So last weekend we made a trip down to Mexico for a friends birthday.  We stayed in a really great condo right on the beach that was located right in between Rosarito and Ensenada.  The condo was amazing, this photo below is a shot of our living room area with a fantastic view of the ocean and a fire place .... and thank goodness for the fire place it was a bit chilly while we were down there.

Mexico 7

Mexico 6

The view towards Ensenada from our patio

Mexico 4

All sorts of candy in wheelbarrows for sale everywhere!!

Mexico 5

View into the harbor of Ensenada

Mexico 3

Fresh fish tacos are a must while in Mexico

We stopped into a really awesome bar while in Ensenada and the boys who worked there told us about the Wine and Shells event that was going on right along the ocean on our way out of town and it just sounded to good to not stop by ... so we did.  This is the path to heaven (above photo) ... and I say heaven simply because wine and seafood .... for amazing prices, what more could a girl ask for!  Not to mention the great company of friends and the Hubby!!
Careful ... you may find this last picture a bit scarey ... and I am sorry if you do but this crab was just amazing!!

Mexico 1

So our trip was a lot of fun.  There has been so much bad press about Mexico not being safe and all sorts of kidnappings, and not that I don't believe it or anything but I did feel safe the whole time we were there.   We went into Rosarito our first night in town and that was a little special ... I mean, when you go to a place called Papas and Beers what do you expect .... right?!?!  We spent the next day in Ensenada and then the rest of our time in our next of the woods.  The only thing we didn't get to was  wine tasting in their wine country.  You can check this lovely ladies blog out to see one of the reasons why we decided to give Mexico a go.  She also has a great post about the wine country in Mexico.  I am sure we will be making another trip in the near future!


Hippie 2

 Shoes - Cathy Jean, Jeans - Old, can't remember, Shirt&Necklace - F21, Vest - Local Boutique (Ragz Dressware)

Hippie 1
Hippie 3
If I was in the t.v. series called That 70's Show, this is for sure something I would wear!  I mean ... I love that show and a little outfit with bell bottoms and a vest ... I think I would make it!  Hope you all have a great weekend!

Neon, Neon!

Neon Neon 4

Shoes - Madden Girl (Macy's), Maxi Dress - Old Navy, Cardi - Target (new), Belt & Necklace &Ring & Bangles - F21, Hat -Brixton

Neon Neon 2
Neon Neon 3
Neon Neon 1
This post title just makes me want to bust out and sing John Mayers song "Neon, Neon .... she's always busyin just like, Neon, Neon".  I like that song I guess.  Anyways, this is one of my many neon purchases that I scooped up on my trip to Target ... love you Target!!  And I think this is my last outfit from our trip to Mexico .... maybe I will show ya some of the stuff we did .... what do ya think?  Interested in seeing a bit of out trip?

Gloomy Mexico

Gloomy Mexico 4

Shoes - Lauren Conrad (Kohl's), Skirt - H&M, Shirt - American Eagle, Ring & Bracelet - F21, Purse - Lancaster (gift from my Mom)

Gloomy Mexico 2
Gloomy Mexico 1
Gloomy Mexico 3

So ever since I have been living in San Diego I have been wanting to head down to Rosarito area for a quick little Mexico vacay.  This weekend we got to do just that with some of our very best friends.  It was a really great time other than the fact the weather was pretty gloomy it was a amazing time.  I mean, check out the view from our patio ..... pretty amazing, we had the best condo to stay in!  I hope to go back again, and maybe even stay in the same place with hopefully some better weather!

Take Over Tuesdays

Hey Everybody.  It's Zack, Jessica's main man and today's artist I wanted you to know about is Kina Grannis and her debut album "Stairwells".  While attending USC she often wanted to get away to write and sing music and she always ended up in the stairwells which set for a great name for the CD. Entering her video "Message From Your Heart", into a You Tube contest caught some attention and within a few months it aired during the Superbowl and to its 97 million viewers.  After that she got a record deal and the rest is history in the making.
Kina GrannisKina Grannis3Kina Grannis 1Kina Grannis4Kina Grannis5


floresescent 4

Shoes - Marshalls (Franco Sarto), Jeans&Bacelets&Long Necklace - F21, Shirt - Target (new), Hat - Brixton

floresescent 1
floresescent 3
floresescent 2

So I went into the Target the other day and all I came out with was florescent clothing.  I bought the hot pink skirt I was wearing in this post and this shirt here.  I also walked away with a super cute cardi which you will see soon and a bikini that more then likely will not make a appearance on this little blog here. Our weekend in Mexico was a little chilly but we did get to experience a great shellfish and wine tasting and lots of good times with great friends!  Hope you all had a great weekend.

