What To Do

shoes - gap, pants - gap, shirt & belt - f21, earrings - nordstrom rack, ring & bracelet - f21

I am not quite sure how to wear this shirt yet.  I bought this in my little shopping spree that I went on last weekend.  At first I was a little worrisome, it was 28 dollars at F21, which seemed like a lot (this is F21 people, cheap is what it is all about) then while at the checkout the wonderful sales associate let me know it was on clearance!  Woohoo, I was all for it, it was only 11 dollars ...  and who can say no to that!  Now I just need to figure out how to style this little gem!  Any ideas anyone???

Sparkle Surprise

So I got home from work yesterday to find a package at my door.  I couldn't remember what I had ordered and then to my surprise when I opened it up it was my Martha Stewart Glitter  (25$) !!  Oh my, they are amazing!  I have to say, it was not my idea for this awesome nail project but I fell in love with it ( you can find it here, on Cupcakes and Cashmere).  This lovely lady is genius, and I've used her ideas more then once!  One of the things that I just love about blogs is the amazing ideas that some of these ladies come up with.  So without waiting, I got right on doing my nails like this.  I had already painted them earlier in the day so it only took 2 seconds, literally!!  I can't wait to use everyone of the glitters, there is 24!!  I also can't wait to find other uses for them, like over eye shadow or as a highlighter over my body.


boots - ebay, dress - ragz dressware, belt - nine west, necklace 1 - f21, necklace 2 - alliecat jewelry, ring - aldo

There is this amazing house just a little way down the block that has some of the most amazing flowers everywhere so I decided to be all awkward and snap some pictures right in front of their yard.  All would have been great if only they didn't have a dog who definitely did not enjoy us hanging around his yard.  It was one of the most odd moments of my day; good thing we are getting better at taking these outfit pictures really really quickly.   Some flowers on my dress and some in the background, what more can you ask for?!?

County Fair Time

shoes - converse, shorts - target, tank - old navy, shirt - f21, necklace - ragz dressware

Yuppers, we went to the county fair this weekend!!  It was a mad house; tons of cars, people, strollers, lines, food, smells, everything you can imagine!!  I have to say, I enjoyed it beyond belief.  I also seemed to somehow have went on a little bit of a shopping spree, opps.  I only hit Target and Forever 21, but  let me tell you, I sure found some great stuff.  You can be sure to be seeing some very new things on the blog all week.  This shirt is one of the new finds, and Zack told me that I would fit right in with the whole County Fair thing if I wore it, so of course I did.  When I put the outfit on and asked him to take pictures he said " Ye Ha".  Do you think it's because he thought I looked all cowboy-ed up?  Well maybe, but it worked great as an outfit for a super hot and crazy day.  Not only that but the Hubby won me tons of stuffed animals ( don't worry, I didn't take them home with me, we gave them to little kids).  It was a great time.

3 Things

shoes - kathy jean, dress & belt - ragz dressware, ring - f21, bangles - lulu's, necklace - (gift ) macy's, earrings - target

#1 Let me just tell you this, I am not a big fan of having my hair up!  I am not exactly sure what it is, maybe my ears, maybe my forehead, maybe nothing at all but I just don't love it.  I saw this fantastic blog post by one of my favs right here and I couldn't resist trying out her little tutorial on how to do the braided bun.  Results .... looks super cute on her, not so much on me, but I rocked it anyway!

#2 It is still gloomy around here so thank goodness I had another bright dress hangin out in my closet!!

#3 This is a new little necklace that I got aa a gift when I was in Minneapolis.  It is really hard to see but on one side there is 2 eggs in a nest and on the other side it is to birds.  I just love this gift that I got from Kathy, such a sweet and thoughtful women she is, I just love her!

Have great weekend everyone!

June Gloom

shoes - cathy jean, dress & belt - ragz dressware, necklace & bangles & earrings - f21

For those of you who live in Southern California you will know exactly what I am talking about when I say "June Gloom", and I am sure it makes you cringe!   Yes, it's true, it is that time of the year around here when there is always a marine layer lingering.  Don't get me wrong, it is still fairly warm out, its just that we don't get to see the sun very much!  If you go inland it is a whole different world, but here by the beach, not so great.  I will continue to dress in bright colors, such as this dress, to make up for our lack of sun.  Ha, take that sun, I am trying to take your place!  Well not really but you know what I mean.

The Perfect Blazer

shoes - payless, jeans - f21, shirt - target, blazer - ragz dressware, clutch - f21, necklace - francesca's

So, it feels like I have been looking for the perfect boyfriend blazer forever!!  I found this one at my favorite store ( I'm sure you can tell I love this store simply because most of clothes seem to come for there!) Ragz Dressware.  It is a great little boutique style store here in Carlsbad.  They don't have any other stores other then the Carlsbad locations, and it is sad because they have a great thing going on there.  They have a website, however, you can not order from it.   I only hope to find myself some more great blazers such as this one in different colors; right now I am really craving a blush colored on!

