Blackout 4

shoes - steve madden via macy's
jeans - rags dressware
shirt & necklace & bangles - f21
blazer - h&m

Blackout 2

Blackout 3


Last night went a little something like this .... we decided to go to our new favorite restaurant and then head to the Comedy Store for a show afterward for a little laughter since we had such a great time last week doing it.  However, it went nothing like that ... as  I was getting ready to do my hair the power went out.  Bummer right ... what the heck was I going to do with my hair, I had only blow dried it.  So I figure something out finally, after sweating it out in the heat, but this is not outfit, nor is it the hair I had last night.  This is a outfit from a few weeks ago when it wasn't so hot and we had power.  Little did we know last night that the power was not only out for us, but all of San Diego and some of Arizona and some of Mexico .... and it lasted for 6 or 7 hours!!!  So to say the least, no dinner and no comedy show and no outfit photos.  So you get the same shirt for two days just styled a little differently.  We did however get to have a fun night of dinner with family and games in candlelight, which to be honest was pretty darn fun!!


  1. My facebook feed was all about the power outage last night from friends in SD. I guess school was canceled today too? Awesome!

    Have a great weekend Jess!

  2. You look beautiful! I love your blazer and shoes:) And your bangles are lovely:)

    Following you now on Bloglovin and Google, I would love it if you followed me back!
    Stories and Sequins

  3. Gorgeous outfit, the blazer is stunning!

  4. such a great blazer!
    just came across your blog! i'm loving your photos.
    happy to follow!

  5. can you go wrong with steve madden shoes? :)
    that's crazy about the lack of electricity!! kind of a fun excuse to eat by candlelight though!

  6. I love your jewelry...that necklace is just beautiful!

  7. wow i love this outfit so much! and your blazer is just too cute!

  8. Oh no, sorry your plans got ruined!
    Not having power is the worst. You realize just how much of your life depends on it.

    I do love this look though, glad a little power loss resulted in it getting blogged.

    Chic on the Cheap

  9. Doesn't sound like the night turned out to be that bad :)

    A night in with family is the best solution to power outages (we had one here in Toronto a few years back and that's exactly what we did too!)

    This look is gorgeous, I love seeing the same outfit styled in a different way.


  10. Supercute!!!! I like your blog! if you want, we can follow each other, let me know!!!
    The Shabby Labels, New Post from MIAMI


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