L'Orange 3
boots - vince camuto, jeans - f21, cape/sweater - antropologie, purse - matt&nat, necklace - gift from my Dad, earrings - so old I can't believe I still have them!

L'Orange 4
L'Orange 1L'Orange 2 Here is the truth .... this is the first item ever that I have bought from Anthropologie!!!  Really, really ... right?!?!  I mean, I go in the store all the time and even thought in my mind I am thinking of buying a whole ton of things the truth is that I always (well until about a month ago) leave with nothing!  I am so happy with this little sweater or cape or maybe sweatcape (not sure what to call it) that I scored ... on sale at that.  I guess the truth of it all is that I would love to be a Anthropologie kinda gal, but if it ain't on sale it will not be coming home with me .... well, unless it is true love.  True love clothing happenings can make me buy almost anything!

Take Over Tuesday!!!!

Hello Hello
It's Zack, Jessica's husband and today I have a very talented group to check out.  The name of the band is Walk Off The Earth and with their amazing 63,000,000 views on their rendition of the song "Somebody that I used to know" which was originally created by the group Gotye.  A friend of mine showed me the video below and guarantee after you watch it you will be amazed. 

Cover by "Walk Off the Earth"

Monday Morning

Monday Morning 1
shoes - steve madden, tights - joe fresh, skirt&necklace - f21, sweater - marshalls, earrings - target
Monday Morning 3
Monday Morning 2
Monday Morning 4
It's Monday, and sometimes Monday is awesome .... so I hope you feel the same way and love your Monday!  Happy Monday to you all!

Palm Trees

Palm Trees 3
shoes - stolen from a friend (hehe), skirt & shirt & belt- f21, earrings - world market, sunnies - crush

Palm Trees 4
Palm Trees 2

Palm Trees 1 Nope, there are not palm trees on my shirt ... or my skirt for that matter ... they line my street!  If you are new around here you may not know that I am from Canada and palm trees around there are just unheard of.  When I step outside my house everyday I can't help but think how lucky I am .... gotta love Southern California.  

Good is Good

Good is Good 3
shoes - nine west, jeans&belt&ring - f21, shirt - local boutique (ragz dressware), purse - h&m

Good is Good 4
Good is Good1
Good is Good 2
This is it .... I am addicted to colored denim!!!  This is my third pair and I'm not gonna lie ... I don't think they will be my last!  Ahhh, is this a good thing or bad, I say nope!  How do you all feel about colored denim ... love it or hate it?  Oh, and do you like my doggy stalker in the last two pictures ... not just people weirdos anymore .... here come the dogs too!!  At least he can't ask what we are doing and offer weird advice!

The Little Things 5
                                         a new bowl for the living room table

The Little Things 1
                                        a cute new little owl necklace from my Mom

The Little Things 4
                                    one of my favorite candles from Anthropologie, love the smell

The Little Things 3
                              clearly I have a thing for owls ... drinking tea is just so much more fun out of this fantastic mug!

The Little Things 2
some new hair product that I have been trying out and really like it

Sorry everyone ... no outfit post today:(  Instead I thought I'd give you a little glimpse into some of the things that I am enjoying right now ... my never ending love for owls really seems to be showing lately .... I love those little guys!  Hope you all have a great day!

Take Over Tuesdays Are Back

That's right, it's Zack and Take Over Tuesdays is back and I have an upcoming artist that everyone is going to love; her name is ZZ Ward.  One of my friends put me on to this girl ... so I gave her album a listen and I have to tell you, it has been a while since I have heard a entire cd and pretty much liked every song. Sounding like Joss Stone mixed with Adele she fuses soul, R&B and hip-hop into one delicious listening experience and I hope you enjoy.

P.S. Anyone who lives in San Diego, she will be performing on March 21st at the Soda Bar and we are going!!

zz zzward_OVERDUE ZZ+Ward+Aloft+Hotels+Presents+Live+Vineyard+tyQj0SDXl9Vl

To Belt or Not

To Belt or Not 4
boots - steve madden, jeans - f21, shirt&long necklace - local boutique (ragz dressware), cardigan - target, short necklace - gift from my Mom, purse - hautelook (luciana verde), sunnies - crush

To Belt or Not 3
To Belt or Not 2
To Belt or Not 1
Ahh, the question that I always seem to ask myself ... to belt this outfit or not?!?!  I mean, I love belting things ... it kinda just pulls it together a little bit better, but there are just some days when I want ultimate comfort and the belt loses!  I wore this outfit on Saturday and the belt did not win.  I did start out with a belt but in the end ... sorry belt, it was a no go.

