Blogger Meet Up #2!

Blogger meet up 2.3
The bag full of treats and discounts
Blogger meet up 2
The dessert spread
Blogger meet up 2.7
some of the raffle giveaways
Blogger meet up 2.4
More raffle giveaways ... everyone got something!!
Blogger meet up 2.6
Delicious snacks
Blogger meet up 2.2
A little Valentine's inspired candy bar
Blogger meet up 2.5
The restaurant that it was held at

I was lucky enough to get to go to my second Blogger Meet Up this Saturday at Roppongi restaurant in La Jolla.  These lovely ladies had outdone themselves again!  A really big thank you to Stephanie, Tammy, Olivia, Kelsey, Kai and Hollie.  Not only was the location perfect, but we had great weather and a great time.  Everyone walk away with a goody bag and they even managed to get enough raffle prizes donated that every single lovely lady got to go home with a little something special ... and there was about 60 of us!!! So much fun and I can't wait till the next one!!


  1. I want more of those little desserts in my tummy noooowwww! :]

  2. what a great meet-up. the spread looks amazing... yumm.

  3. Oh man, I didn't know y'all went to Roppongi! I'm in on the next meet-up for sure! :)

  4. Those are some great pictures! I loved that little lemon meringue pie.

  5. It was such a delight meeting you and chatting for a while. All the best to you, your husband, your business, your travels, and maybe "something else" in the future? :)

  6. SO glad you had fun and it was really nice to see you again!!!

  7. That all looks amazing! So glad you had a good time! Now I'm off to check out the other bloggers! :o)

  8. wish i could have met you at the meet-up! gorgeous photos and those desserts looked really good. hope to meet you next time :-)

  9. That looks amazing! You California gals sure know how to throw a blogger meet-up! Fun!

  10. Blogger meetups are the best! Some of my local bloggers have become close friends of mine, it's so amazing how easy it is to connect with people who go through what you do every day! Loving all these pics, the spread looks incredible.

    Alexandra xo

  11. Look awesome! Oh how I wish we had those around here :(

    On the bright side, you've made me seriously hungry with those photos. Which gives me a great excuse to take a mini break and go grab some food ;)



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