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Shoes - Cathy Jean, Jeans - F21, Shirt - Hazel via StichFix, Bangles - Lulu's,  Earrings - StitchFix

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So this one day I was over visiting one of my favorite blogs ... Shannon Hearts .... and I was right away running over to!!  So it is kinda like having your very own stylist.  You pay 20 dollars and fill out a survey of what kinda things you like and don't like and then boom .... they send you a lovely package with some clothes they think you may like and a piece of jewelery!  Unfortunately this shirt and earrings were the only things that kinda worked out for me but I am still going to be sending them back.  The earrings are super cute but they are kinda hard to put in and for 45 dollars I can buy a whole lot of earrings for that price at F21!!  ( I am a sucker for that place it seems!)  And as for the shirt, cute but not so flattering .... and it is 80 dollars.  So if you do actually purchase something that they send you the 20 dollars you pay in the beginning gets put towards that purchase, and if you don't then the 20 is gone.  I really really wanted to have something work out but it looks like not this time ....maybe I will give it another chance .... we will see.  What do you think of the earrings and shirt, would you spend the money on them?  Will you give Stichfix a try???

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