Happy 4

Shoes - Madewell
Denim - Target
Shirt - Nordstrom Rack
Necklace - Boutique in San Diego
Sunnies - Crush
Happy 2
Happy 3
Happy 1

Not only is the long weekend ahead of us but we get to have a little working vacay up in Santa Barbara!!  We have never been there so is any of you have any suggestions of things that are a must do I would love to hear about it!!  Hope you all have a great long weekend and stay happy!!

Week Off .... What?!?!?

week off ... what?!

Shoes - ShoeMint
Skirt - F21
Tank - Old Navy
Vest - Old Navy
Bag - Michael Kors
Sunnies - Rayban
Heart Necklace - World Market
week off .. what?
week off .... what?!?
week off ... what?!?!

Alright, yes ... I know I just returned back to blogging and now I take a unanounced week off ... opps!! I have not a single excuse except for maybe the fact that we are just enjoying life ... and why not right?!?!?  Hope the last little bit of your summer is going well.  Oh, and this is just a little something I wore around to try and score some end of summer deals!!

Excuse the hair

excuse the hair 2

Booties - Steve Madden
Dress - Ross (similar)
Long Necklace - F21
Short Heart Necklace - World Market
Clutch - H&M
Sunnies - Crush

excuse the hair 1
excuse the hair 3
excuxe the hair 4

Sometimes I just don't feel like doing my hair ... and here is what it looks like.  We decided on a last minute date night the other night and I just wanted to wear my new dress ... but had no interest in my hair, and this is what came of it!  I don't even think it was dry yet when we took these photos.  A little salt spray and I was on my way ... at least the great dress makes up for the hair!

Keeping it casual

keeping it casual 2

Shoes - Seychelles via Ross
Denim - Levi's
Shirt - Gap
Scarf - bought in Paris
Bag - Michael Kors
keeping it casual 3
keeping it casual 4
keeping it casual 1

Our weekends are typically pretty jammed packed .... that is when we really work.  My husband and I have a event company so anything from weddings to bar mitzvahs, or any sort of party really and we are in!!  So finding something cute and comfortable is really important for me.  A bright shirt with some comfy jeans and even more important ... super comfy shoes ( which these ones are!!) make for a good day!!

Lace Shorts

lace shorts 4

Shoes - Zara
Shorts - F21
Shirt - F21
Vest - Old Navy
Bag - Michael Kors
Earrings - from Thailand
Sunnies - belong to the hubby
Necklace - World Market
lace shorts 3
lace shorts 1
lace shorts 2

Wow, its Friday and I have blogger 3 whole times!!!  Things are crazy over here, watch out!!  How often do you blog?? Do you enjoy doing it however many days you do?  How many days do you think is the right amount of blogging??  I used to do it 5 days a week without missing a day and found that was a bit much .... where is the happy medium right??!?!

My Main Squeeze


Shoes - Blowfish (last year)
White Denim - Gap
Peplum Shirt - Target
Necklace - F21
Bag - Michael Kors
Earrings - Sophia & Chloe
Sunnies - Crush 

My main squeeze 1

Yes, it is true ... I am having a serious love affair with this peplum top!!  I find myself grabbing every single peplum top in a store to try on no matter what.  Let's just say that I jumped on the peplum bandwagon BIG TIME!!!  This one fits like a glove .... seriously .... love I tell ya!!  How do you feel about peplum, do you love it or hate it?!?!?  I seriously have never found one I don't love!

Just A Little Romper

Just a little romper 3

Boots - Ebay, Romper - F21, Jacket - American Eagle (similar), Bag - Michael Kors via Marshalls, Sunnies - Crush, Necklace - Sophia & Chloe,
Long Necklace - World Market

Just a little romper 4
Just a little romper 2
Just a little romper 1

I have a serious love hate relationship with rompers!!! I am always on the lookout for a great one and I truly do enjoy them a ton ..... BUT .... when it comes to using the ladies room these things are a bitch!! I mean, you pretty much have to get completely undressed .... and lets not even get into it if you really have to go!!!  Anyways, I have learned that rompers are a condition thing .... really depends where I am going and what I will be doing!  Rompers, I love you but could you be a little easier to take off?!?!?!?