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Hey Everybody

It's Zack and Take Over Tuesday is happening!  

When I heard that some big hip hop producers were putting together a remix album of Maroon 5, I was a little worried but after seeing names like Pharrell Williams, Just Blaze, Questlove, Paul Oakenfold to name a few, I wanted to hear it.  "Songs About Jane" and "It Won't Be Soon Before Long" are two albums that have achieved massive success at the very least in their adult-alternative genre and as various producers break down and rebuild some of the group's definitive singles and other tracks, it's easy to split the album into two parts: the first 10 songs come majorly with a more urban feel, the latter with an intense robotic techno vibe.  It is always tough to do a remix album but there are some cool cuts on this one.  Click the link below, download and enjoy!

Quick Fact:

Did you know that Adam Levine started a fashion line called "222" back in 2010?


  1. Thanks Zack, there awesome pretty sweet tunes on this remix album. I got woman, makes me wonder and my fav wake up call... Looking forward to rocking out @ the gym now.

  2. Can't wait to get home and download this. I <3 Maroon 5.


  3. I like Take Over Tuesday, in my comment last week I thought I was talking to the Mrs, lol. I agree remix albums are tough.
    Questlove is one of my favs. here in Brooklyn, he spins every Thursday at Brooklyn Bowl in Williamsburg- he calls it Bowl Train. It's the best time.
    I really dig Adam Levine's voice and I can't wait to download this at home.


  4. One of my favorite groups, i love Maroon 5, can't wait to hear this!Thanks for the info!


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