Lace Shorts

lace shorts 4

Shoes - Zara
Shorts - F21
Shirt - F21
Vest - Old Navy
Bag - Michael Kors
Earrings - from Thailand
Sunnies - belong to the hubby
Necklace - World Market
lace shorts 3
lace shorts 1
lace shorts 2

Wow, its Friday and I have blogger 3 whole times!!!  Things are crazy over here, watch out!!  How often do you blog?? Do you enjoy doing it however many days you do?  How many days do you think is the right amount of blogging??  I used to do it 5 days a week without missing a day and found that was a bit much .... where is the happy medium right??!?!


I love reading all your comments, so please feel free to tell me what ya think!