Wedding Weekend

shoes - macy's (madden girl), dress - nordstroms, belt - ragz dressware, necklace and bracelet - alleycat jewellery

We were lucky enough to be involved with a wedding of Gabe and Bri this weekend and this little number here was my choice outfit.  This is actually the very first time I got to wear this dress and I just love how comfortable it is.  The wedding was held outdoors at one of the most beautiful locations I have ever seen ( you get a bit of the idea of it if you look beyond in the pictures).  What a fantastic time!!  Thank you so much to the newly married couple and congratulations!

I'm Back!

shoes - macy's (madden girl), dress and belt - ragz dressware, sunglasses - from Thailand, earrings - sophia and chloe

We are finally back from our wonderful vacation in Minneapolis!  All of the hubby's family and friends live there and let me tell you, if it were not for the nasty winters they get we would be moving there tomorrow!  I just love it in Minneapolis.  Don't get me wrong, living in San Diego is fantastic but just the simple feeling I get when being in Minneapolis,  there is nothing that can beat it!  The weather while we were there was all over the place, it went from 35 degrees Celsius to 15.  It was very hard to dress due to the fact that I somehow had convinced myself that it was going to be super hot the whole time, well let me put it to you this way, I had a challenge.  This little owl dress was a great dress for one of the only super hot days we had.

Totally Absent

Yes, I realize I have been non existent the last week and a half.  I am so sorry, but my vacation to Minneapolis has been filled with so much fun I can't seem to balance both.  The good news is that we will be home on Thursday and back to blogging I go, and I can't wait!

Take Over Tuesday!!!

Hey Everyone
It's Zack, Jessica's Husband and todays artist I want everyone to know about is James Morrison.  While Jess and I were watching an episode of So You Think You Can Dance, the song "You Make Me Feel" came on and touched a soft spot in my brain.  After listening to more of his music I am happy to say I am a fan!

Country girl

 boots - ariat, jeans - guess, shirt - gap, vest & necklace - ragz dressqware, bag - trifted ( betsy johnson), sunglasses - kenneth cole

Yes, it is true, I love anything country!!  I love country music, cowboys boots, old western movies, farms, rodeo's , horses ... pretty much anything country!  As you can see my outfits tend to sometimes have a real western feel to them as well.  As for blogging while on vacation, well I have come to realize that it is pretty tricky.   To find the time to remeamber to just simply take pictures of my outfits seems to prove difficult.  Not that I am complaining, the hubby and I are having the greatest time so far on our Minneapolis vacation.  It is just hard to make time for my blog, but let me tell you, I sure am trying!

Gone fishing

Literally!! We are in Brule, Wisconsin where Zack's brother has a cabin. We flew all day yesterday and then drove to the cabin, and I am so happy we did! Just the simplicity of the smell out here is amazing, and the lush green color ....  UNBELIEVABLE!  This is Zack and his brother Ben, it was his first time fly fishing.  The experience as a by stander was breath taking and I am sure it was the same for him as well.

Off we go

                                                                                           shoes - target, skirt - f21, shirt & belt - ragz dressware, necklace - francesca's

On Sunday we leave for Zack's hometown, Minneapolis!  I can't wait, it is going to be 10 days filled with family, friends, a wedding, a baseball game, and tons of food, drinks and fun!  I love going to Minneapolis, I find it to be super beautiful and filled with tons of things to do.   I am not sure if it is just the fact that it is somewhere new for me ( this will be my 3rd time there) or if I truly love it.   I'm pretty sure I truly love it,  I always have such a great time there!  With all this being said, blogging might be a little challenging for me in these next week or so.  I am new to blogging and I was pretty proud of myself last week when the hubbies family was here in San Diego and I managed to stick to a full week of blog posts!  What you have to understand about me is that I get overwhelmed very quickly so I am amazed that I managed to keep it up.  So I promise ( for the few followers that I have, and I appreciate you!) that I will do my very best to keep up with some exciting posts!

A week ago today ...

 Paige and Josh (the newlyweds!)

 Liz, Zack (me amazing hubby!) , Ben and Josh (The Gitlers)

 beautiful flowers and of course no Mexican party is complete without lime and salt

The spread!

So last Thursday we had the delight of having a little pre-party for Zack's brother and his fiance out in our patio area (outfit I wore here).  I was so much fun.  We had great Mexican food from a local place here in Carlsbad, and Paige and Josh (new brother and sister in law) did a amazing job of decorating.  I just wanted to share a little bit of that experience with everyone.  I was such a wonderful time.  Congratulations to Josh and Paige!  To many wonderful, loving years ahead!