Puerto Viejo Beaches, Costa Rica

Puerto Viejo Beaches 1

The beach right in front our hotel with fresh coffee out every morning

Puerto Viejo Beaches 3

This is Playa Negra, the next beach on the way from our hotel to the town of Puerto Viejo

Puerto Viejo Beaches 5

This is the next beach we stopped at called Playa Cocles ... super beautiful!

Puerto Viejo Beaches 4

This is the last beach we visited called Punta Uva, also super amazing

Puerto Viejo Beaches 2

And just for fun, this is our little room in the back of our actual hotel suite, we had our own two person jet tub and a hammock.  It was super super humid in there so we only used it once which is a shame but it still was super awesome.  So far Costa Rica has been rainy :((  But we are in the rainy season on the Caribbean side, so what more could we expect.  We had a hard time deciding if we wanted to even visit the Caribbean side, but let me tell you .... I am sure glad we did!  This little tiny town of Puerto Viejo is like being on repeat with a Bob Marley CD the whole time.  Very green, red and yellow with tons of Caribbean vibe.  We rented bikes for the two days we were there and cruised around, seeing monkeys, beaches and all sorts of creatures, it was a great experience.  Now on to another topic, there will more then likely be not much for outfit posts along the way .... why, you may ask???  Well, it is super super humid here amongst the rain and clouds and to see me in slicked back hair and a very shiny face might just scare ya a little too much.  So instead I will stick to sharing the beauty of Costa Rica with you, hope you enjoy!!


  1. stunning pictures!! wish is were there!!

  2. Beautiful! Looks amazing. C'mon, I'm sure you could sneak in a pic or two of you guys enjoying your time ;o)

    Have fun!!

  3. It does look super beautiful! Glad you are enjoying your trip!

    Chic on the Cheap

  4. Haha :) I hate the humid too, my hair puffs up like a mad cat.
    But I did enjoy your pictures. I hope you had the bestest time. Was it just a vacation? honeymooon?

  5. Thanks so much for choosing our hotel. I hope despite the weather you still had a good time. We hope we can accommodate you again. Cheers, Colin.

  6. Puerto Viejo rocks !

  7. what was the name of the hotel? we are going in 30 days and would love to check it out, thanks so much

  8. Banana Azul was the hotel we stayed at in Puerto Veijo, amazing little set up!! But be careful cause it is rainy season there right now, hot, but it rained most of the time and very humid!

  9. Everybody welcome to Puerto Viejo Style. Delicious Food, Reggae Music, Bike Rides and if you are a surfer, Salsa Brava is waiting you. Get this wave if you can .


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