New Do

New do 1
Boots - DSW (Report)
Boyfriend Denim - Old Navy
Sweater - H&M
Necklace - World Market
Sunnies - Rayban
Bag - Michael Kors

New do 4
New do 2
New do 3

 YES!! It has finally happened, and I have no idea why it took so long ... I cut my hair!!  What do you think??  I am loving it ... I might even want to make the "lob" a bit more dramatic ... what do you think.  Ah, the joys of being a girl ... the things we can do with our hair!!

Shades Of Green

Shades of green 2

Shoes - Madewell
Dress - Old Navy
Sunnies - Crush
Clutch - American Apparel

Shades of green 3Shades of green 4
Shades of green 1

What a spot to take these photos ... right?!?! Green, green and more green ... and well a little blue too.  I am not sure if I have worn this little dress here on the blog before but I must say I do love it.  Very comfy ... I wore it to a friends baby shower over the weekend which was a blast!! I can't say I have been to very many baby showers but this one was a good one!!

This Dress

This Dress 2

Sandals - Shoe Mint
Dress - Gap
Necklace - World Market
Bag - Michael Kors
Sunnies - Crush

This Dress 4
This Dress 3 This Dress 1

 The weather around here has still been pretty darn hot!!  Gotta love living in Southern California! So with that being said, I have been wearing nothing but light little dresses and trying to stay cool ... nothing worth blogging about.  Other then that, I got a root canal redone yesterday ( so fun) and it seems to be doing well ... so maybe next week will be full with a bunch of outfit posts ... we'll see.  Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!

Figured It Out


Sandels - Dolce Vita
Dress - American Eagle
Vest - Old Navy
Necklace - World Market
Sunnies - Crush
Clutch - Marshall's

Figured it out 1
Figured it out 2

Thanks to everyone who gave me some great advice on my last post ... getting older kinda sucks sometimes!! Other than that this is what I figured out ... how to wear this necklace!!! I purchased it a while back and have been trying to style it with so many of my outfits but it just never felt right.  Until now, I really like how this outfit worked with it ... what do you think?? How else would you style this necklace?

What Is Happening????

What is happening? 2

Sandals - Shoemint
Dress - Target
Belt - Target
Sunnies - Crush
Bracelets - Sophia&Chloe and Francesca's

What is happening? 1
What is going on? 3
What is happening? 4

I am not sure what the heck is happening to my legs these days, but there is definitely  some change happening .... and in "change" I mean VEINS!!!  Things are starting to pop out where they just shouldn't.  I am 32 years old ( I almost just forgot my age) and haven't seen this yet but it is for sure a problem!!  What the heck do I do?!?!?  Have any of you ever had a problem with big scarey veins in your legs ... if so what did you do?? I want to hear all about it!!

Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara 2
Sandles - Shoemint
Jean Shorts - Old Denim from Old Navy
Shirt - Francesca's
Purse - H&M
Sunnies - Ray Ban
Necklace - Boutique in Del Mar
Santa Barbara 4
Santa Barbara 1
Santa Barbara 3

Our little mini working vacay to Santa Barbara was an amazing time!!  Not only was our little cottage that we rented super cute and in a relatively good location we had a blast riding our beach cruisers around and wine tasting.  The Urban Wine Trail was one of the best things I have ever done ... some of the wineries that have larger tasting rooms and vineyards up in the hills have decided to also have one in the more industrial area known as the "Funk Zone" just off State street.  It was super hot out but we loved every minute of being in Santa Barbara!