Dressed Up

shoes&belt - nine west, dress - bcbg,  clutch - thrifted, necklace - sophia & chloe

Whenever we go to Las Vegas it seems one things always happens .... we forget to take outfit pictures!  And of course this was the case with this last visit.  The Hubby did manage to grab a few the first night we went out, they aren't the best due to low light and having to us high ISO but they are the best we got so I figured I would share them with you all.  We had a blast and even won some money but it always feels great to be home!


  1. This is the perfect Vegas outfit- glamourous and just bordering on over the top. I love the sunny yellow shade of your dress, it suits you perfectly. And I just have to tell you, I'm so thrilled to see myself on your blogroll along with so many amazing blogs- thank-you!!

  2. Looking classy as always :)

    The best part of going on vacation is coming home and realizing yet again how great it is to be home. Until you get bored, and have to go away yet again.


  3. beautiful! good looks and luck! =)

  4. Love your hair in these shots Jess, and that is such a beautiful dress! Really enjoyed seeing the shots from your wedding too, the one of you running outside is my favorite!
    xo Cara


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