click on the title of the song and select save link to download it.  Feel free to give a listen to all the remixes but the 2 that you have to download are:

"This Tainted Love" 
(Bob Marley vs. Softcell) – 2008

"Roxanne should be dancing"
(The Police vs. Bee Gees) – 2008

Download Link

This past Sunday Jess and I worked a kids event and they had the massive piano from the movie "Big".  When we were getting ready to leave I started to try it out and who would of thought I would end up getting my "Big" moment!  Jess wanted me to put this video up so here it is!  Hey, it's Jess ... I had no idea my Hubby was so darn talented ... you learn something new everyday!! Check this out!

Au Naturel

Au Naturel 4

shoes - toms, pants - h&m, shirt - f21, purse - american eagle, necklace - from thailand

Au Naturel 2

Au Naturel

Au Naturel 3

That's right, you guessed it, this is my hair in its natural state.  Not that great perfect wave given to it from one of my many curling irons .... or that perfect flat, none frizzy greatness that comes from my one and only flat iron.  This is it, the truth!  I wouldn't call it curly, nor would I call it wavy .... maybe just crazy and puffy.... haha, I don't know.  The Hubby likes it best in its natural state, imagine that right ... just the way it was meant to be is his fav ... of course, gosh do I love that man! ( I just said "gosh")  In other news, I have been getting so much wear out of my Toms, I can't say enough good things about them!  I might even be out on the hunt for another pair in the very near future.

2 Great Things At Once

2 Great Things At Once 4

shoes - ross/madden girl, jeans&blazer - ragz dressware, shirt - nordstrom rack, bag - gift from my Mom, watch - nixon, bracelet - pandora, necklace - f21

2 Great Things At Once 3

2 Great Things At Once 2

2 Great Things At Once

First great thing, going shopping at Ross for something for the house and then going to the washroom to come out to the shoe section and finding these fabulous shoes for $7!!  Not only was the price right but there was one pair left and they were my size! Done!  I am pretty sure they put the washroom right behind the shoe section for a reason ... and I kinda love it!  Second great thing .... I am leaving for Canada to go to a great girlfriends bachelorette party next weekend!!  I can not tell you how excited I am I to see these ladies!!  It has been way too long, and we always manage to have so much fun, as well as get in a little trouble, when we are all together.  Hope everyone has a super great weekend!!

Color My World

Color My World 4

shoes&scarf - marshalls, jeans - gap, tshirt - target, purse - thrifted/betsy johnson, sunnies - kenneth cole

Color My World 3

Color My World

Color My World 2
It seems we are back to the good old marine layer around here near the water.  Whenever we head inland it is a whole different world ... and by that I mean sunny and beautiful!  It can be such a double ended sword living near the ocean, you get to see it everyday (well, if you aren't lazy and go for a walk or something) but it also equals a lot of gloom.  I will tell you one thing though, I will take the gloom over winter.  I have had many years of cold and I am over it!  No more winters for this girl!  So to deal with the gloom, out come the bright colors as usual. Oh, and the purse is on of my favorite thrift store finds, I got it when I was in San Francisco. If you are ever in San Fran make sure to do yourself a favor and go down to Haight and Ashbury area .... for sure some of the best thrift stores I have ever been to!

Just Call Me Smurfette

Just Call Me Smurfette

shoes&bangles - ragz dressware, pants - levi's (thrifted), shirt - joe fresh, necklace - f21, belt - h&m, ring - gift from the hubby from Peru

Just Call Me Smurfette 3

Just Call Me Smurfette 4

Just Call Me Smurfette 2

We did a bit of closet cleaning around here this weekend which meant that it was time to head to my favorite thrift stores.  In the end they only took a few items in and I always take the store credit.  Why not just give them the money back right ... you know I can't help but look around while they chose what the want to keep!  As per usual, I use up the whole store credit and even end up spending more ... that's just how it goes I guess.  These lovely little gems are a result of my closet purging.  I have to say, I am really enjoying the colored pant trend right now, ya .... I know .... these ones are really bright but there is just something about them that I love.  First off, when I put them on the fit like a glove.  Not only that but they did remind me of Smurfette and who can say no to Smurfette ... that's the little girl in me coming out, watch out now!


Hello all you fashion bloggers, it's Zack and man are you all going to love this one!  I am curious if any of you remember the song "Feels Good" by Toni Toni Toni?  No, that is ok, I am just getting old:)  The brains and talent behind that group was Raphael Saadiq, a retro soulful singer churning out urban music for all to love.  He is one of those unique artists like Adele that aren't mainstream but respected by all and I encourage everybody to download this one and enjoy!!

