See You Next Year

See You Next Year 4

sandals - madden girl, dress - local boutique (ragz dressware), belt - american eagle, sunnies - crush, earrings - target, bracelets - made by me

See You Next Year 2

See You Next Year 3

See You Next Year 1

Well everyone, the next we meet it will be 2012 .... how exciting!!  This year has been so super amazing, I just can't wait to see what the next year has in store!  Hope everyone has a  wonderful New Years Eve tomorrow!  Today we are off to Malpais, where we will be spending our New Years Eve ... we have about 13 days left in our travels in Costa Rica.  Even though these photos may look a little like Costa Rica they are not.  These were taken quite some time ago ( I am getting desperate for outfit photos, haha) in La Jolla .... such a nice area in San Diego!  Happy New Year to you all, hope it is wonderful!!

5 Little Things

5 Little Things 5
                some brand new sparkly nail polish for the holiday season

5 Little Things 4
              some new and favorite bracelets that were a birthday gift

5 Little Things 3
          some festive candle holders with the corks we've been collecting used as decor

5 Little Things 1
          two little lace bags, couldn't decide which I liked more so I got them both

5 Little Things 2

new purse I bought for the Costa Rica trip

I have seen a lot of my favorite bloggers out there doing post like this and I really enjoy them so I thought I would give it a go myself!  What do you guys think, do you like these kinds of posts?  Hope everyone is getting prepped and ready for the New Year ... we are going to still be in Costa Rica at that point in a little town called Malpais .... I can't wait to bring in a new year!!

Bringing It Back

Bringing It Back 4

boots - ebay( tony lama), jeans - le chateau (super old!!) sweater - american eagle (also super old!), belt - the hubbies, scarf - gap, earrings - target, purse - american apparel

Bringing It Back 3

Bringing It Back 2

Bringing It Back 1

I have such a love/hate relationship with these jeans.  I don't even know how long I have had them for but I am pretty sure it is over 10 years!!!  Can you believe that?!?!  Who the heck keeps jeans around for that long?  The real surprise is that they still fit!!  The only time these jeans really get to see the light of day is when I am super bored with skinny jeans and just don't know what else to do ... then out come the trusty old and always seem to fit jeans!!  This skirt is pretty darn old too ...  it also gets to make a appearance every now and again ... I just can't seem to let these two go.  And as for Costa Rica, we are now in a tiny little town called Samara, which is simply stunning!

Where To Now

Where To Now 4

boots - steve madden, jeans - f21, shirt - american eagle, sweater - old navy, purse - marshalls, necklace - macy's, sunnies - from thailand

Where To Now 3

Where To Now 2

Where To Now 1

So we are still in Costa Rica, about half way through our trip right now.  Today we are leaving Tamarindo to head to Samara.  We spent the last five days here which meant we were here for Christmas.  We have been having such a wonderful time here in Costa Rica.  The weather along the Pacific coast is very very hot.  On another note,  I can't believe that I actually have a few outfit posts still saved up that I can use while we are here.  This is one of them and I think I have a few more, after that I am not too sure what may happen.  I realize there is a whole heck of a lot of bright colors going on in this outfit but the comfort is so worth it.

What Should Be

What Should Be 4

boots - arnold churgin (super old!), jeans - jolt from nordstrom rack, top - so old I can't remember, scarf - made by me, purse - marshalls, bracelets - h&m, ring - aldo

What Should Be 2

What Should Be 3

What Should Be 1

I am pretty sure that if we were in San Diego right now this is what I would be wearing, when we left it was starting to get a little chilly and this is a little something I wore to run some last minute errands.  Thank goodness we are still in Costa Rica, Tamerindo to be exact where is it super hot.  We have experienced all sorts of weather here in Costa Rica, from rain to super super windy and now being on the Pacific coast it is super hot.  Today marks being here for 2 weeks which puts us right in the middle of our trip, we have another 2 weeks to go.  We are having a super wonderful time.  I hope everyone got to enjoy the weekend with family and friends, it was a little weird being in Costa Rica over Christmas, but the truth is that it has been some time since I have been home (Kelowna, B.C.)  for the holidays.  Next year I want to bring the Hubby back to my hometown so he can experience what it is like!  Happy Holidays to all of you!!

Monteverde, Costa Rica

Monteverde 1

Hey everyone, just a really quick stop in to let you all know we are having a really great time in Costa Rica!  Yesterday we traveled from Monteverde to Tamerindo, and due to the travel I really didn't have any time to put anything together.  I promise some much better photos of Monteverde when I have a chance, it has been my favorite place we have been to by far! This is just a quick photo of Zack and I after finishing the zip line tour ... by far the most amazing thing in the world!!  At first I was so very scared (even though I have sky dived before) but after doing the first zip line I was in!!  So much more to show you all, I hope everyone is have a great holiday season and can't wait to share more of our trip with you all!!

La Fortuna, Costa Rica

La Fortuna 2

The view of the volcano in La Fortuna from our hotel balcony

La Fortuna 1

The city center of La Fortuna

La Fortuna 4

The river where we did a tour called Cano Negro

La Fortuna 3

We got super lucky while in La Fortuna .... they say that you really only get to see the volcano clearly about 71 days of the year and on our last day it was one of those days!!  It was super amazing to get to see since the first two days it was just covered in cloud, you really couldn't see a thing!  We also did a really great tour on the river that separates Costa Rica and Nicaragua, it is called Rio Frio.  We got to see white faced monkeys and howler monkeys as well as a ton of birds, some sloths and caimans (which are like alligators).  After the tour they feed us some traditional Costa Rica food, which of course is mainly rice and beans but it was super delicious.  We also managed to go see the most amazing waterfall in La Fortuna and then hit up the hot springs which were much needed!  Stay tuned for tomorrows post, the next stop on our trip was to Monteverde .... and I can tell you right now ... by far my most favorite spot so far!

