Dinner and a Movie

dinner and a movie 3

shoes - payless, jeans - f21, shirt - target, blazer - ragz dressware, bag - gift from my           Mom, necklaces - one from the Hubby other Sophia and Chloe, lipstick - revlon in coral, braclets -  1st and last ones made by me! other from Thailand

dinner and a movie 4

dinner and a movie

dinner and a movie 2

Randomly, I had the night off last night,  there were so many plans .... go to the gym, make some protein bars, return some things, make a fantastic new something for dinner, make bracelets.   Well, two of the five got done, not too bad in my mind!  We did go to the gym and I did make bracelets, you can see them in the picture above .... what do you think, would you wear them???  As for dinner, well, we went out to a restaurant called Casablanca here in Carlsbad.  I don't think we will be going there again unfortunately, the food is far from being good, mediocre at best.  Then it was off to a movie, at first we wanted to go see "Horrible Bosses" but due to the fact that the movie theater that is closet to us ALWAYS seems to have a problem showing their films we ended up seeing "The Help" and what a great mishap on the movie theaters part!  It's funny cause it seems we didn't get to see the movie we wanted to but left with 4 free movie passes to return and loving the movie we did see, oh how everything happens for a reason!  Do yourself a favor, go see "The Help", it is eye opening and great!


  1. Ohmygoodness! You are the darling-est! I love your blog! I love your outfit posts too!

    Follow me, I'll follow you?

  2. You gorgeous gall :)

    LOVE those shoes! Can't stop looking at them.

    I can't wait to go see The Help.


  3. ahhh love it!!!! you are adorable! I am obsessed with your outfits and pics! PS i love TOMS too!!!

    Classic & Bubbly

  4. I love your top, it completely livens things up, and i totally want to see horrible bosses as well - so far the only movie i've been to all summer was Crazy Stupid Love, but I loved it.

  5. oh my goodness i am in love with your outfit. fantastic!!!! and you made those bracelets?? how??

  6. the sitting pose is darling!!!!!!!

  7. Love love love this outfit! I've seen those shoes at Payless a few times but wasn't sure how I'd wear them. Seeing your outfits with them makes me wish I had bought them!

    BTW - I think a train track photo shoot officially qualifies you as a bona fide style blogger! :o)

  8. i read "the help" and loved it and i am excited to see the movie. so glad to hear you loved it! your bracelets are gorgeous. actually the whole outfit is really great. i love those shoes! apparently, i need to get myself to payless.

  9. Ohhh Jess, so cute! Love the outfit, the poses, the location. And the bracelets are awesome :)

  10. I LOVE that top. did you get it recently?

  11. I tend to do the same thing when I have extra time...see how many things I can cram in! Love the bracelets. I could easily see layering them on! Cute x


  12. Love your red lips! And the bag! I hope you do go see Horrible Bosses at some point.. hysterical :) xo

  13. Love the Look. I'm gonna copy it if you don't mind.

  14. Love the bracelets... Don't forget me on my bday! This is my fav post so far.. Love the outfit, love the shoes, love u.

  15. loving these photos
    absolutely wonderful! you’ve got a gorgeous blog, and i’m so glad i’ve stumbled across it for my first time! i hope you’ll come visit COSMICaroline for a Nashville-based source of inspiration for fashion, music, and art! keep up the awesome work!


  16. Jessica, these photos are AMAZING!!! This is by far my favorite post yet, you look absolutely stunning and I love everything about your outfit, especially the shoes, the bag and the bracelets! So impressed you made them! Love love love everything!
    xo Cara

  17. You make your own protein bars??? Can you share the recipe? If we could do that we'd save SO much money!

  18. ps. how did you get your hair to do that? amazing :)


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