Cool Car

Cool Car 3

Shoes - Stolen from a friend (super old), Skirt - Target (new), Shirt - H&M, Belt - Calvin Klein

Cool Car 1
Cool Car 4
Cool Car 2

I am pretty sure that this car was meant for my outfit!  Just check out how great the color of the blanket that covers the seat are.  One of the many things that I love about California is that there are a ton of old vintage cars rolling around at any given day ... I some day want to own a car just like this!!  We are off to Rosarito for the weekend to celebrate a friends birthday .... hope you all have a great weekend!!


Elephant 1

Shoes - Cathy Jean, Skirt - H&M, Tank - Old Navy, Jacket - American Eagle, Necklaces - Gift & Target, Bracelets - Both Gifts

Elephant 2
Elephant 3
Elephant 4

So the neighbors house has the great fence that blocks the sun when I have no choice but to take photos right in the middle of the day.  This fence also has this awesome elephant handle made of wood.  I sure wish I was wearing some cool shirt with little elephants all over it or something like that but that is not the case my friends.  All I have to write about is the boring old fence that I just keep returning to .... of the things that make ya happy in life , right?!?


Winnings 4

 Shoes - Aldo (old), Skirt - Shabby Apple, Shirt - Target (Jason Wu), Sunnies - Crush, Earrings - A Gift

Winnings 3
Winnings 1
Winnings 2

About a month ago I got really lucky and was the winner of one of Cee's giveaways from Shabby Apple.  Originally it was a great dress that was the giveaway but they no longer had my size so in turn I got this awesome skirt.  I love the high waist and the bow in the front!  Thank you so much Cee from Coco and Vera for the awesome giveaway and to Shabby Apple as well!  How fun are giveaways right?!?!


Challenged 2

Booties - Steve Madden, Dress & Belt - Local Boutique (Ragz Dressware), Blazer & Necklace - F21, Earrings - Target

Challenged 3
Challenged 4
Challenged 1

I love this dress .... not only is it super comfortable but it has a great fun pattern.  The only problem is that I am having a really really hard time remixing it.  This is how I wore it last time .... I have only worn this once ... this here is my second attempt and this was even a struggle.  So tell me, how would you remix this little dress???  I am open to any kind of suggestion!

Stripes & Plaid

Stripes & Plaid 4

Shoes & Belt - Target, Jeans & Sweater & Shirt - F21, Earrings - F21 
Stripes & Plaid 2
Stripes & Plaid 3
Stripes & Plaid 1

I owe this outfit to a lovely lady named Veronika from Girl in Closet .... yes I am a copy cat and I am not afraid to admit it!  She looked so amazing in her post I just had to give it a try myself.  If you haven't yet checked out her blog please do, I promise you will be in love!


Stichfix 3

Shoes - Cathy Jean, Jeans - F21, Shirt - Hazel via StichFix, Bangles - Lulu's,  Earrings - StitchFix

Stichfix 2
Stichfix 4
Stichfix 1

So this one day I was over visiting one of my favorite blogs ... Shannon Hearts .... and I was right away running over to!!  So it is kinda like having your very own stylist.  You pay 20 dollars and fill out a survey of what kinda things you like and don't like and then boom .... they send you a lovely package with some clothes they think you may like and a piece of jewelery!  Unfortunately this shirt and earrings were the only things that kinda worked out for me but I am still going to be sending them back.  The earrings are super cute but they are kinda hard to put in and for 45 dollars I can buy a whole lot of earrings for that price at F21!!  ( I am a sucker for that place it seems!)  And as for the shirt, cute but not so flattering .... and it is 80 dollars.  So if you do actually purchase something that they send you the 20 dollars you pay in the beginning gets put towards that purchase, and if you don't then the 20 is gone.  I really really wanted to have something work out but it looks like not this time ....maybe I will give it another chance .... we will see.  What do you think of the earrings and shirt, would you spend the money on them?  Will you give Stichfix a try???