Langhorn Slim

Take Over Tuesdays, BABY!!!

Whats up everybody, its Zack, Jessica's husband and I have another great album for you to give a listen!!  5 years ago I was introduced to this band from my best friends and once I witnessed a live show I was hooked.  In person, Langhorne Slim's the kind of guy you want to hang out with and have a beer with after each show.  With a seasoned voice his songs blend folk, country, blues and rock influences in a fresh engaging way.  Below is a link to his third album "Be Set Free" which has a raw feel and could almost be an analogue recording with a real attempt to capture a close to live sound.  There’s little chance to get bored here as all the songs are short and to the point, making them all the more powerful as statements!!




Langhorne_Fillmore 1/22/11


  1. wow amazing pictures :) :)

  2. I love a man who knows how to rock a fedora - he gets my vote!

  3. FUN pictures!! Love it!

  4. cool photos! rocker men are soooo sexay!!!


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