Little Suprises

Last week I had a unexpected package show up at my door.  It was from my Mom and in it was the bright little scarf.  I just can't wait to get to wear it on the blog ... I already have so many different ideas for it.   Thanks Mom!!  Then when we returned yesterday from Vegas there was another little package, this one was from the Hubby!  In it was the amazing little necklace of a camera.  I have just finished my very first photo shoot with some friends for their engagement and the Hubby was so sweet to get me this little gift as a surprise!  I love surprises!!


  1. What sweet gifts! Love the color of that scarf :)

    I love getting packages from my mom - your post makes me miss her!

  2. I love surprises!!
    And just so you know we added you to our blog roll. :)


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