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boots - vince camuto, jeans&belt - h&m, tank - old navy, jacket - gap, clutch - american apparel, earrings - f21

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Yuppers, this will be my last blog post in the USA!  From here on in we will be in Costa Rica for a month.  Don't worry, I have some things planned out and won't leave you hanging (just in case you might miss me ... hehe) .... well hopefully.  It is a little tricky when traveling to make sure this kind of thing goes smoothly, but I think I have it under control.  There may not be a whole lot of outfit posts, but I am really hoping to get to show you life and culture and food culture in Costa Rica.  I guess we will all just have to wait and see.  Hope you all have a great weekend ... ours is super busy but it will all be worth it!


  1. Love that bright pink top!

    Have a safe and fun flight, looking forward to seeing some of your adventures!

    xo Cara

  2. I love your outfit, your boots are beautiful! xo

  3. have a fabulous time, and a wonderful holiday! we will miss you!

  4. Have a FABULOUS trip! Can't wait to see what you have in store! And if it doesn't work out, see you when you get back! Don't worry about us...we'll survive without you (somehow!).

    Safe travels!!

  5. ooo!!! i'm so curious what you are doing there?! maybe i should read more.

    have the most amazing time!


  6. Fun! Costa Rica looks so beautiful, I hope you enjoy it! PS I love that clutch. Absolutely love it!

  7. LOVE LOVE LOVE those boots... so perfect for that whole outfit.

  8. I hope you have ah AH-MAZING trip, a safe flight and collect some awesome memories :)


  9. Such a pretty, bright top! And love that clutch :) Have so much fun in Costa Rica!

    The Other Side of Gray


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