The Layer Challenge

The Layer Challenge 4

shoes - payless, jeans&sweater - f21, belt - h&m, jean shirt - thrifted, bracelet&necklace - gifts from a great friends, sunnies - crush

The Layer Challenge 3

The Layer Challenge 1
Yes we are still in Costa Rica, Monteverde at this very moment.  As I am typing this out I am pretty sure the little lodge like place we are staying in is going to fly away like the house in the Wizard of Oz ... not kidding!  There seems to be super serious wind storm happening here which is also making it quite chilly, and with the cold I have .... hmm, not too much fun:(  But all in all the trip has been amazing.  Now I don't want to forget what this blog is all about (fashion and music) so here is a little something that I wore about a week or so ago back home.  O.k., as I am new to this layering thing .... I mean, I can wear a sweater over a tank and stuff like that but the serious layering (this is pretty serious for me, haha) is what I am talking about here.  I see these amazing ladies pulling off multiple layers without a hitch, ya know what I mean??  So, I have curves, I like them and embrace them.  But here is the thing, layering really intensifies those curves and that takes a little getting used to.  Ya know what I mean?  If any of you lovelies out there deal with the same issue I would love the hear how you deal with this wonderful situation. (What I am really talking about here is my bust, it gets crazy out there!!) I will not give up on layer, just trying to do it the best I can.  Oh, and more of Costa Rica at the end of the week (in case you were wondering).

Takeover Tuesday From Monteverde

Oh yeah, take over Tuesday's yeah!!  We are in Monteverde, Costa Rice at this point, one week into our trip and having a amazing time.  It's Zack Jessica's husband, not wanting to leave you hangin if you have been enjoying the Tuesday takeovers so today's artist is Regina Spektor.  If you have heard of this artist, I bet the song that got you was "Fidelity".  She is an awesome artist and always is wearing something funky.   Hope you enjoy!!!


Puerto Viejo Beaches, Costa Rica

Puerto Viejo Beaches 1

The beach right in front our hotel with fresh coffee out every morning

Puerto Viejo Beaches 3

This is Playa Negra, the next beach on the way from our hotel to the town of Puerto Viejo

Puerto Viejo Beaches 5

This is the next beach we stopped at called Playa Cocles ... super beautiful!

Puerto Viejo Beaches 4

This is the last beach we visited called Punta Uva, also super amazing

Puerto Viejo Beaches 2

And just for fun, this is our little room in the back of our actual hotel suite, we had our own two person jet tub and a hammock.  It was super super humid in there so we only used it once which is a shame but it still was super awesome.  So far Costa Rica has been rainy :((  But we are in the rainy season on the Caribbean side, so what more could we expect.  We had a hard time deciding if we wanted to even visit the Caribbean side, but let me tell you .... I am sure glad we did!  This little tiny town of Puerto Viejo is like being on repeat with a Bob Marley CD the whole time.  Very green, red and yellow with tons of Caribbean vibe.  We rented bikes for the two days we were there and cruised around, seeing monkeys, beaches and all sorts of creatures, it was a great experience.  Now on to another topic, there will more then likely be not much for outfit posts along the way .... why, you may ask???  Well, it is super super humid here amongst the rain and clouds and to see me in slicked back hair and a very shiny face might just scare ya a little too much.  So instead I will stick to sharing the beauty of Costa Rica with you, hope you enjoy!!

Ruby Slipper

Ruby Slipper 4

shoes - aldo (super old), tights - joe fresh, dress - bebe, blazer - local boutique (ragz dressware), earrings&bangles - world market

Ruby Slipper 3

Ruby Slipper 2

Ruby Slipper 1

I honestly can't even tell you how long I have had these shoes.  I do remember that I bought them for a work Christmas party and pretty sure some random "dude" tried a real cheesy line with something about a ruby slipper .... seriously?!?!  I mean they sure do stand out and I only wish they were a ruby slipper!!  On another note, the Hubby totally picked this dress out on his own ... big props to him because it fits like a glove.  You know when you try something o

Take Over Thursday From Costa Rica

Hey Everyone

It's Zack, Jessica's man.  First off if you have never been to Costa Rica you need to come here, it is amazing(we are here right now!)!  Today's featured artist is currently signed to Jack Johnson's record label called Brushfire Records and his name is G. Love.  I have been a fan of this guy since high school when my brother would drive me to school everyday and thump the song "My Baby Got Sauce" which is off the album I have the download link for below. 

G. Love

Ulitmate Comfort

Ultimate Comfort 1

shoes - gap, jeans - f21, tank - old navy, wrap sweater - ross (bcbg), necklace - local boutique (ragz dressware), sunnies - kenneth cole, bag - marshalls

Ultimate Comfort 4

Ultimate Comfort 2

Ultimate Comfort 3

Yes, we are in Costa Rica right now and this is defiantly not what I am wearing in Costa Rica!  This is something that I threw on to run some last minute errands last week while I was prepping for our trip.  There is really nothing more comfortable then this wrap sweater, it truly feels like PJ's!  It is warm and a great color that just pairs with everything.  Throw on some flats and I am ready to do it!