Reasons why I blog

These lovely ladies are some of the main reasons why I started blogging!  It is Cara, on the far left that really was my reason for starting and today her blog post only lead me to more fantastic bloggers!  Next to her is  Veronika from Girl and Closet, Alicia from Alicia Fashionista, Alexandra from To Vogue Or Bust, Cee from Coco and Vera, Mina from Faboulista and Louise from Fifth Sparrow.  All of the wonderful ladies are Vancouver based bloggers, which is my home province of British Columbia.  I love reading other blogs and finding out who they like, it only opens up so many more doors to other great fashionista's.  So please, if you have some time in your day check these awesome ladies out!


  1. Yay for blogger meet-ups! If you are ever visiting back home you'll have to stop in Van for a visit ;)
    xo Cara

  2. Hello Jessica, thank you so much for stopping by my blog and for this lovely intro, much appreciated!! And you are adorable, loving your fabulous looks. I can't wait to read along; you can definitley consider me a new follower. xx veronika

  3. This is so sweet Jessica!!! Love your latest look, you are a beautiful stylish lady too...glad you started blogging xo


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