Elephant 1

Shoes - Cathy Jean, Skirt - H&M, Tank - Old Navy, Jacket - American Eagle, Necklaces - Gift & Target, Bracelets - Both Gifts

Elephant 2
Elephant 3
Elephant 4

So the neighbors house has the great fence that blocks the sun when I have no choice but to take photos right in the middle of the day.  This fence also has this awesome elephant handle made of wood.  I sure wish I was wearing some cool shirt with little elephants all over it or something like that but that is not the case my friends.  All I have to write about is the boring old fence that I just keep returning to .... of the things that make ya happy in life , right?!?


  1. That's right! Stay happy! :) I Love this outfit! The polka dots are super cute and I LOVE the pink top and little touch of turquoise on your necklace! Perfect colors together! :)

  2. i have and love that skirt. its so cute. the elephant handle is pretty rad.

  3. What a cute skirt! I love the polka dots. And the navy paired with pink looks great! I also love that cute cropped denim jacket. You look adorable, as always.

  4. You always looks so cute! I love the polka dots with the pink!

  5. I often take photos near my fence! If only it had an elephant to keep me company!! Love the dots and denim, so cute and carefree! xx Natalie

  6. Pretty!:)


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