Hot Rod

shoes - payless, skirt & necklace - f21, shirt - target, belt - ragz dressware, sunnies - crush

This awesome car lives on my street, I have no idea who the owner is but I love the car!  I have been wanting to take my outfit photos with it but was always scared the owner would pop out and get mad thinking was trying to steal it or hurt it.  Who would ever hurt a car like this?!?!  I am not a big car person believe it or not (with the whole post being about a car so far you my find that hard to believe) but I do love old cars and this one fits the bill.  So when the Hubby said lets just shoot the pictures with this awesome car I was in.  This was all done very quickly due to the fact that I felt a little weird taking photos in the middle of the street with someone else car!


  1. i love the pictures! the car is pretty cool, but your outfit is adorable!

  2. cute shoes! that car makes an awesome background, esp. with the palm trees lining the street.

  3. love your top knot and your outfit! you look adorable :):)

    Notes She Wrote

  4. You live on a palm tree lined street? words can't describe how jealous i am.
    damn Connecticut and it's lack of palm tress.

    Chic on the Cheap

  5. Helllllo legs! You look ten feet tall:) Jealous.


  6. Your hair looks so good! I thought these updos are reserved for girls with hair down to the floor, but apparently not! Very nice!


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