1 raphael-saadiq

Birchbox Review

Birchbox 3

                   This months Birchbox

Birchbox Review 2

This months Birchbox

 Birchbox Review

Details of this months Birchbox

Patiently Waiting 3

Last months Birchbox

Ok, so I just got my second Birchbox in the mall this weekend and I was just excited as the first one.  I figured I would give you a little glimpse of this months box and tell you what products I really like from last months box.  So here it goes, the best product for me was the Number 4 Lumiere D'hiver reconstructing mask. Not only did I fall in love with this product, but I am pretty sure it will be something I can't live without.  It is basically a leave in conditioner; you wash your hair and then apply the product and leave it in for 5 minutes then rinse out.  Let me tell you this, I have been in need of a hair cut for about a month or so now (trying to see how bad my roots can get, kiddin!) and this stuff is a life saver!  I have tried all sorts of leave in hair treatments and NONE have stood up to this guy!  I do have to admit, the price is pretty high (58 dollars!!), and I try not to buy super pricey products cause if I do end up loving it, it just becomes way to hard to keep buying it, but this stuff is worth every single penny!  And a little goes a long way, so I bought it ... also, when you sign up with Birchbox part of the deal is if you order full size products from that months box you don't pay shipping.  The other stand out product was the Zoya nail polish.  Not only is this stuff not as toxic as other nail polish (big plus since I wear polish all the time!), it dries really really fast and the chipping is minimal.  I ordered two other colors and love them both!  This is a great product, I highly suggest Zoya nail polish.  You can check out this site, they sell Zoya for $6.15 each and it looks like the shipping isn't to bad.

As for this months Birchbox, I am super excited to try it out.  The box consists of a mascara that actually tubes around your eyelashes to create a dramatic look .... really excited to give this a try and I am so hoping it is great.  There is a nail strip product, so no having to wait for it to dry, and let me tell you, if these things work I might just have to give up regular polish.  I have a very short attention span it seems and I am ALWAYS smudging my nails! There is also a lip enhancer, little perfume sample, eyelash card so you don't smudge your mascara on your eyelids (smart!) and the extra this month is a super cute hand made bracelet that I will for sure be wearing a lot.  I will let you all know what I thought of these little goodies next month when I receive my next Birchbox.  Hope you liked the review and if you have any questions about any of the products feel free to email or comment below and I would be happy to answer.

Little Lovelies

Little Lovelies 4

Little Lovelies 3

Little Lovelies 5

Little Lovelies 2

Little Lovelies

A couple of weeks ago you might remember me wearing a bunch of these in one of my posts.  Since then I have had a lot of comments and questions about them.  These little lovelies above were actually made for a friend from work who was having some of her good girlfriends come to visit.  When she told me she was putting together a little welcome package for them and asked if I would make some more bracelets I was totally in.  What do you guys think of them?  Would you be interested if I did a give away and the prize was these little lovelies?  I just finished ordering a whole bunch of supplies and I just can't seem to wait for them to arrive, I wanna get started!  I also just learned how to make another version and or style you may say, of these ones ... I can't wait to try it out and I will show everyone once they are done.  So let me know what you think ... would you wear these???

On The Go

On the go 4

shoes&shirt - ragz dressware, jeans&necklace - f21, cardi - target

On the go 3

On the go 2

On the go

This is pretty much as simple as it gets.  I was in a classroom all day yesterday so comfort and warmth (they lovvveeee to pump that air conditioning!) was of the utmost importance!  After a long day at school it was off to the gym and this is where we snapped a couple fast pictures.  The rest of the day consisted of a little salad with chicken and the dreaded cleaning out of the closet!!  The Hubby attacked his side and I did mine.  I must say, I think he got rid of way more then I did ... oppss!  I just have such a hard time letting go of things, does anyone else have this problem.  I seem to manage to convince myself that I just might need that pin stripped two piece suit that I bought a million years ago when I had a super boring office job.  I have so much stuff that I have been keeping "jess cause".  I try to go by the rule, if I haven't worn it in the last year then it is time for it to go.  I think it is a good rule to go by, just so darn hard to follow!

Better Late Than Never

Better late then never 3

shoes - payless, pants - gap, shirt - h&m, blazer - smart set, sunnies - kenneth cole, necklace - francesca's

Better late then never 2

Better late then never 4

Better late then never

Ever since I have been looking at blogs and learning about them, I have always liked the Everybody Everywear blog.  Every month they have a great new challenge, basically everyone has something similar in their closet and they ask everyone to wear that same item and style it in their own way on a certain day.  I have been watching and learning for the last couple of months and this time I decided I wanted to give it a try.  Even though I am a day late in submitting it to the site, I thought I would give it a go on mine anyways and maybe, just maybe, next month I will be a little more organized!  Maybe ....  Oh, and if you haven't checked out Everybody Everywear, please do, you will be amazed at how all these awesome and amazing ladies do their thang with what they got!  Also, thank you so much to everyone who offered to guest post while we are in Costa Rica, careful what you wish for cause I just may be hitting you up to help out!!  I am still in the process of figuring everything out.

Everybody, Everywear | Colored Pants