3 Months Today

3 Months Today 3

boots - tony lama via ebay
jeans&sweater - f21
necklace - ragz dressware
belt - fossil
bag - gift from my Mom
sunnies - kenneth cole

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3 Months Today 2

3 Months Today

Yuppers, 3 months from today we will be on a plane on our way to Costa Rica for a month!  I can't tell you how excited I am and yet I find myself worrying already .... like what am I going to do with my blog while I am gone???  I have grown really attached to it and I am not sure what my posting situation will be like when I am there and I really want to keep it up.  Maybe some of you wonderful and lovely readers would like to guest blog for me while I am gone to help out????  Maybe??  I am also under the wonderful pressure ( put on myself solely by me) to "try", and I say try lightly because there is a very good chance it might not even happen .... to lose some weight.  Now let me tell you something, I am not a crazy person when it comes to my weight, right about now I sit somewhere between 142 and 145 pounds, which is were I normally am if I eat what I want and make sure I work out 4 or 5 times a week.  Here is why I would like to lose a few pounds before we go ; when we went to Italy for a month I gained almost 10 pounds!!! Crazy right?!?  I did not stop myself from eating anything at all, if I wanted it I had it ... I mean who knows the next time I will get to be in Italy to eat all that wonderful food and not to mention the gelato which I had more then twice a day sometimes!  So it would be nice to be down a few pounds a head of time just cause, right?!?!  Anyways, enough ranting about that, our weekend was great ... had two events on Saturday which made for a crazy yet very entertaining day.  And this outfit is what I chose to wear while running around and setting up, you can just never go wrong with cowboy boots in my mind.


  1. for one, you look great! for two I totally understand, because I gained 10 pounds when I studied in Spain, why does that happen?! would love to guest blog if you need help :)

  2. I think that's actually a really smart idea to drop a couple pounds before you go then you can really eat everything in sight guilt-free!

    I would just step up your workouts a little bit, maybe even add one more & go 5-6 times a week. Or, maybe just diet a little bit. Nothing drastic but just watch your portions a bit more over the next couple months.

    You could get one of those apps for your phone that keeps track of your calories (intake vs. burned) & use that to make sure you're not eating more than you're burning.

    I'm also happy to write a guest post for you too if you'd like. I know I don't do many outfit posts but I'm sure I could get one together if that's what you prefer. I saw another blogger (Busy Bee Lauren) do a series of guest posts where they took an outfit of hers & redid it in their own style. It turned out pretty cute. I dunno...keep up posted!

  3. How exciting!! A month in Costa Rica!! I hear you on the weight thing, I think everyone gains a few pounds on vacation - but you definitely have a healthy outlook and realize that vacation is meant for enjoying yourself! I think you look great, and if you do gain weight on the trip you will drop it quick once you get home and back to your normal eating/exercise routine.

    Oh, and you know I'm always here to help if you need a guest blogger while you're away :)

    Cute outfit by the way! I wish it was cool enough to wear skinnies & boots :( Love the bag!

  4. Sooo exciting! I've never been to Costa Rica, but have heard it's beautiful. Love the stripes and cowboy boots, especially with that yellow bag :)

  5. so fun! you shouldn't worry at all about losing weight before you go! you look amazing and still would be teeny if you gained another ten pounds. just walk and bike everywhere you go in costa rica, and it will all even out!!

  6. The food on cr is not anywhere as good as in Italy... I think u might be safe and not gain anything while on vacation there.

  7. I almost ended up going to Costa Rica. My brother wanted to go and my parents felt better with me going with him. But we decided it was too expensive and not on our list of Must-Sees.

    But I'm jealous of your trip!

    I'd be happy to guest post :)

  8. So fun you're going to Costa Rica! I'll guest post for you if you want :) You can just try and be ambitious before you go and write up several extras and schedule them to post while you're there so you don't have to worry about it. We'll still follow u either way :)

  9. Love the boots and bag, that shot of you from the back is my favorite, so cool!
    I am so excited for you to go to Costa Rica for an entire month!! Amazing!
    xo Cara

  10. Love love this outfit!Totally up my alley, love striped tops, and gorgeous boots!

  11. LOVE the outfit!
    I'm with everyone else...just walk a bunch while you're in Costa Rica and you'll be fine. I traveled for 11 months and weighed the most I ever weighed in my life because I had the same mentality...I ate whatever I wanted because who knows when I'd be back! :)
    Katie and I would love to guest blog if you needed it!

  12. WHAAT!!?? Costa Rica?!!! Lucky you!!! Just a little jealous over here! ;-) I absolutely love this outfit - I think it's probably my fav to date! Just love the tan boots with the black and stripes - so fall chic!!! :)


  13. You look great- but I totally feel you on the vacation eating. Its a smart that your thinking of way to counter-balance your vacay indulgences. Coast Rica might be a chance for you to be more active than in Italy- since they have great hiking and other physical activities- I don't think you have to worry.
    Also if you decide you want guest post to babysit your blog while you're away, I would be happy to help. Zack's music recommendations have been so great, I wouldn't mind doing a Take Over Tuesday of my own.

    Liv @ bklynlifestyle.blogspot.com

  14. Cute look, and adorable curls!
    I love the cowboy boots - so fun.

    Chic on the Cheap

  15. A month in Costa Rica? As much fun as blogging is- and I definitely love it, don't get me wrong- I think that sounds like such an amazing experience, you have to take advantage of every minute of it... And if it doesn't leave you much time to be on the internet, that's okay. We'll all still be here (dying to see travel photos!) when you get back :) I love this class look- stripes and boots are pretty much perfection in my book!


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