Up and Down

Up and Down 1
shoes - gap, jeans&bangles - f21, shirt - h&m, blazer - joe fresh (super old), necklace - target, clutch - american apparel

Up and Down 4
Up and Down 3
Up and Down 2
Not only is the weather up and down like crazy right now, but so am I about this blazer.  I got it probably 6 or so years ago and this is the first time I have worn it in a long time .... yikes!  I mean I do really like it and to be honest I kinda forgot about it a bit.  You see, the thing is .... it isn't really a fitted blazer and kinda flairs out at the bottom.  It may be kinda hard to tell in the photos cause I think I might have been holding it down ... opps!  I am in the process of going through my closet right now and getting rid of some things .... should this one go ... not sure.  Closet cleaning is one of the hardest things for me ... how about you?!?!


Bundled 2
boots - steve madden, jeans - guess, trench - f21, shirt - gap, purse - hautelook (luciana verde), scarf - h&m

Bundled 4
Bundled 1
Bundled 3 Yes, this is what I consider to be bundled up these days.  If you are new around here you might not know that I am from Canada ... Winnipeg to be exact .... and if you know "Winterpeg", you know it gets darn cold there!  Around here in San Diego we are so lucky and never see those low low temperatures; but yesterday was cold for this area.  I found it to be the perfect day to pull out my new boots (which I already love ... seems I have a thing for Steve Madden boots right now) and paired them with a classic trench and my favorite scarf.  Perfect for a chilly day!

The Day After

The Day After 3
shoes - steve madden, tights - joe fresh, skirt&belt&clutch - local boutique (ragz dressware), shirt - f21, sunnies - crush

The Day After 2
The Day After 4
The Day After 1 Ok, thank goodness that Valentine's Day is over .... and the reason that I say this is because I work at  a restaurant part time and let's just say .... it is the least fun day of the year!  On another note.... I can't stop wearing the little booties!!  I am in love!  Hope you all had a wonderful Valentines!

Pink Link

Pink Link 4
shoes - steve madden, jeans - jolt jeans (via nordstroms), shirt - jason wu for target, clutch - h&m, belt - f21, lipstick - nars heatwave

Pink Link 2
Pink Link 3
Pink Link 1
Happy "the day of love" ... or whatever works for you!  Usually you get to have my amazing Hubby around here on Tuesday, but I just can't help but be involved in the Everybody, Everywhere adventure!  So today I am taking over his takeover.  Hope you enjoy.  Oh, and I did get lucky enough to hunt down this Jason Wu top ... which I am sure you can only imagine how much I am in love with ..... ahhh, the love!

Pink + Red | Everybody, Everywear

Sun Shine

Sun Shine 3
shoes - payless, jeans&clutch&ring - f21, shirt - old navy, blazer - h&m

Sun Shine 2
Sun Shine 1
Sun Shine 4 Well, the sun has been shining like crazy.  My little brother has been here for almost a week and we have been having a great time, eating, site seeing, drinking and shopping!!  I am so happy he has wanted to shop ... cause you know it means that I get to too!!  I just love when my family comes to visit from Canada ... last month my Dad, this month my brother and then next month my Mom ... so awesome!! And yay for my new green button up .... I am in love with it!

Color Combos

Compliment 1
shoes - steve madden, jeans - f21, shirt - american eagle, clutch - h&m, bracelets - lulu's, scarf - via scarf swap (old navy)

Compliment 4
Compliment 3
Compliment 2
Great  color combos are something of a phenomenon .... I wish I could always get it right.  I think that grey and pink are one of my favorite color combos ... or maybe grey and purple ... or maybe just grey and anything??!?!  What are you favorite color combos??  Oh, I also like teal and chocolate brown ... oh, and recently pink and red .... though I am yet to give it a try .... maybe for Valentines .... we will see.