Take Over Tuesdays!!!!

I came across these songs because Jess and I saw the movie "Just Go With It" a while back; with Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston.  The movie was ok, but there was 2 moments in the theater that we both looked at each other and had the connection like, what is this remix?  After searching forever on the web for them, I finally found them!  Below is a link to a website where you can find all the remixes.  Click on the link, right click on the title of the song and select save link to download it.  Feel free to give a listen to all the remixes but the 2 that you have to download are:

"This Tainted Love" 
(Bob Marley vs. Softcell) – 2008

"Roxanne should be dancing"
(The Police vs. Bee Gees) – 2008

Download Link

This past Sunday Jess and I worked a kids event and they had the massive piano from the movie "Big".  When we were getting ready to leave I started to try it out and who would of thought I would end up getting my "Big" moment!  Jess wanted me to put this video up so here it is!  Hey, it's Jess ... I had no idea my Hubby was so darn talented ... you learn something new everyday!! Check this out!


  1. That's pretty impressive Zack! They make it look so much easier in the movie! Nice job!

  2. This video is Zack in a nutshell - I love it!


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