This Dress

This Dress 2

Sandals - Shoe Mint
Dress - Gap
Necklace - World Market
Bag - Michael Kors
Sunnies - Crush

This Dress 4
This Dress 3 This Dress 1

 The weather around here has still been pretty darn hot!!  Gotta love living in Southern California! So with that being said, I have been wearing nothing but light little dresses and trying to stay cool ... nothing worth blogging about.  Other then that, I got a root canal redone yesterday ( so fun) and it seems to be doing well ... so maybe next week will be full with a bunch of outfit posts ... we'll see.  Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!


  1. I love this dress. It's perfect for the hot weather and the bright blue with the red is really cheery!

    Sorry about the root canal; those are never fun!

  2. The dress is so pretty. I love that necklace with it.

  3. oh my gosh before i even opened your post i said in my head "that dress!" i love it, its stunning! stay cool, its been in the 50's in the mitten, I wouldn't mind the heat ;)


  4. What a pretty dress! I love that it's the kind of dress that is perfect for a hot day.


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