Take Over Tuesdays!!!

Hey Everyone

Yup Yup, it's Zack, Jessica's husband and I am taking over her blog for another take over Tuesday where I get to showcase an artist or band and share it with all of you in the blogging world.  I came across  this next artist when I was listening to a new Pandora station and was hooked.  His name is Mayer Hawthorne and he delivers a classic Motown style sound mixed with 1960's California pop music.  Below is a link and instructions to download his album and I recommended on your next Sunday fun day you pop this album on and enjoy.

Instructions to download CD
1.) Click Download Link
2.)Click on the free download button
3.) Enter in the text in the box and download
mayer-hawthorne-and-the-county_-by-tommie-battle mayer-766039 mayer_hawthorne_and_the_ounty mayer_hawthorne_02_dusted_-_dmc_02281

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