What Is Happening????

What is happening? 2

Sandals - Shoemint
Dress - Target
Belt - Target
Sunnies - Crush
Bracelets - Sophia&Chloe and Francesca's

What is happening? 1
What is going on? 3
What is happening? 4

I am not sure what the heck is happening to my legs these days, but there is definitely  some change happening .... and in "change" I mean VEINS!!!  Things are starting to pop out where they just shouldn't.  I am 32 years old ( I almost just forgot my age) and haven't seen this yet but it is for sure a problem!!  What the heck do I do?!?!?  Have any of you ever had a problem with big scarey veins in your legs ... if so what did you do?? I want to hear all about it!!


  1. Oooh the joys of getting older, right? ;-) Sounds like varicose veins to me..do they hurt? I'm not sure if there's anything you can do - I think elevating your legs or compression socks can help but I'm not sure what else. I do know that sitting with your legs crossed can cause them so try not to do that. Sorry I can't offer more help other than sympathy from a fellow 32 year old! :-)

    Your dress is gorgeous & you look great!

  2. I have varicose veins as well :( i wear compression stockings under pants which helps a ton! If you stand a lot for your job or are constantly on your feet the blood pools in your legs in the day which makes them worse. You can get the veins stripped or injected but it's just cosmetic, expensive and temporary as other veins will take on the pressure of all the blood and it will be a recurring issue. wearing compression stockings lessens their appearance!
    love your blog!

  3. I spend all day on my feet so my feet are awful looking and my legs have some veins.

    I haven't attempted to do anything about them but I probably should!


  4. I loove that dress! The small ombre effect is so great too! :)

    -Amanda Marie

  5. Well I cannot see ANY veins but I am 22 and have had them for like 5 years. You are not alone in your vein issue! I don't know why we had to get them so early on in life but my guess is genetics for me!


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