A week ago today ...

 Paige and Josh (the newlyweds!)

 Liz, Zack (me amazing hubby!) , Ben and Josh (The Gitlers)

 beautiful flowers and of course no Mexican party is complete without lime and salt

The spread!

So last Thursday we had the delight of having a little pre-party for Zack's brother and his fiance out in our patio area (outfit I wore here).  I was so much fun.  We had great Mexican food from a local place here in Carlsbad, and Paige and Josh (new brother and sister in law) did a amazing job of decorating.  I just wanted to share a little bit of that experience with everyone.  I was such a wonderful time.  Congratulations to Josh and Paige!  To many wonderful, loving years ahead!

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  1. That patio is so amazing for parties - and many, many have been had there!


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