Take Over Tuesdays

Hey Everybody.  It's Zack, Jessica's main man and today's artist I wanted you to know about is Kina Grannis and her debut album "Stairwells".  While attending USC she often wanted to get away to write and sing music and she always ended up in the stairwells which set for a great name for the CD. Entering her video "Message From Your Heart", into a You Tube contest caught some attention and within a few months it aired during the Superbowl and to its 97 million viewers.  After that she got a record deal and the rest is history in the making.
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  1. I love how creative her music video is. So entertaining to watch!

  2. i am obsessed with her too! isn't she the best, and the video for in your arms is still one of my favorites I never get sick of it!

  3. she is so beautiful and stylish!
    I love her dresses :)
    I'm following you, have a great day!

  4. Embarrassingly enough, I have never heard of her! She is cute. Beautiful voice.


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