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shoes - le chateau (super old!), jeans - f21, tank - old navy, sequin blazer - f21 (thrifted), belt - not sure??, necklace - sophia&chloe, bracelets - little shop in my hometown

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Sequins + Sparkles | Everybody, Everywhere

For those of you who are new around here, Zack (the Hubby) usually does a takeover every Tuesday with some sort of group or artist that we both are loving.  Not today though, today is all about sparkle and sequins!!  If you haven't heard about Everybody Everywear blog ... well lets just say you need to get over there right away!! I can't tell you how many lovely little blogs I have stumbled upon just by linking up once a month where all bloggers do their take on whatever was voted as the thing that "Everybody Everywear" wear.  I somehow managed to get this all organized and set up before I left for Costa Rica .... how ... I have no idea but I am sure happy I did.  I thrifted this little blazer at my favorite local thrift store ... the Hubby thought it looked a little to pretend dress upish ... but I loved it and man am I glad I grabbed it up .... sure came in handy for this post!  Hope you all enjoy the Sparkles and Sequins link up!!


  1. You look extra gorgeous in these photos my dear! I think it's that pink top that makes your face pop. Those gold shoes are fabulous! Good find on the jacket :o)

    Hope you made it to CR safely!

  2. Haha, dont let that stop you from wearing it out, because it's awesome. I love anything sequined! what a great thrift find!

    Chic on the Cheap

  3. ooh, hot lady!! Love your outfit & you look SO amazing, the pop of pink is lovely and I adore that you belted it too! Hope your week is fab. xo

  4. adorable blazer! that's one sequin item i don't own...


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