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shoes&shirt - ragz dressware, jeans&necklace - f21, cardi - target

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On the go

This is pretty much as simple as it gets.  I was in a classroom all day yesterday so comfort and warmth (they lovvveeee to pump that air conditioning!) was of the utmost importance!  After a long day at school it was off to the gym and this is where we snapped a couple fast pictures.  The rest of the day consisted of a little salad with chicken and the dreaded cleaning out of the closet!!  The Hubby attacked his side and I did mine.  I must say, I think he got rid of way more then I did ... oppss!  I just have such a hard time letting go of things, does anyone else have this problem.  I seem to manage to convince myself that I just might need that pin stripped two piece suit that I bought a million years ago when I had a super boring office job.  I have so much stuff that I have been keeping "jess cause".  I try to go by the rule, if I haven't worn it in the last year then it is time for it to go.  I think it is a good rule to go by, just so darn hard to follow!


  1. i have been cleaning out my closets, too. i finally got rid of about 8 pairs of jeans that i have been holding on to "jess cause". it felt good to purge a little!

  2. This same problem with my wardrobe was what convinced me to start my blog. I told myself that if I'm going to keep something, I have to wear it. Hence, www.wearingitall.blogspot.com. I'm on Day 71 and I'm starting to get to the things I am not so excited about, but I am chipping away!

  3. I know how that is..I'm in the middle of a very slow cleaning out wardrobe process myself.

    I don't know if you've seen her, but Megan over at http://feathersfreckles.blogspot.com/
    is doing a "misfits" challenge. She recently cleaned out her closet & had all these misfits that she was doing the "maybe one day I'll wear it.." thing. So she's wearing each of them on the blog & deciding, based on comments, whether or not to keep it. She just started this week..check her out! :o)

  4. That is totally the hardest rule to go by...I always think "what if..."...then things sit around for another year..haha

    Natasha ~ Required2BeInspired

  5. Love the striped cardi! The orange is perfect. And thank goodness for AC!

    Your blog is so cute! Would love for you to come say hi at my blog sometime :)

    Along Abbey Road

  6. Cleaning out the closet is never a fun task. I'm rarely successful.

    Love the stripey cardi. If you are going to be casual, might as well be cute!

    Chic on the Cheap

  7. Love this look, so comfy but still cute!

    I ALWAYS have a hard time getting rid of items, even if I can't remember ever wearing them. That's why I finally decided to make the challenge I'm doing and it's actually helping!

  8. totally casual cute!

    i love your pink/coral gap pants in the previous post & the francesca's necklace! need those in my life :)

    would love to have you as a follower...
    have a wonderful weekend!

    ps. hope you'll come visit soon & enter my YSL inspired arty ring giveaway HERE :)

    cins - design3rd

  9. i love your blog so much and you look absolutely gorgeous in all your pictures! please do another blog post soon! wedding makeup artist Sydney


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