La Fortuna, Costa Rica

La Fortuna 2

The view of the volcano in La Fortuna from our hotel balcony

La Fortuna 1

The city center of La Fortuna

La Fortuna 4

The river where we did a tour called Cano Negro

La Fortuna 3

We got super lucky while in La Fortuna .... they say that you really only get to see the volcano clearly about 71 days of the year and on our last day it was one of those days!!  It was super amazing to get to see since the first two days it was just covered in cloud, you really couldn't see a thing!  We also did a really great tour on the river that separates Costa Rica and Nicaragua, it is called Rio Frio.  We got to see white faced monkeys and howler monkeys as well as a ton of birds, some sloths and caimans (which are like alligators).  After the tour they feed us some traditional Costa Rica food, which of course is mainly rice and beans but it was super delicious.  We also managed to go see the most amazing waterfall in La Fortuna and then hit up the hot springs which were much needed!  Stay tuned for tomorrows post, the next stop on our trip was to Monteverde .... and I can tell you right now ... by far my most favorite spot so far!

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