Cool Car

Cool Car 3

Shoes - Stolen from a friend (super old), Skirt - Target (new), Shirt - H&M, Belt - Calvin Klein

Cool Car 1
Cool Car 4
Cool Car 2

I am pretty sure that this car was meant for my outfit!  Just check out how great the color of the blanket that covers the seat are.  One of the many things that I love about California is that there are a ton of old vintage cars rolling around at any given day ... I some day want to own a car just like this!!  We are off to Rosarito for the weekend to celebrate a friends birthday .... hope you all have a great weekend!!


  1. i love your fuchsia skirt! have a fabulous weekend!

  2. the color of that skirt is phenomenal!!!!!!!! I think I might have to go get it!

  3. Cool car & cute outfit!

    Have fun in Rosarito! Love that place. We used to go down there for carne asada in the WORLD!

  4. I love the bright skirt with the lighter blouse..great combo!

    Natasha ~

  5. Loving the color of that skirt!!

  6. loving the bright skirt!! so cute : )

    xo SideSmile,

  7. I love that the skirt is from target :)

    check out my new blog!


  8. In San Diego, pretty much there is a classic car show every week night during the summer. Most start in June and go until September. Tuesdays is Chula Vista, Wednesdays is El Cajon, Thursday is La Mesa & Friday is Escondido (my favorite).

  9. Whoa, you look so pretty! I love the way you posed on your car with your fuchsia skirt! I like how the bright color strikes you right away with the white paint job emphasizing the color even more. Also, it helps that the vintage Ford looks absolutely beautiful. Looks like it came right out of the factory!


  10. Vintage car enthusiasts in California must’ve been really happy because they don’t need to go to other places just to see cool cars like this! It would be easy for them to spot one because there are many classic vehicles around the area. Anyhow, I just want to praise you because you really are gorgeous in these photos! :’)


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