L'Orange 3
boots - vince camuto, jeans - f21, cape/sweater - antropologie, purse - matt&nat, necklace - gift from my Dad, earrings - so old I can't believe I still have them!

L'Orange 4
L'Orange 1L'Orange 2 Here is the truth .... this is the first item ever that I have bought from Anthropologie!!!  Really, really ... right?!?!  I mean, I go in the store all the time and even thought in my mind I am thinking of buying a whole ton of things the truth is that I always (well until about a month ago) leave with nothing!  I am so happy with this little sweater or cape or maybe sweatcape (not sure what to call it) that I scored ... on sale at that.  I guess the truth of it all is that I would love to be a Anthropologie kinda gal, but if it ain't on sale it will not be coming home with me .... well, unless it is true love.  True love clothing happenings can make me buy almost anything!


  1. so exciting, your first Anthropolgie buy! I just love that store, I can spend hours in there. The bright sweater is perfect, love it with the big necklace!
    xo Cara

  2. That cape is so cute! I have to agree with you, I find Anthropologie to be overpriced. So while they have some great pieces, it's usually not worth the money (unless you get a good sale!).

    The Tiny Heart

  3. Orange is one of my fave colours! You wear it well. Anthropologie is such a great shop for some fun finds.

    Jen xo

  4. I am the same way! I love Anthro but they are just SO expensive. I don't even look around anymore, I just head straight to the Sale section every time.

  5. OH the orange looks so pretty on you. I love Anthro but it's so gosh darn expensive. I'm waiting on the discount code they send out when it's you bday month lol.


  6. I love Anthropoligie and that sweater is great! I'm also pretty obsessed with the boots and nailpolish!


  7. Yay for making your first Anthro purchase, it looks great on you! I would shop there so much more if it weren't for the crazy outrageous prices...a sale price is usually a must there!

  8. oh how I love that color. and can I just say you look sooooo comfortable. I live and love stylish comfort!!!

  9. That color looks amazing on you and I cannot believe you have never shopped at Anthro!!!



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