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Copycat Who 3

 shoes - nine west
shorts - gap
shirt & necklace & ring - f21
belt - target
sunnies - kenneth cole
bracelet #1 - made by me, #2&3 - from Mexico

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Copycat Who 2

Copycat Who

When I was running out the door yesterday for school I had this feeling I had been here before ... not in my house of course, but more like what I was wearing.  Almost to the point that is was exactly the same.  As I was driving and racking my brain I saw it!! You can check it out here.  Not totally the same I realize, but there is something to say about the fishtail braid, it is super easy and the way I learned how to do it was via Youtube!!  I followed this one and it was super easy and when I just don't feel like washing my hair, well the fishtail always wins!


  1. well it's cute enough to copy! we can't always wear something new...and my memory isn't good enough to remember them all! you look adorable and i wish my hair was long enough to do that!

  2. I've never noticed that you have freckles!!! Yay!!! This outfit is cute :)

  3. I completely forgot how to do the fishtail until I saw the tutorial & thought 'WHY haven't I been doing this?!?' My hair is a little gross today so I just threw it up in a pony. I think I'm gonna try a fishtail at lunch! :o)

  4. Great look! Love your ring and your braid!


  5. The outfit is super cute and that braid is beautiful. It looks intricate & like it took time, so suprised to hear that it was easy to do.

  6. wow, your fish tail looks way better than mine do - maybe it's because i'm impatient and always make my pieces super chunky.

    and this a really cute look, worthy of a repeat!

  7. Totally agree about the repeat! I love the fishtail and the red belt! I've been in to neutrals with one pop of color lately in my outfits. No idea why. This post is giving me ideas for next week's outfits when the weather warms up! Love it!

  8. Such a simple, yet put-together and chic look. Definitely a look to copy. So much so that I might copy it, fishtail and all.

  9. Great outfit! Wow, you're really good at doing the fishtail - I am so uncoordinated when it comes to that!! LOVE the jewelry!! Have a great wkend!! :)

  10. The fishtail looks amazing on you! I can not wait till my hair grows out long enough that I can do it as well.

    Very pretty outfit (and while it is similar to the other one, it's still a little different and that already makes it unique).

    I love everything about it, but that gorgeous ring with the pink stone just jumped out at me. <3


  11. I love how relaxed but cute this outfit is! There's something about tucking in a botton down that makes it so effortlessly chic.

    Natasha ~ Required2BeInspired

  12. I love the fishtail braid, I need to learn how to do it!
    Love this look Jess, I can see why you wore a similar look before, the colors are beautiful and the look is chic but laid back-lovely!
    Happy weekend :)
    xo Cara

  13. man, you have the fishtail down! i've been rocking the braid lately, but it isn;t nearly as neat as yours. nicely done!

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